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GIVEAWAY: Viva La Verve Sketch Biltz - #8

Hi, Friends.....

I am back with Post #8 for my big 11-Post Blog Blitz where I made 11 cards using the Viva La Verve Sketch 2. I have a giveaway going on during this Blog Blitz so take a look at THIS POST for details. Comment on any or all of my eleven Blog Blitz posts answering the question(s) for each post to be entered.

Here's the sketch that I used for these eleven cards that I am showing you in this Blog Blitz:


On goes the saga.....

I still had a leftover bit of that funky floral patterned paper with the lavender and blue on it.....and guess what I noticed about it.  It also has pink on it!!!!  Back out of my drawer came my pink scrap bag as I rummaged around for some paper with pink and orange on it.  I decided to make a birthday card with what I found while digging.

I have never thought this particular background paper was very attractive, but the singularly weird floral and geometric mix actually kind of works with these colors!  Glad to get rid of some of it that has been in my stash for years!!!  Ha.
With this card, I broke a long-standing bad habit tradition of making newly-acquired craft supplies (especially prizes!!) "ripen" for a few days, weeks, months, years....before using them!  (Eeek!  I KNOW I am not alone here....admit it!)  So I was very pleased with myself for using this adorable little Hero Arts Sparkle Clear - Cupcakes stamp set on the very day that received it from Pam at Airbornewife's Stamping Spot.  (THANKS, Pam!!)
Enabler Alert: Pam very generously was giving away a whole ton of these discontinued sets and she might still have some! (I'm not sure.) Hop over there and look or drop her an email or something, if you are interested!
I also was very glad to use some of these flowers.  I bought the package online and was less than pleased with the look of them when they arrived.  Ugh.....would I EVER have a card they fit with????  

In keeping with what I gather is the theme of the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" (Yes...set right here in Idaho! Oh, great...what are people going to think of Idahoans with a movie like that???!!!  lol...)"There is someone for everyone."......this apparently was the card for these flowers.  I guess weird flowers and weird paper go together, what can I say? (Oh, please...no comments about weird minds thinking that they go together!!) Anyway, somehow the patterns and colors worked to make sort of a different, but sort of an okay card.  What do you think?  (You can be brutal....it won't hurt my feelings!!)

Supplies used include:
Hero Arts Sparkle Clear - Cupcakes
Versafine ink - Smokey Gray
Faber-Castell Art-Grip Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils
Crayola Watercolor Pencils
Petaloo Flowers

Now for the Question for Post #8: 
Do your new craft items and prizes have to "ripen on the shelf" for a while before you use them?  How long is the average? (Be truthful, now.....) 

That's all for now. Be sure to answer the questions on each of my Blog Blitz posts by 11:59 pm April 30, 2016 for lots of entries into my big Blog Blitz Giveaway! See you next post!

Thank you for the honor of entering this card in the following challenges:
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2. Countryview April Challenge - Spring

3. Southern Ridge Trading Co April Challenge - Anything Spring
4. Penny Black at All Sorts April Challenge - Birthdays
5. The Ribbon Girls April Challenge - Anything Goes with an Image
6. A2Z Scrapbooking April Challenge - Watercolor must use HA focal
7. Verve Diva Inspirations April Challenge
April 2016 Verve Diva Inspirations Challenge | www.vervestamps.blogspot.com 


  1. so nice card!
    oh long I have some things taht I got last year and still they waiting to be used.
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  2. Fun card and I love that cute cupcake! I got a set from Pam too! Very generous of her to share, and she sure had several sets to send out!
    Yes, sometimes things 'ripen' at my house too. I usually buy with the intention of using it right away, but somehow it doesn't always happen. I have to admit to 'saving' things for even a year. Especially when I buy seasonal things like Christmas designs on sale after the holiday, then I wouldn't be using them til the following year! (If I can remember where I put them....).

  3. I like the bright colors and patterns of your card--it feels cheerful and fresh! Five years ago this week, an EF5 tornado hit my city (Tuscaloosa) and destroyed over 5000 buildings. In addition to housing, schools, animal shelters, boarding stables, marinas, water towers, etc that were blown away, our local craft stores were gone too. Our city had many priorities to rebuild, so we were without access to craft supplies for a long time! For quite a while, I felt so guilty spending any money at all on things that felt so "frivolous" at the time. I had volunteered with Emergency Services all that summer with people who had lost every stick of furniture they owned and I felt so guilty thinking about how nice it would be to have some sequins or some fresh ink. But then something amazing happened. I made a birthday card for a woman to give to her daughter. Then I made a whole box of them to give away at TES and then people wanted more! I took all my old "stash" that had survived to TES for moms living in FEMA trailers so they could make cards of their own. So, honestly, NOTHING I have in my current stash is over 5 years old! Now I only buy what I think I will use, and am extremely grateful for every thing that our generous crafting community shares with me. April 27th is the five year anniversary.

  4. Haha! Well, you and I had that discussion about allowing our craft supplies and prizes to ripen...sometimes for an obscenely long time....so I am a terrible culprit when it comes to that. I always considered it to be "letting things gather dust", but ripening is a much better word. I am so darn impressed that you actually used your cupcake stamps already..when I haven't even taken mine out of the package yet. This happy little card is practically singing out loud with color and fun!! Those red flowers really anchor all the patterns and work in a way I would not have imagined. The end result is wonderful.

  5. Such a bright colourful card - Thanks so much for sharing with us at Penny Black & More.
    Lynn x

  6. The bright flowers just work somehow as does that diamond pattern paper. Been taxing my brain for the length of time I have 'must have at all costs' and then never used. I guess I'm going to have to fess up and say several years. (Several being more than 5)!!!! hugs Mrs A.

  7. And then there are the 'weird' commenters.... lol! : ) What a fun, spring-y card! My crafting world moves much slower than my 'gotta get that at the best price ever' purchases and prizes. Once in a blue moon I get to them right away, otherwise they average 3mo-1year. Akkk... some much older things just shouted unrepeatable language at me!!!

  8. Your card is so adorable! I love the little cupcake!! Sometimes I use them right away and sometimes I need to wait for inspiration to hit me and then use them.

  9. I have some of these same papers--thanks for the ideas on using them. Yes, sometimes my new supplies have to ripen for a long time before I get to them.

  10. Such a beautiful card and I love the papers! Thank you for joining us at the Ribbon Girl, good luck and I hope you will join us again.
    Gina xx

  11. Very pretty card, I love the bright colours! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Country View Crafts. Sue xx

  12. Again, you made it work! I have some paper just like that yellow/pink diamond stuff. I am determined to use it up. You gave me the incentive to push forward with it. If YOU can do it so can I! LOL
    In answer to your question, honestly, it depends. If I have the time I will use it the day it arrives. If not, it could take months to get to use it. I babysit my 2 and 4 yr. old grandsons a lot so I don't always have the time to "play" with my craft stuff these days. I'd rather play with the boys as often as possible then I can really enjoy my craft time when I am alone!
    BTW, I love all of your cat pics. Too cute.

  13. oh my! I love this one! It is definitely one of my favorites! I love love love that background paper! today's question? on occasion I will use something immediately, but average time? about 3 months. like I said some things get used immediately and others sit for a year or more.


  14. So cute and bright!! You've busy, I see a series of these colourful ones! :) Thanks for playing with us at a2z.

  15. Cute, cute card! I confess that I usually let my craft prizes sit around before using them!

  16. Oh, this is scrumptious. Such a sweet cupcake card. I still have a box of goodies I bought myself on Black Friday that are ripening. Occasionally I get to use something in the first week I purchased it, but more often things sit around for months before I get to them.

  17. Oh my gosh, love the fun inspiration and the adorable pics!! Great colors too!! Thanks for linking up your project this month!!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Kimberly :)
    Kimberly’s Crafty Spot
    Pink & Main Stamps, DT Member

  18. Love your fun creation! Great use of the colors! Thanks for joining the Pink and Main Challenge! Pam M. Design Team Member

  19. Pretty card, love the colors! Thanks for joining the fun at a2z!

  20. Oh yes! I have to look at things for quite a while - especially new papers!

  21. Cute, fun and lively.

    So glad you joined us at a2z Scrapbooking.

  22. these cards are so great--colorful and fun and perfect for your challenges! thanks for entering at a2z!

  23. Yummmmm your card is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh yes I have tons of things that want/need to be played with. I get all excited when I know they are on the way I usually like to play right away but my creative mojo has taken a little vacation so the answer would be sometimes they wait and sometimes they don't. lol.
    Crafty hugs,

  24. Love the colors, great card! Thanks for joining a2z.

  25. Very bright and cheerful. Thanks for joining us at a2z this month


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