Friday, March 6, 2015


And won even more prizes!!!  :)
"Cats are packed full of music--just as full as they can hold:  and when they die, people remove it from them and sell it to the fiddle-makers."
                                                                                 -----------Mark Twain 

Hi, Friends......

So what happens to posts that were there and then suddenly are not???  Who knows?  Sorry for the technical difficulties linking to this post.  Could not possibly have been something like....umm.... "user error" that made it all go poof!!!  Ha!  Thankfully, it was not my Friends with Flair post that vanished, because I got it in with only 17 minutes to spare.  EEEEEK!!   That squeaking noise you heard right around 10 pm PST was my post getting in just under the wire.....  :)

So I am here to announce a couple of winners.  I reluctantly had to redraw for my Simon Says Stamp Gift Voucher because the original winner didn't leave an email address (or have a blog that I could find) and did not contact me.  

The NEW winner of my $25 Simon Says Stamp Gift Voucher is:

Sandy Lewis

Sandy, I do not have an email address for you, either, and I also cannot find a I really hope you are reading this!!  Please contact me as soon as possible using the contact form on my sidebar.  

The winner of my little Unity stamp from last week's Friends with Flair on my birthday is:

Carolyn Bounds

I don't have an email address for you either, Carolyn, but I did locate your blog and left you a message in a comment.  Please contact me using my sidebar contact form, too, or with the email address I left in my comment.

Congratulations, ladies!!!  And thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting on my blog!!!



  1. Congrats to the lucky winners. Hey, 17 minutes is loads of time. It's when you are down to the last minute and not sure if the little blue frog will let you hit the link button. Yeah, I done that. Probably more than once ROFL. Hugz

  2. Congrats winners!!! Oh, I do know that feeling of squeaking in just under the wire and hoping that your internet doesn't crash!!!


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