Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hooray!! It's my Birthday!!!

Hello, Everyone....

Today is my birthday!!!!  Welcome to my Birthday Party!  I don't have a giveaway.....yet.  But I do have a manufacturer who has already offered to sponsor a giveaway on my new blog.  How exciting!!  Right?  Keep an eye on my blog for details about that next week.  :)

In the meantime, I want to give a great big THANK YOU to my Bible study ladies who had a birthday party for me and another BD gal on Tuesday.  There were pretty decorated party plates and a homemade super-yummy German chocolate cake with that incredibly delicious homemade gooey coconut icing.  (Swoon!!!)  That's my absolute favorite kind of cake!!!  (Kathy, you are amazing!!)  There was yummy Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream (Sharon, you didn't even know this for you, too!!  hehehee) and toasted almond slivers and Almond Joy M&Ms to go with it....or by themselves....I had them both ways!  Ha! 

Look what they gave me!!!!! 

Such lovely cards (one with chickens....I LOVE my sweet chickens!!!), the most colorful and festive fish candy dish WITH chocolate Easter eggs to go with it (YUM!), some lovely notepads---one magnetic with Thomas Kinkade paintings (so gorgeous!) and one spiral that is reversible (blank unlined pages and so you can use it from the front or from the back....The back has a BD confetti pattern on the cover!), and the most adorable and pretty clips I think I have ever seen, some of the most delectable homemade and home-canned jam from home-grown raspberries (scrumptious!!!), and a super-cute coffee or tea mug with its own coaster or cover (lovely colors and flower on this set!!).  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

You each will be receiving your own personal thank you card from me, but here is a sparkly THANK YOU for the whole group to tell you each how much I love and appreciate you!!!  You bring so much happiness and sparkle into my life.  Thank you for the lovely party and for the super-sweet gifts and thoughts.  You ladies are the best!!

Thank you to everyone far and wide for visiting my blog.  I have had visitors clear from Australia and Ireland and Poland (and several other European countries) as well as the U.S. and Canada.  I am so thrilled. Your comments really mean a lot to me!!!

Have a lovely day!  And don't forget the giveaway that I will be posting next week!!


Note to my community Ladies Craft Group:

Next meeting is Tuesday, March 4, 1 pm at the church.  I am hoping Sharon will be sharin'....(little pun there!) about making paper flowers.  See you all there!!!


This morning I really wanted to sleep longer.......being my birthday and all!....but I kept hearing Andromeda (how did I know it was you, little girl?) opening the bottom kitchen cupboard doors.  (scratch, bang.....scratch, bang....)  I think she does this when she is bored and wants me to get up.  She usually doesn't manage to get them open enough to get inside, but she tries.  She also had pried open both doors of the DVD cabinet.  Persistent little creature....but sweet.  :)

What do your cats do to get you out of bed?????

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