Monday, December 21, 2015

WINNER of Mystery Prize for Coffee Lovers Hop

Hi, Friends.....

Sorry I am a little late getting the winner posted for my Holiday Coffee Lovers Hop MYSTERY PRIZE.  Bad back day today and the meds totally wiped me out.  Ugh...  

Congratulations goes to:   mandysea
Hooray for my Tasmanian follower!!!  I still have your address, Mandy, so I will get your little package mailed out to you soon to begin its trek over the Pacific and over the equator.  The parcel won't know what to think being mailed in winter and arriving in summer!

Thank you for the wonderful comments each of you left.  I appreciate all of you.  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!



  1. Bwah-hahaha! I burst out laughing and about woke up the neighborhood with Poirot cat!! Made my day! >^.^<
    Congrats, Mandy. Tasmania, wow!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! LOL, not what I expected when I came to visit your blog.... nearly sprayed my coffee in surprise to see my name!!! YAY!!! fabulous!!!!! (little happy dance here!!) whooohooo!!!
    (and check out the mo!!!) Thanks Janis!

  3. Hahahaha - Poirot cat is just awesome !!! Really made me chuckle.
    Congrats to Mandysea on her win :-)
    So sorry to hear your back is giving you some trouble - I hope that eases off really soon so that you can function xxxx
    Just to let you know - since it was you that gave me the idea of it... my new Cats Challenge is going really well :-D

    Have a fabulous Festive Season

    IKE xxxx

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