Tuesday, November 19, 2019

From Australia....Right to my Door!!

Hi, Friends.......

Look what arrived at my house today straight from Australia!!! Our dear Cat Hopper friend, the lovely Alex at Pink Crafty Mama, kindly sent me this wonderful thank you gift after the Hop and it arrived today!! It's a beautiful tea towel which shows all sorts of fun and interesting sights to see around the Melbourne area.

To be honest, I had to do a Google map search to see exactly where Melbourne is located in Australia. [Okay...I don't really feel too super-bad about not knowing that. She prob doesn't know where Idaho is in the USA, either!! :) ] I figured that Alex prob lived near Melbourne, but didn't know for sure. So I looked up her city and state and found that indeed she lives near there. I LOVE the internet and having friends all over the globe!!! 🖤🖤🖤

Here's a pic of the souvenir towel all spread out. I WANT TO GO THERE!!! Who's with me????!!!!  [Hope you have room for us all, Alex!!!  :) ]

THANK YOU, Alex, for this lovely gift. You are so sweet!! I am thrilled to have this. I am going to find a special place to hang it for display!!

And to all our fabulous Hoppers:  I am finally being able to breathe again after the blizzard of prize correspondence. Now that most of the prizes have arrived at their destinations, I really am looking forward to the next Hop!!! I must be totally crazy. Ha.



  1. Oh Janis you make me blush! Yes I'm a Melbourne girl! (I probably should have told you that so the tea towel made sense! Good sleuthing, though! Sunbury is a suburb in the NW of Melbourne. Maybe 10 mins drive further out than our major airport and maybe 40 mins drive from the CBD.

    It's just something small that I could send as a letter. You put so much work into the hops each year. xxx

  2. Dear Janis
    you deserve much more for the effort you put in. Thank You Alex for making Janis Happy. I know all about australia as i write for a Australian travel blog though i have not visited. I will one day visit Melbourne and Perth with my daughter and grand daughter. There is some interesting stuff at Jennifer Mcguires blog. pls do visit. I have copied the link for you my dear friend. Love you loads. Blessings to you and your family. With gratitude


  3. Love your cat photo, Janis, and I'm with you on visiting Australia! However, I would have to request a stopover in or near Sydney since I have favorite cousins there whom I've not seen in 20 years. :-D


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