Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Resolving the Cat Lovers Hop

Hello, friends.

This is James again. First I want to thank you all for the overwhelming response of love and gratitude celebrating her life from a number of familiar names...and so many others I'm sorry to say I didn't know. I wish I could thank each one of you with the same amount of care and love that came through your messages.

OK, back to business [insert cat meme here].

Mom told us there were some elements of the Cat Lovers Hop which were still unfinished. Unfortunately, she didn't go into detail on what those were. I have already been in contact with one individual, but I don't know if there are any others.

If you haven't received your prize, please e-mail me through Mom's Mom's e-mail address and I will do my best to make sure you get your prize. Here is the Winners List for reference.

Thank you for your help.



  1. I'm deeply saddened to hear this news! We at LeighSBDesigns are so sorry for your loss and send our thoughts and prayers to you and your family. It has been a joy to sponsor and play in the Cat Lovers Hop all these years and Janis will be missed! --- I have unfinished business with Cat Hop prizes due to my own crippling chronic health condition that causes my joints to dislocate and still need to contact some winners and hope to have things taken care of this week.

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry to hear of your chronic illness (but, I'm sure Mom knew and prayed for you) and I am especially sorry to be a bother on that count.


  2. Sending love and hugs to your family, James, as well as many prayers.

  3. You are a good son and a kind person, James. Your Mom Janis surely is proud of you and are sending you blessing from the Heaven.
    Prayers and thoughts of peace on your way.

  4. Thinking of Janis and your family everyday, and I agree with Alice that Janis is certainly proud of how you've stepped up in this difficult time. Your mother was special, and one of a kind.

  5. Sending love and hugs to your family, James, as well as many prayers.

  6. I think of your Mom often and continue to pray for your family. I hope you are all doing okay. I am glad your Mom's blog is still here and I hope you will keep it so we can return from time to time for inspiration and just to remember your Mom. Sending hugs and well wishes to all of you.


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