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SIGN IN HERE for the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop

coming October 22-27, 2018
right here at

Her Peaceful Garden
Don't forget to participate in the's NOT TOO EARLY. You can do these right now!!:
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SIGN IN below for the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop (REQUIRED to be eligible for prizes!!)
Please look at the 2018 CAT LOVERS HOP - GUIDELINES and FAQs

Hi, Friends and Cat Lovers.....

This year we are doing things a little bit different to make my bookkeeping easier when I am randomly drawing the names for prizes for the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop. Since I want half of the prizes to go to commenters and half to entry participants, I am asking everyone who wants to participate and be eligible for prizes to please sign in here. That way when people comment on your projects who are just followers of your blog and not really intending to be part of the hop they won't end up with a wonderful cat stamp set that they might not even want!!


Also, some of our sponsors are only able to mail their prizes to USA addresses, so I need to know what country you live in. Besides, it's fun to see where everyone lives. :) Also, please leave me your email address (in code is fine) so I can easily get a hold of you if you are a lucky winner. Each year I have had to track one or two people down and sometimes they didn't even know they were part of a Cat Lovers Hop!! I want these prizes going to people who really are a part of our hop.

One other thing, some of our sponsors are offering digital images as prizes. I realize that not everyone uses digis or has a working printer and so might not really want one of them as a prize. This is your opportunity to let me know..."no digis please!", if you do not want to be considered for those prizes.

I have a few flash prizes donated by Stampendous that I think you are going to love. If this is your first year ever participating in the Cat Lovers Hop, please mention that in the comments, too. One of the flash prizes will go to a lucky randomly drawn first-time participant. Have you participated EACH year of the hop (2015, 2016, 2017, and this year 2018)??? One of the flash prizes will go to a lucky participant that has been with us from the beginning and not missed a year!

TO SIGN IN (now through 11:59 pm Pacific, Sunday Oct. 28, 2018, which is the last day for comments.).... Please leave comment below with the following info:
1. What country you live in.
2. Your email address (in code is fine).
3. "Digis okay" or "No digis, please".
4. Tell me if this is your FIRST YEAR participating or if you have PARTICIPATED EACH YEAR without missing.
(Commenting and/or linking up a project counts as participating!! So even if you were not able to make a project, but did hop around and leave some comments here or on the projects EACH YEAR...that counts!!)


Thank you for adjusting to this new sign-in procedure. I appreciate your patience and understanding. I want this to be the best Cat Lovers Hop ever!!



  1. 1. New Zealand
    2. farrellg41 at hotmail dot com
    3. digis ok
    4. first time

  2. US
    digis OK
    2nd year to participate

  3. US
    Digits ok
    First year to participate

  4. Woo-hoo!! I'm SO excited that its,almost time for my fur-vorite hop!! Yay!!(tho I'm unsure how much I'll be able to do this year) btw... registering is a good idea. 😉

    1. US
    2. dcomer1 gml
    3. No digis please
    4. Participated each year

    Thanks, Janis, for all your hard work in making this fun event happen!! 😻

  5. I am really looking forward to this hop and have my cat stamps all dusted off and ready to go. Registering is an easy way to get my brain in gear for the upcoming festivities!
    1. US
    2. kladd94803 at aol dot com
    3. No digis please
    4. Participated every year...yay!

  6. Played along for the first time last year and had a blast!
    I live in England.
    No digis please.
    Second year of participation.
    Let the furry fun times roll, Jo x

  7. 1.US
    3.Digis ok
    4.3rd year participating

  8. 1. USA
    2. slrdowney at hotmail dot com
    3. No digis please
    4. I think I have participated each year.

  9. I wasn't sure how many times I've participated so had to check to my Flickr account!
    1. US
    3 no digis please
    4. This is my 3rd year

  10. USA
    LeighSBDesigns at cox dot net
    Digis ok
    I believe this is my 3rd year playing & 2nd year sponsoring a prize >^..^<

  11. 1. GREECE
    2. ikesartathotmaildotcom
    3. Digis OK
    4. Participated and Sponsored every year YaY ! >^..^<

  12. 1. Singapore
    2. pingvf at rocketmail dot com
    3. Digis OK
    4. Participated every year since 2016.

  13. Hello, Janis! So sorry I haven't been around for a while. My husband had a stroke in August and I've been travelling to see him in the hospital and now the rehabilitation hospital. I would love to support you in the Cat Lovers Hop again this year! Thank goodness I already have a number of cat-themed projects ready to go that I made in the spring and have never shared before. I'm no longer going to the city every other day - the 4-hr round-trip by bus was too exhausting so I'm going twice a week now. I just posted your badge on my blog and below is the information you need.

    1. Canada
    3. No digis, please (I have so many already)
    4. Participated each year without missing

    Thanks for hosting the Cat Lovers Hop again this year - I have always enjoyed it in the past and I'm looking forward to it this year!

    1. Kitty...I am so glad you can participate, even during this terribly difficult time! I knew whatever the medical crisis your hubby was facing must be serious, but I didn't know it was a stroke. I am so sorry! You and he have been in my prayers....for healing and strength and peace. Hugs!!


  14. Michele K. Henderson
    1. Florida, USA
    3. No digis please (I rarely use them)
    4. I think I have participated every year
    This year, as I have tried to do in last years, I will offer a prize drawn from random commentators on my blog during the Cat Lovers Blog Hop!

  15. 1. I live in England.
    3. Yes to digis.
    4. First time participating!

  16. Christi Conley
    1. Colorado, USA
    3. No digis please (I rarely use them)
    4. I am almost positive I have participated every year

  17. NanaConnie
    California, USA
    Digis are fine
    I've participated at least 2 previous years.

  18. Im in USA
    Digis are Great!

  19. 1. I live in Croatia.
    3.Digis okay.
    4.I participated in few hops. i think 2 or 3. Not sure. But it is not first hop 😸

    Can't wait to start hoping! 😻😻😻

  20. 1. New Zealand
    3. Digis okay
    4. First time participating

  21. 1. Baytown, Texas, USA
    2. aimeslee(at)gmail(dot)com
    3. I'm down with Digis.
    4. I am a Cat Lovers Hop virgin! ;-)

    1. Nice to see you here, Aimeslee! x

    2. Thanks Carole - always great to see you! xoxo

  22. Hi, Janis! I was thinking about your Cat Lover's Blog Hop a few days ago and wondering when it was going to be this year. I had such fun last year (my first time taking part in it). I have been collecting cat stamps since last year and I'm ready! ;)
    1. United States
    2. theladystamper2000atyahoodotcom
    3. No digis please (I'm just not good using them.)
    4. Second year to meow, meow, meow....;)

  23. Hello Janis. Really looking forward to this.
    1. Norway
    2. craftynomad at gmail dot com
    3. no digi's please
    4. I have hopped every year with you I think. It's one on my annual happenings and I love it!!
    5. Thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes. Hugz

  24. Yay! Really looks forward to joining in again!
    1. I live in the UK.
    2. smith dot craftychris at gmail dot com
    3. No digis thanks.
    4. This is my second year only.
    Can't wait to join in again - so much fun! Thank you! xxx

  25. Hello!!! I'm Carole from Manchester in the UK; my email is and this is my third year on the blog hop. I love using digis are well as stamps. So lovely to see regular cat lover hoppers and first timers too! Can't wait for the fun to begin! xx

  26. Debra Davison
    Virginia Beach, VA
    No digis please
    First time

  27. Becca Yahrling
    rebyah1 @
    no digis, please
    Not my first, but only my 2nd
    And I can't wait!!! :-)

  28. 1. Canada
    3.No digis, please
    4.Not my first year but I missed last year (or was it the year before? LOL)
    Looking forward to catching as much as I can.

  29. Sign in for Remi
    1. USA
    2. apedoak at aol dot com
    3. no digis please
    4. This is my first year


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