Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Shout Out to The Gray Muse

Hi, Friends......

Quick post here to show you the fun prize that my crafty pal D.Ann at D.Ann's Crafting Whims sent me from the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop.  (THANKS, D.Ann!!!)  As the Hop hostess, I don't usually get any prizes, although some of our generous sponsors send me digital images to play with and occasionally I get some stamps from other sponsors. Every once in awhile, one our Hoppers will send me a little thank you gift....totally not expected and not necessary, but soooooo sweet and much appreciated!!

What a lovely assortment of little kitty items in addition to the pin from The Gray Muse!!!  Thank you, D.Ann!!!  🖤

D. Ann really goes the extra mile and finds a sponsor or two for prizes on her Hop posts during the week. This year she introduced the Hoppers to the wonderful enamel pins that the lovely Rubeena at The Gray Muse sells. She very kindly sponsored D.Ann by providing a number of different crafting-themed pins for giveaways! WOW! I was a lucky winner and I got the Clear Stamps pin. LOVE!!

A huge thank you to D.Ann for this lovely prize and to Rubeena at The Gray Muse for this sweet pin!!



  1. Dear Janis
    you honestly do deserve this and more. Thank You D Ann for brining a smile to our lovely Janis. Blessings to you and your family

  2. Very well deserved!It must have been a HUGE amount of work.
    Those paw print gems are delicious!

  3. Awww...You deserve it (and so much more!). And, yes, a HUGE thanks to Rubeena at The Gray Muse!!

  4. Thank you for the shoutout, Janis!! I'm so happy to hear about this hop and the inspiration you share with the world. :)

  5. A so well deserved gift for all your hard work!!! Thanks to D Ann for the thought!!


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