Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great Bike Giveaway -- An Opportunity to Help

Hi, Friends.....
This will not be long, but I wanted to make it a separate post of its own.

I was recently introduced to:

Friendship Circle and The Great Bike Giveaway for special needs individuals.

This is from their website:
For the third consecutive year Friendship Circle is holding the Great Bike Giveaway, a national contest giving away adaptive bikes to children with special needs. We are partnering with bike companies from around the U.S. to provide some of the best adaptive bikes to the children and young adults who need them most.


A friend's daughter is involved with a young lady, named Adina, whom she is helping train for a triathlon!  Quite an undertaking!  Adina would be greatly helped if she had a bicycle suitable for her special needs.  There are two ways you can help this young lady win, but I am only requesting you do the easy one:
1.  Click here to get to Adina's contestant page. 
2.  Then nominate (which is another way of saying "vote for") Adina by clicking on the green bar that says the number of nominations she has.  That's all.  Easy, huh?  One nomination per person per contestant.

Whichever contestant gets the most nominations will win one of the bicycles.  All votes need to be in by March 26th.

Whenever I read about charity fund-raisers, I am naturally a bit skeptical about the ethics.  This looks pretty good from what I read here and from last year's article near the bottom of this page.

Will you help?  
All it takes is one click on the Nomination bar.



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  1. Thank you so much Janis for posting this for Adina. She is such a sweet little girl and wants so much to ride a bike!


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