Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine-Making Party

Yes, this is of me.  What of it?  lol...

Hi, Friends.....

Just a quick post to show you some shots from our annual Valentine Making Party with a few ladies at our tiny church.  I and another card-making girlfriend brought supplies to share.....and everyone* had fun making cards.

* Actually, I didn't make any cards.  I just offered assistance when someone needed help stamping or using the die cut machine.....and enjoyed the snacks the other ladies brought! YUM!!!  Fortunately... since I was the only one snapping pictures, there are not any shots of me with my plate (and mouth!) full.  😉

Picking out papers and adding embellishments is fun for everyone!
Here Linda is helping Theresa (age 90!) with her selections. ❤


Adalee (age 4) liked using lots of sparkly hearts on her cards! sweet!!  ❤

Linda made some beautiful mix and match heart cards using the
Big Shot for die cutting and dry embossing!


Sharon gives Gwen a hand at stamping.

Susan (center) generously shared some beautiful Valentine card kits she got on Etsy.  Gwen and Delaina are at her table learning how to make them. 

Not shown in my photos:  Rebecca (Adalee's mommy) and Janis (gobbling snacks).  Ha.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little Valentine making party.  It wasn't much of a party, really....just a craft afternoon...but it was fun.  I encourage you to do something similar as you are able.  

As you see, none of us is masked.  We are very blessed here in our part of Idaho to not be under any restrictions that way.  Life for us here in our tiny community and down the hill in town goes on pretty much the same as always.  Very thankful.  

Thank you for stopping by today.  Stay healthy and creative!



  1. Shows that participants enjoyed.Thanks Janis. Good to hear that you dont have to wear masks. We have to wear them even if we go to the road.We have two cat families. The elder family three babies are trying to walk. Tc Stay safe and blessed

  2. It looks like a fun time. It's sweet of you to head it up. I can't wait until the world doesn't have to wear a mask. [Bunny]

  3. Oh Janis, this is the better post in an year! You don't know how much my heart enjoys seeing the NORMAL LIFE, a community that celebrate love together, people that share what they have, stay together since distancing, since masks, since fear... and simply enjoy every moment. God bless you.
    This is the NORMAL human life, but people all around the world is forgetting this. There is too much fear. TV and journals tell us what we have to do and think - and I think this is insane and wrong.
    Big congrats for your party/crafty afternoon, surely you put a smile on your neighbours faces. :)
    Hugs and thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos.


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