Monday, March 31, 2014

Help!! Anyone recognize these stamps????

Photo #1  Unidentified  Stamps -- Can you identify any of them?

Hi, Friends.....

Recently, I scored a bag of unmounted rubber at a local thrift store for a buck-fifty!!  Yay!!!  It was impossible to tell what stamps were in there because few, if any, of them had been used.  I snagged the bag quick as a wink and the other night I inked them up to see what I had.

Quite an interesting combination, don't you agree????  I immediately wondered if any of them were from Viva Las Vegas.  A cursory search of their rubber didn't reveal anything that looked familiar.

Photo #2  More Unidentified Stamps -- Do you recognize any?

I did a search on the Art quote and found the artist of that stamp:  Teesha Moore.  I wrote an email to her to see if any of the other stamps were hers.  She very kindly responded and identified the girl with the wings and crown and also the "Old and Curious" as her own. 

So I am asking you in blogland.......

Can you help identify any of these?  An artist, a company, etc?  Any info would be helpful and appreciated!!!  

Thanks so much!!!

That's all for now.  I am really excited to hear from you about these stamps.  Some of these will make awesome background stamps and others will be great focal points.  Others....well, I will have to think about them for awhile!  lol....

What thrift store finds have you come across lately???



Christy Davis said...

Oh my goodness!! What a score! I love the bee skep, the little girls, lady in the garden and the neat alphabet block. Sorry I can't help you figure out where they came from...

Janis said...

Well, of course Christy would like the bee thing. Thanks for reminding me that it is called a skep. I can never remember that word when I am groping for it!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate it!!!


Maria Matter said...

gosh, I can't help ID these, but wow what a score!! Fabulous!
gotta love thrift shops.
enjoy your week Janis!

Janis said...

Thank you for stopping by, Maria!! Hope your snow is gone...and spring is returning. :)


Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Janis! Sorry I can't be of help with your new stash, but they surely do look promising! Love your delightful elephant card below, and the really darling flowers in vases. Wonderful blog - I am your newest google follower! hugs, de {Creative Smiles}

Janis said...

Thank you so much for visiting, Donna....and becoming a follower! I really enjoyed the hop at your blog and am a new follower of yours, too! :)