Friday, February 20, 2015

GINORMOUS New Follower Post!!!

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Hello, Friends.....

Hooray!!!!  I have so many new followers that I am devoting a post just to introducing them!!!   I would love to introduce you, too, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know you are a new follower because my grandma-brain Google misses things sometimes.  ;)

So hang on to your we go..................
Donna K from @ Studio 307 and is on the design team for several challenge sites.  I see Donna mostly on Fridays at Unity's Friends with Flair linky parties where she links up her fabulous cards.  Donna's cards range from whimsical (with vicious fishes! Ha. Yes, I know there's just one fish, but vicious fishes is so much more fun to say than just vicious fish!!) to inspirational to drop-your-teeth the one that is on top today for FWF.  Thanks so much, Donna, for becoming a follower.  I appreciate your support and encouragement!!  This ginormous smile is all for you!!!


Dorothy Burt of the Buzzy Bee Cottage has just recently started blogging again.....although she started her blog several years ago.  You will be able to understand why she's been a bit busy with other things when you read her of 5, grammy of 8, homeschooler (Yay!!...we homeschooled, too!!), etc.  Dorothy is looking forward to being a more active blogger and I am sure she would appreciate some new followers.  Thank you so much, Dorothy, for becoming a follower here.  This ginormous smile is what breaks out all over my face when I see a new little profile pic up on the sidebar!!! 


Lorraine is from Paper Venissage.  (I had to look up what "vernissage" meant--a private showing of art work before an exhibition opens.....turns out she had the definition on her sidebar already!) Lorraine is endlessly creative and has such a variety of projects on her blog.  I greatly admire her ability to use Washi tape in a gorgeous way.  (So far the only thing I can think of doing with washi is plaster it all over envelopes!)  Just for fun she also made an intriguing 3-D paper shape. (Icosohedron???!!  I had to look that one up, too--a polyhedron with 20 faces.  Who says papercrafting blogging isn't educational????  Ha.)  I am still trying to figure out what HWNSNBP  Lorraine, I appreciate you becoming a follower here.  This ginormous smile is all yours!!!


Rebecca Yahrling or Becca, as I think she likes to be called, is a brand-new follower, too.  I don't know if she has a blog or not.  I didn't see one listed.....but Becca if you have a blog I didn't find, please leave me a link (or tell me more about yourself so we can get acquainted a little bit) and I will introduce you more betterly.  :)  Thanks soooo very much for becoming a new follower.  I appreciate it more than I can say.  This is the ginormous smile that lit up my face when I saw you joined up here.


And I have some new followers by email, too!!!  Email followers are very near and dear to my heart.   When I first started out visiting blogs and such, I didn't understand what the Google Friend Connect follower sidebar thingy even was or meant.....still not completely sure I understand!!!  Ha.  When I followed a blog, it was by email subscription.  A lot of bloggers didn't have the follow by email button, and so I couldn't (or didn't know how to) follow.  But I found that I LOVED getting posts delivered to my email so I wouldn't miss a thing.  I have to say that I have pared down some of my email subscriptions, but still receive dozens and dozens each day into my inbox.  I consider it a very high privilege for someone to choose to have my posts delivered to their inbox, too.  So I want especially to mention and to thank my newest email subscribers. 

Iris has not posted on her The Iris Blog for awhile, but you can see she has a delightful sense of humor from some of her sweet and punny cards. Be sure to check out her sidebar where she lists current blog candy she runs across.  Yum!!  Iris, I appreciate so much you following me by email.  This ginormous new-follower smile is especially for you!


Ruth is from Handmade Cards by Ruth, I believe.  She makes very lovely cards and projects......and has sold them from her Facebook site in the past....but doesn't seem to be doing that currently.  I didn't see a blog mentioned.....but if you also have a blog, please let me know where to find it!  I would love to introduce you better.  Thanks so much for becoming a follower by email!!!  Here's your ginormous smile!!!


Thank you so much........each of you......for visiting my blog.  Whether or not you are a follower, you are appreciated!!!  Your comments and visits mean the world to me!!!

Have a lovely weekend!!!  And be sure to enter my giveaways, if you haven't yet!! 


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  1. Well, thank you Janis for the shout out! I was pleased to find your blog and become a follower and I thank you for following me. HWNSNBP stands for He Whose Name Shall Not Be Published or in plainer terms - my husband who goes by many variations of his given name but is least known by what I call him having known him since our high school days. It's not that I call him anything cutesy, but he answers to a different name in his professional world and since he has shared my blog address with co-workers has asked that I not use the name I call him so I gave him his title. Hope I explained that okay. Looking forward to visiting you again.


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