Thursday, October 25, 2018

DAY 4: 2018 Cat Lovers Hop

Not sure how to make this smaller, so you just have to watch it in the full size!  Sooooooo CUTE!!!  It reminds me so much of our first two kittens right after we were married, Cindy and Amy.  They snarled and growled so much while slashing and pinning each other to the ground that it is amazing they ever actually ate!!  lol...


Welcome to Day 4 of the

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Hi, Friends......

Can you believe it is Day 4 already???  The Hop is half over and look at all our projects!!  I am thrilled with the participation and so very, very excited to have so many first-time cat hoppers!!!  I hope all you new ones can tell what a warm and friendly group this is.

Has everyone been taking advantage of the links on the Daily Posts for thanking the sponsors?????  With each sponsor I feature, I give you those links to make it easy for everyone to say a big THANKS!!   Let's show those generous sponsors how much we appreciate them!!

Speaking of I am featuring Knitty Kitty Digis, Neat & Tangled, Taylored Expressions, Sunny Studio Stamps, Unity Stamp Company, and, as always, for our Daily Game, Ike's Art.


Knitty Kitty Digis

Knitty Kitty Digis is a returning sponsor to the Cat Lovers Hop.  I am totally in love with Annabel's Knitty Kitty images.....soooooooo adorable!!   

She has designed a fabulous autumn-themed digital image especially for the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop, which will be the prize to one lucky participant.  Annabel was kind enough to send me the image to play with, too.  Here's the fun card I made with this super-sweet sleepy kitty in the tree.

I printed the digi on kraft paper and colored with my Spectrum Noir markers.  I LOVE that adorable little face!!
BONUS:  Annabel is launching this brand-new image over on her Facebook Group today.  You won't want to miss that post!

Please take time to visit Knitty Kitty Digis at these social media spots: the Knitty Kitty Digis Facebook Group and Etsy Store and also Annabel's Blog. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

 Neat &Tangled


Please say hello to returning sponsor Neat & Tangled.  They are generously offering their Kitty's Favorite Things stamp set to one lucky winner.

Please take time to visit Neat &Tangled at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Taylored Expressions

Taylored Expressions is one of our fabulous returning sponsors.  

This year, Taylor is generously providing one of her Graysie Stamp and Die Combo sets to a lucky winner.  LOVE that this is a combo set!!

Please take time to visit Taylored Expressions at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

 Sunny Studio Stamps

I am delighted to have Sunny Studio Stamps as a returning sponsor this year!

Sunny Studio Stamps is generously offering $25 Gift Voucher to their online store to one lucky winner!!!  

Please take time to visit Sunny Studio Stamps at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"
Unity Stamp Company

Unity is a returning sponsor and a wonderful company.  I appreciate their focus on encouragement and support, especially for us!!  

I can always count on Unity to be helpful and generous.  This year they are donating TWO surprise prizes.  I know the winners will love the great quality of the designs and the construction of their stamps, which they make themselves right on site!!

Please take time to visit Unity Stamp Co. at these social media spotsBlog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.  Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!!

Please take time to visit Ike at these social media spots: BlogInstagram, Store, and Facebook Group. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

BONUS:  Ike's Show us Your Pussies - Cats Only Challenge theme this month is Furrything Goes + MEOW-loween.  So if you make a kitty creation for the Cat Hop (Halloween or not), you can also link it up over there!!  Yay!!

Ike has graciously designed a new seasonal set of digital images for prizes for our Daily Games.  I will randomly choose 4 winners from all the entries in the Daily Games to win one of these fab images.  (NOTE:  You must link up your name in the linky tool at the bottom of each post to be in the drawing for the digi prizes.)  I will be featuring each of the images individually on the next four days of the hop.

Today I am featuring the Sparkler Kitty image from Ike's digital set.  This kitty is having waaaaaaay too much fun with the fireworks!!!  Here's the card I made with this celebratory image.  Ike probably intended this image as another Guy Fawkes Day selection, but I made my card so it could be used for 4th of July (rebellious colonist that I or maybe even New Year's Eve.  :)



Not all of you use digis and have indicated that to me when you SIGNED IN.  I hope you will still participate in the Daily Game.  You do NOT have to participate in the digi giveaway to answer the Daily Game question that lets us all get to know each other better.  If you want to be in the digi prize drawing, link up your name each day that you participate.

Day 4 Game:  Is your cat a clinging vine?  Or an aloof loner?  Or something in between?

I'll start.....
Of our three cats that are inside mostly, Jetta is a little cuddlebug...  especially when she is cold.  She loves to jump on my lap when I am busy at my craft desk.  She isn't content to lie there quietly, though, she wants to be talking to me and to be held.  She refuses to tolerate me doing anything else but cradle her in my arms.  All work ceases when she decides it's time to snuggle.  She is the sweetest little pestilence of a cat!!  ❤❤❤
Othello is a vine on his terms, only.  Actually he is more like an Anaconda snake....smothering you by lying on your neck when you are trying to sleep.  But try to pick him up when he isn't in the mood? (If you can..he weighs 20 lb!)  His growls will tell you to think otherwise.  He would never bite or lash out, but he sounds fierce!!
Perdita is the aloof diva queen of the house.  She is really a nice kitty, but is shy and easily spooked.  When she decides to be affectionate, though, she can't stop purring and rubbing, talking non-stop the ENTIRE time.  She will occasionally jump on my lap (when there is nobody else around to see her deigning to let a mortal touch her!) and then she purrs and purrs and shows me how sweet she really is. ❤
This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:

1.  Leave a comment about your cat's personality.
2.  After you finish your comment:  if you want to be in the drawing for the prize, fill out your (own) name in the link up below.  This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed!  You don't even need a blog!!!  This is for everyone!!!

NOTE: The Daily Game link ups will be open the entire duration of the Hop, including the extra day for comments. Entries need to be in by 11:59 pm Pacific, Sunday Oct. 28, 2018 to be eligible for the daily prize. So you have more than just today to comment and link up. I realize that not everyone has access to a printer or likes to use digis, so I am still keeping the link up gadget to make sure the digi prizes go to winners who can use them. But I am hoping EVERYONE will participate in answering the questions whether they are putting their name in for the prize or not.

Okay, now it is your turn!!  

REMEMBER: Link your cat-themed projects over on the Main Hop Page. (Please use #CatLoversHop2018 on social media!!) This link-up below is just to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you have commented with your Kitty Roll Call. Thanks!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for being a part of the 2018 Cat Lovers Hop. 



  1. Blackie for sure was an aloof loner - and head butted/smooched upside my legs on his terms - usually when he smelled his dinner on its way!

    1. Ooh, and your card is delightful - sweet little smiley faced kitty!

  2. Oh wonderful kitty in a tree card, what super colouring.
    Sparkler Kitty looks fabulous - I am glad he can be used with his sparkler for other occasions :-)

    I have 3 Lap Huggers, 2 Clinging Vines, and 1 Aloof Loner out of my bunch or 25 or so, but only 12/13 of them actually spend time indoors :-D xx

  3. All 3 of my kitties are clinging vines in their own way, of course! If they suspect I have food with me, they are on me like glue!

  4. OMG! The new little Knitty kitty in the tree is just purrecious and your coloring is gorgeous. Your Sparkler kitty is fabulous, too! He can be used in so many ways. All the sponsors totally ROCK!

    Goliath is my clinging vine. He's on my la right now and biting my elbow because I'm tying, not petting. When we're gone for any length of time he goes in my clothes closet and drags anything that is on the floor around the house. Can be a bit embarrassing if someone comes back with me and there are "unmentionables" strewn about. Jezzie is an aloof loner and prefers to camp in the backyard until the weather gets too cool and wet. She comes in at night through a cat door to eat and this morning surprised me because she was in and came up and allowed some petting, purring all the while. I think she'd like to be a bit more social, but Goliath discourages such behavior. xxD

  5. I love all the stamps and projects you showcased! So many I haven’t seen before. We don’t currently have a cat, but I have fond memories of all of them. All so different!

  6. You rebellious colonist, you!! lol! : ) I've been thanking all of the sponsors on Facebook and making sure I follow them. The links are a great help, as is having a link to the main hop page early in your daily posts, Thanks!! I follow most of them already on IG. (Oh, and FYI, Pink Crafty Mama (#95) also has a giveaway. : )
    Our cats were outdoor cats, but they LOVED to be around us. When dad would get home from work, we'd all walk around the orchard and garden for exercise and for him to decompress before supper. We didn't have step counters back then, but it was about 1.5 acres... a good little jaunt! The cats knew the sound of his car and we knew he was almost home when they came running. They'd each ride like a fur stole wrapped around each of our necks part of the way and traipse along playing games along the way the rest of the walk. Good memories!

  7. All the projects you showcased are too cute!!! I've been visiting all the Sponsors and folow them on their Social Networks.
    My beloved grandma's cat, the only one that I've never had, Marco, was a sweet cuddlebug but only when he wanted to stay with us humans. He was mainly an aloof loner.

  8. Two beautiful cards today, Janis - I love how you make Sparkle Cat into a 4th July card! I've been busy visiting sponsors and leaving messages. They are an amazing bunch and so generous!
    My kitty is a clinging vine, especially with my hubby - this is his (the cat's) story:
    Casey was a stray cat who was bedraggled and poorly when we took him into our home. We knew he was living rough with his sibling as they frequently stole food when the door was left open. The lovely Cat's Protection team came to visit and took Casey's sibling away (to treat and re-home), as he had scratched my husband's arm and put him in hospital for a few days with Cellulitis. We choose at that point to adopt Casey, despite knowing that our cat, Indie, wouldn't be too happy!
    Casey visited the vet for treatment for his cold and running eyes and nose. He had to have his fur clipped as it was too knotted to groom and he was spayed. Indie did not welcome Casey and we were afraid to leave them together in confined spaces. My husband actually slept in the spare room with Casey so that he could keep him warm and look after him during the night. (Hubby would die of embarrassment if he knew I was sharing this info!!!!)
    Once Casey was better, I was afraid to let him outside in case he didn’t come back. I needn’t have worried – out he went and over the fence into a neighbour’s garden. Hubby shouted his name and instantly he came bounding over the fence and through the back door! And to this day Casey has been attached to my hubby like glue! They even go for walks together. He doesn’t like to sit on our lap often, but will snuggle up alongside and will always have his paw touching our arm or shoulder. He is so sweet and gentle!

    1. Loved reading Casey's story! What a lovely husband you have, no wonder they are close!

  9. Great cards today Janis! My cats are some where in the middle. They love people, but also like their alone time. Just like me!

  10. I love what you did with the Sparkle Cat, Janis! Fabulous idea to think July 4th or New Year.
    As to my cats' personalities, both Molly and Honey are cuddle cats although both are spooky around people other than me. Honey (who was feral born but found and brought inside at about 6 weeks after being abandoned by the mom) is especially afraid and will hide under the bed or behind the refrigerator when a strange car pulls into the driveway or someone knocks on the door. Once the house is clear of strangers, Honey comes out and finds me as quickly as possible. It's then time for a serious cuddle regardless of what else I may have planned.
    Both sleep on the bed (in Molly's case, under the covers if it's cold and she wants body heat) and both follow me from room to room as though I might magically disappear if they don't keep an eye on me every single minute. Even closing the bathroom door to take a shower meets with long and plaintive meows which don't end until I emerge safely once again. :-D

  11. Oh that kitty is adorable!
    its just like this new kitty I found.
    He eat just like that kitty in video!
    oh that is so cute card!
    Speedy and Coffee are only inside cats.
    they do go out with supercisor adn they have catio whre they spend few hours.
    Squiky,Crni and Mini are outside and they love to be outside.
    but when is winter they are inside all.
    this new kitty is just to small to let him out. so he keep company coffee and speedy at catio.

  12. Love the patriotic card you made. One of my sons was born on the 4th of July and he is the one who named our cat. Sometimes she is very affectionate but when she is done she nails you with her claws. My son took fencing lessons at the time and thought Sabre was an appropriate name.

  13. Another great card! So cute!
    Squirtles is a handsome and crazy black cat that I got from the Humane Society last year on Black Friday. The only reason he ever sleeps with me is his brother does. He gets zoomies and it feels like there is an earthquake. He is only a year old but heavy on his feet and although he isn't fat, he is heavy to lift. He isn't especially cuddly.
    Edweird Scissor Paws(Eddie) was given to me by someone who does animal rescue but has 3 huge German Shepards that aren't cat friendly. He is a feral and also 1 year old. We figured since Squirtles is so active, that he could use a play mate. He hid under my bed for the better part of 6 months. Slowly he started creeping into my bed at night. He looks stocky but is light and light on his feet. He would even run if he caught me watching him play with Squirtles. One night I reached down as I was getting up to go to the bathroom, and loved on him. He kind of liked it, but he wasn't about to admit it too much. That became a ritual. I would pet him only at night in the dark. He really loves belly rubs to the point he slid off the bed one time. His paws kneading in the air the whole time. Now it is several months later and he won't sit with me but he will come over and rub my legs and get patted.I have picked him up and put him on my lap, but he takes off. He does follow me around at times and other times he still will run from me. He doesn't play like my wild child but I have seen him playing off by himself. He watches Squirtles like a cute little brother in awe. The scissor claws part of his name is because he used to claw my feet from under the bed.
    Well I hope you enjoyed hearing about my boys as I do hearing about your kids:)

  14. Unfortunately I am catless atm, but the last one I had was an 'in betweener'

  15. My last cat was a clinging vine, often pounding and leaping onto you if your close by. Enjoyed being cuddled a lot. If your bathing her and giving her the massage, she enjoyed her baths, LOL!

  16. I had both types of kitty personalities here. Bubby, Tina, Teddy and Zoe were all cuddlebugs (especially Bubby and Teddy) but Bailey was aloof to the point of being catatonic at times. He let me pet and care for him, but hated to be picked up and always hid if anyone new, or my husband, came into the room. He was a feral cat that was never socialized to humans early on so that explained it but he always came when I called him and lived indoors most of his life. That sparkler cat is my favorite from these new digis and you colored him perfectly!

  17. Ooooh, that kitty is adorable! Your card is so super sweet, Janis! And there are so many wonderful sponsors and prizes - WOW! I enjoyed reading about your kitties! As for your question, Honeydew and Kiwi are more aloof. They both love to be cuddled but it has to be on their terms. Snowie is a clinging vine - and the vine she clings to is Brian! However, while he's been in the hospital, she has started to cling to me and I have to say - I love it! My first cat Muffin was definitely a clinging vine! Miss him so much even now, and it's been 14 years since he's been gone.

  18. Coco is more of a clinging vine. She loves to be close!

  19. My 3 cats have all passed on now. But, Perky - he loved to be near me at all times. He would sleep on me at night and in the morning use his paws to give me the most amazing back rub. I sure do miss him. Also, my husband and I eat while watching TV on the couch. Eating was always a chore with Perky around as he always wanted what was on my plate and so I had to keep moving my arm around so that he couldn't get at it! LOL! Patience was also very loveable! If he was upstairs, at 11:00 p.m. every night he would come down the stairs and sit in front of my husband and I and start meowing! It was his signal that it was time for bed! LOL! Even on weekends!!! Also, he hated a dirty kitty litter and it had to be cleaned IMMEDIATELY after he went. He wouldn't dare do both deeds at the same time. Nope! Had to be cleaned in between or he would meow SUPER loud. Also, he was quite the character when he ate his food. We had to get a dog dish for his water and then a smaller dish for water as well. He would take his dry food and one at a time would take his left paw and move it over the lip of the dog dish (We didn't own a dog by the way) and then drop it into the dish. Then he would take his right paw, and swirl the food around and then pick it up and eat it. Then he would start all over again! We actually videotaped him and still laugh when we watch it! Then, lastly there was "Boo"! She was 6.5 years old when we were lucky to be able to bring her into our lives to show her that good people did exist in this world and that we would never hurt her. She was a severely abused cat before we got her. Boo and I from day 1 were inseparable. She would cry if I went into another room and she couldn't see me. At night, if I wasn't home from work at the regular time she would sit at the door and cry until I came home. My husband would be there, but nope. She just wanted me. LOL! She also wagged her tail non-stop and would fetch her toys and bring them back to us. We used to say, she was part dog and my husband wanted to tie a duster to her tail. He said all of the dusting would be done in no time. LOL! Also, like Patience, she too would eat her dry food, one morsel at time. She would pick up each piece of food in her paw and then eat it before going onto the next one. I sure do miss my little babes!

  20. A cute card Janis. I would say our cat was an aloof loner and like most cats he was VERY independent! If he wanted petting he'd rub back and forth on your leg until you picked him up, otherwise, he would hardly raise an eyebrow when you called his name unless you had treats or something for him. LOL


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