Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 4 (FINAL) ATC Birthday Party - "AND THEN......CHOCOLATE!!!"


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Hi, Friends.....

Welcome to the final week of my ATC Birthday Party!!! This is my actual Birthday Week....Tuesday being the actual day! :) This is why I love celebrating all during the month of February....because it can culminate in my BD which is nearly at the end of the month. :)

Thank you for all the fun ATCs you have been entering. I totally LOVE them all!! I am thrilled to say that I already have received a wonderful ATC in a little BD package from my crafty pal Gail in Norway (photo at bottom of this post) and I know several others are waiting until the end of the challenges to send me an ATC or two, also. I am soooooooooo excited to add to my collection of ATCs with some of your fabulous creations!!! (Remember it is NOT required to snail mail your ATC to me to be in the prize drawings.)
So on to this final challenge theme for WEEK 4:


Oh, yummmmmmmmy....I do love chocolate!!
Janis' chocolate favorites:
1. Favorite variety: milk chocolate over dark chocolate every time!
2. Favorite cake is German chocolate....ONLY with the homemade ooey-gooey coconut and pecan icing....none of that stuff from a tub that looks and tastes like glue. (I am only guessing,!!!)
3. Favorite candy bar: Kit Kat (naturally) but Heath is a close second....and Almond Joy....and Snickers....and PB M&Ms.....and Reese's PB cups.....and Rolo....and Twix.....and....and....and.... oh, my goodness...make me stop!!!
4. Favorite ice cream: Mocha almond fudge
5. Favorite cookie: Homemade chocolate chip with walnuts...but I love OREOs, too!
6. Favorite sundae: Hot fudge
7. Favorite milk shake: Hot fudge with extra malt
8. Favorite brand: Lindt
9. Favorites in a box of chocolates: English toffee, caramel, bordeaux, maple, pecan/caramel, all of them. :)
10. Favorite Add-Ins: Toffee, nuts, caramel, dried fruit, malt, mint.
11. Other chocolate favorites: Classic Almond Roca, Lindor Truffle balls, Malt balls with REAL milk chocolate covering.
Oh, dear....I think I have gained 30 pounds just reading over this delectable list of my chocolate favorites!!! My wise hubby gave me several lovely gifts for Valentine's Day, but only one chocolate bar....a scrumptious one with hazelnut crunchy add-ins. (It lasted nearly a week unopened, but only about 15 minutes opened!! Ha.)

Here is the chocolate ATC I made to share with you. It has chocolate chip cookies and a box of chocolates on it....and some OREOs in the background. :) Sorry I couldn't get a decent glare-free photo. it is your turn to make a chocolate-themed ATC. It can be chocolate in any of its many forms. (Except NOT as a fat 60-year-old lady!!  Ha!!!)  But you can use a chocolate cupcake, chocolate candy bar, chocolate chip cookie, etc.....feel free to get ideas from my favorites list above!!

Not sure what an ATC is???? Have questions about the Rules and Guidelines for my ATC Challenges? The answers to all those questions may be found on THIS POST.

Thank you so much for the wonderful ATCs you have made so far. Remember that there will be a prize randomly awarded to one participant in each of the four weekly challenges plus one for the blog badge giveaway....5 prizes total. So be sure to post my ATC BD blog badge in your sidebar and participate in each of the weekly ATC theme challenges for the best chance of being drawn. You can enter the badge giveaway and any of the weekly challenges until Saturday, 11:55 pm Pacific, March 3, 2018.

Now.....I want to show you the lovely BD surprises I got in the mail from Gail (Ionabunny)!!!  She sent me the super-fun Mer-cat ATC she made for Week 1 PLUS a Mer-cat stamp!!  Also this furrrrrabulous Cat-ifer Columbus BD card.  I wish my photography were better.  Totally doesn't do justice to this amazing card!!  THANK YOU, GAIL!!!!
Remember this is the FINAL week to enter the 4 weekly ATC challenges and the Blog Badge Giveaway. Everything closes Saturday, 11:55 pm Pacific, March 3, 2018.

Thank you for indulging me with my crazy ATC Birthday celebration idea!!! I hope you have had fun. I can't wait to see your chocolate-themed ATCs!!!



  1. Hi Janis. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I wasn't sure if you would get my card and goodies in time. Makes a change for me to be early LOL. Hmmm, chocolate. I was sure it was going to be coffee, but I can work with chocolate LOL. What a wonderful list you have. I hope you get lots for your birthday. Thanks for the shout out and I hope you enjoy playing with the Mercat stamp as much as I do. Hugz

  2. Yes, I can do chocolate! I could not figure out what the final C would be so this is awesome! So funny, KitKat is my favourite chocolate bar too! I try to stay away from chocolate because although I like it, it doesn't like me! Look at the nice package you received! Yay! I feel sad that mine won't arrive until after your birthday - because I haven't mailed it yet! But I want to include all the ATCs I made for you, incuding the one for chocolate! I will be mailing your package this week!

  3. Chocolate?? YUMMY! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. And I am waiting until I make this ATC before your package will go out. I think I am going to do the same thing for my birthday month, won't be 60 {yet!} but I'm getting close, and I ADORE happy mail! I'm so glad you did this, you have stretched my creativeness ~ xoxoxo

  4. I forgot to say what a lovely package from Gail! :)

  5. Yay!! Chocolate!! I was trying to guess what your final ATC theme would be and actually thought about "All That Cake", but I will definitely settle for chocolate anytime. I actually baked a chocolate cake this week and frosted it with homemade vanilla buttercream frosting..yum, so you can imagine my giving you a piece to celebrate your birthday. Oh, so that isn't very satisfying? I understand that completely. so I'll eat your piece too, so it doesn't go to waste.

    With my being a fellow chocolate lover, I have a lot of chocolate themed stamps that I'll need to dig out for this final ATC challenge week. Thanks so much for inspiring us with this unique and fun birthday month challenge and for getting my ATC mojo going again! Happy birthday my bloggy friend!

  6. Oh goodness, that ATC and card from Gail is just adorable! I love her dapper looking Cat-ifer Columbus and that hilarious Mer-cat ATC.

  7. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

  8. Oh my gosh?!! Take over the world on Monday... I was hoping we could put that off until Tuesday.

  9. Today is the day- Happy Birthday Janis! Love this theme and all the chocolate favorites! Yum! Love that Mercat atc and card too! So Much Fun! Going to see what chocolate I can come up with for this last week's theme! Then some happy mail from me will be on its way! Hugs,Tee

  10. I love seeing everyone's interpretation of your theme!

  11. your ATC is so nice!
    great mail from Ionabunny!
    I think I dont ave any chocolate stamps,will see and if I have will do ATC :D

  12. Happy Birthday and Your ATC is so pretty thanks for holding this it's been fun playing along and making some new styles up :)
    hugs Nikki

  13. Oops!! I didn't link my Chocolate ATC here in time :( Nevermind ... if you want to see it, it's here:
    Hope you had a great birthday Janis and enjoyed the ATC party - I know I did! Thanks for organising it! xx


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