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Runway Inspired Challenge #55

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Hello, Everyone.....

I hope you remembered to change your clocks.....spring them forward an hour.  (I know that not every place observes Daylight Savings Time, but we do in Idaho and I love it!!)  I thought before I did that spring chore, I would post my interpretation of this elegant challenge.  Are you familiar with the Runway Inspired Challenge blog?  I have seen many amazing interpretations by craft bloggers of the RIC fashion models and marveled at their beauty and creativity.

When I saw this particular one, I knew I wanted to give it a try, also!

So here is my interpretation of this elegant and shimmery photo:

This card went together quickly (for me!) because I used a pre-made glittery card from DCWV Solid Glitter Box of Cards. I pick these up when I see them on clearance at JoAnn's or DCWV Deals.  I especially like the glitter ones or the I keep my eyes open for them. 

I also used a David Tutera Celebrate Metallic Silver Starburst from a package I got on clearance at JoAnn's.  (Do I like clearance craft items?  Oh, yes, I sure do!)  Amazingly, still has them in stock---unfortunately, not on clearance---but I got them at my "local" (2 hrs away) JoAnn store. 

I was trying for a shimmery pastel pink with the silver and glittery black colors, but my pale pink star sequins don't show too well.  And, actually, my shiny silver starburst doesn't look very silvery, either.  I still have a lot to learn on photography!!  

I heat-embossed my "Thanks" with silver embossing powder on DCWV black cardstock and mounted it on some pastel pink printed cardstock, also from DCWV.  I adhered this to the card front with 3D Foam Squares from Scrapbook Adhesives.  I topped it off with a delicious bow with ribbon I won in a prize.  I am sure it must be May Arts because it is decadently rich and lovely to work with.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comments.   I have been very delighted that a number of new people have come to look around and enter my giveaway.  Thank you so much.  Remember that you can still get an extra entry into my giveaway by commenting on this post.


I have this humongous smile on my face because some of you have decided to be followers!!!  Thank you!!!
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Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to "Spring Forward" by changing your clock an hour ahead, if it applies to you. You probably better not try it if your area doesn't do it!  Ha.  It's also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms, whether or not you do DST. 


I am entering this card in the following challenges:
1.  Runway Inspired Challenge #55
2.  Stampin' for the Weekend -- Sparkle and Shine
3.  Brown Sugar -- Make it Sparkle



I subscribe by email to the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day. A couple of days ago, the day's word was:
froward --  habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition.  
I was pretty sure I already knew what it meant and also pretty sure I could find a place for it in my cat updates!

Interestingly, M-W used a quote from the Lewiston Morning Tribune (a newspaper from a neighboring town here) to illustrate the usage of froward.  It was talking about grackles (birds), but it sure seemed applicable to young half-grown cats:
"By the end of the trip I was happy to be rid of them—pushy, froward little party-crashing beasts that make rude, high-pitched squeals and constantly invite themselves to dinner, filching from unattended plates."
If you've ever had a litter of half-grown kittens, you probably know exactly what I am talking about!

Our sweet little Night-Sky kitty, Andromeda.
At 2 years of age, Andromeda is virtually full-grown, but she is froward, nonetheless.  Early this morning, everyone in the house heard a clatter from the kitchen.  (It is significant, I suppose, that none of us bothered to get up to  It was later discovered that Andromeda had opened up the tea cupboard door and dislodged a tin of Raspberry Earl Grey tea, sending it clattering onto the countertop below.   Fortunately, the noise seems to have startled her out of doing any additional mischief, since all seemed to be in order and she was asleep when I finally did get up.  Naughty little kitty!  :)

What noises and bumps in the night signal that your pets are up to no good???


  1. Fun thank you card! Adorable cat!

  2. What a gorgeous way to use that diecut and glitter stars!! Beauitufl work, Janis! So glad that you join the fun at Runway Inspired Challenge!


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