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Don't forget about my ATC Birthday Party 
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Hi, Friends.......

Welcome to Week 3 of my ATC Birthday Party!!! Thank you so much to all of you who have entered Artist Trading Cards in the first two weekly challenges! I have loved your kitties and chickens. Everyone's entries have just been fabulous!!! Remember that each Monday in February I'll be announcing a new theme that pertains to me or something I love, but you can still play in the previous challenges, too!! All the challenges and giveaways close on Mar. 3, 2018.

The ATC challenge theme for week 3 is:

"Adorable Teapot Collection"

I have loved tea for a long time........even before I loved coffee! Hubby and I enjoyed herbal teas (tisanes), in particular, long before they were popular. Back in those days (late 1970s - early 1980s....remember I am turning 60, so I AM that old!!!), even before we were married, we were scouring the health food sections of stores to find any herbal teas at all. Some of our favorites were among the early flavors of Celestial Seasonings: Mo's 24 and Pelican Punch. Tell me if you have ever even heard of those!!! :)

Soon, friends and family were giving me teapots.....and a small teapot collection began brewing. I have more that are not in the photos below, but these are some of my favorites.

This was originally a bookshelf and is way too tall for my teapots, but hubby wanted them to be on display for me.  <3

I also have this little display case with a few of my kitty mugs and some of the other kitty things I have collected along the way. There's even a kitty wood-mount rubber stamp. I have a duplicate in my craft stash.

I apologize for only having one teapot ATC made to share with you. I wanted to do white embossing on one of my marker refill water backgrounds for a soft look. I used a cute and very old teapot stamp from my of the first rubber stamps my dear MIL ever gave me! 

I added the sentiment and little heart from Elizabeth Craft Designs - Coffee & Tea stamp set (sadly discontinued) and the little pair of tea cups from Stamplorations - Eat, Drink, Be Merry stamp set (retiring, only a few left). I sponged Distress Ink in Wilted Violet around the edges and splattered with some water.

Arrrrghhh.....this looks like a giant teapot-shaped spaceship!!  (sigh) Kind of like Elon Musk's Tesla roadster-turned-spaceship that is in space right now with its mannequin driver.  (LINK)  Some people have toooooooo much money!!  lol... it is your turn to make a teapot/tea themed ATC. I would love to see a teapot image on your ATC, but a tea cup or tea bag/tag will be acceptable. Please, no coffee themes for this challenge. I love coffee, but this is TEA ONLY. :)

Not sure what an ATC is???? Have questions about the Rules and Guidelines for my ATC Challenges? The answers to all those questions may be found on THIS POST.

Thank you so much for your participation and all the super ATCs you have made so far. Remember that there will be a prize randomly awarded to one participant in each of the four weekly challenges plus one for the blog badge giveaway....5 prizes total. So be sure to post my ATC BD blog badge in your sidebar and participate in each of the weekly ATC theme challenges for the best chance of being drawn. You can enter any of the weekly challenges until March 3, 2018.

Thank you also for your sweet comments on my ATCs. I know mine are pretty basic compared to many of yours.....but I am having a lot of fun making my few to share with you. I can't wait to see your tea(pot)-themed ATCs!!!



  1. OMGoodness, Janis, your teapot collection is AMAZING!!! So cool! I absolutely LOVE the kitty teapots and mugs! They are soooooooooooooo cute! I have a little teapot clock from Royal Albert that I received as a gift from Brian's mom, and I have a little Calico Kittens figurine of a kitty having a tea party that I found at a thrift shop! That's about it for my teapots! But I love herbal tea and drink it nearly every day. I definitely have my favourites! I'm drinking some now! Your ATC is very cute but you had me laughing at the spaceship remark - I can see it hahaha! Awesome job on that background and I'll definitely be making you a teapot ATC! So I'm not sure if you realized but I'm holding your birthday package until all of your ATC challenges are over and then I'll mail all the ATCs to you together. Thanks for inspiring! I do love making ATCs!

  2. Well, who have thought. I love tea, being British, but I go for black teas usually, although I have just finished a cup of green tea with lemon. I used to have lots of teapots but it's one of the things that had to go when I moved to Norway. Yours are cute. I do collect the tea infusers, you know, the metal ones you put loose tea in. I have quite a few including a cat and Wallace and Grommit's space ship. Your 'space ship' tea pot had me laughing lots. Trying to think if I have teapot stamps?? Must Have!! Hope to join the fun soon. Hugz

  3. that cat meme is so funny!
    love it!
    love your teapot collection!
    is adorable!
    love your ATC card!

  4. Another super ATC, Janis. I still haven't made my first ever ATC, I need to get a move on to join in your challenge. What a super collection of teapots. I much prefer tea to coffee and we always make it in a teapot. It doesn't taste the same made in the mug! xx

  5. As soon as I got on the computer this morning I looked for your new ATC theme and am so happy to see that it's Tea!! I've been an herbal tea drinker from way back in college..and since I'm older than you, that's a very long time ago! Those tea pots and kitty mugs are so favorite tea pot is the Kitty one on the second shelf with her little apron..eek!

    I have quite a collection of cat themed doo dads around here as well and wish I had collected kitty mugs instead of HUGE things like a cat cookie jar. Many of my cat themed items are tucked away in boxes in the garage because I can't bear to part with them but I had run out of room. So I content myself with sipping my tea from a Sanrio Choco-Cat mug in the meantime.

  6. Your ATC is cute! As well as your kitty collectibles! I have that same glass kitty votive candle holder! You have a nice teapot collection too! Thanks for sharing; it was fun to look at!

  7. Fabulous teapot collection :-)
    My ATC is just a tea cup - I hope that's ok ?
    IKE xxx

  8. Loved that cat's surprising expressions, and the words entitled.
    meet and greet airport parking manchester

  9. So many teapots! I have a few myself as I too am a tea lover.


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