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Hi, Friends.....

Welcome to the Wrap-Up Day for our 2021 Cat Lovers Hop.  TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO COMMENT ON PROJECTS AND TO PLAY IN THE DAILY GAMES.  I know a number of you have already finished....but I haven't!!  lol...  

The project Link-Up closed on Saturday, Oct. 30, but to give as many of you as possible a chance to comment on the projects I kept comments open several extra days.  Comments close at 11:59 pm Pacific today, Wednesday, Nov. 3rd.    

You also have through today to participate in the Daily Games that you will find on each of last week's posts.  Each day's game comes with a special opportunity to win the wonderful digital image of the day from Ike's Art!  So if you have not caught up on the Daily Games, this is the day to do that!


If you manage to make it all the way through the Link-up and comment on every single project, you can link up your name at the bottom of this post to be in the special drawing for the Super Commenter Prize. 

NOTE:  I realize that some are not members of all the different platforms (FB, IG, Flickr, SCS, etc) where our Hoppers might post projects and will not be able to comment on those projects.  You can still qualify for the Super Commenter drawing IF YOU MENTION IN THE COMMENTS BELOW which platforms you are not a member of, but that you commented on EACH of the other projects. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  To be eligible for the Super Commenter prize, you MUST comment on all the projects AND link up your name in the linky tool below.


Not quite......................

I have several more things to talk about before I wrap up the Wrap-Up Post!  lol...  

1.  Many of you have missed a long-time Hop regular, our cat-loving friend Sue D this year. 

We all have admired Sue's craft fair projects in the past...wonderfully creative key chains, altered notebooks, little cat purses, etc.  Sue is doing fine, but her dear hubby has been very ill with Covid. He is just recently home from the hospital after an extended stay and is slowly improving. Sue hopes to be able to stop in to the Hop and make a few comments before the day is out. I hope she can. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her husband for his full recovery. ❤

2. Do you already own some of the prizes that our amazing sponsors are offering this year?

I listed all the sponsors and prizes on the Main Hop Page and asked Hoppers to mention in the comments if they already own the prize. I TRY not to award a prize to a Hopper that they already have....but I can't guarantee I will always catch your comment, especially if it is anywhere other than under that post! Some Hoppers have told me on the Daily Posts that they already have one of the featured sponsor prizes, but please I NEED THAT INFO on the Main Hop Page. Thank you.

3. I am confused.  Do you want to be in the drawings for digis or not?

Some of you are sending me mixed messages! So maybe we are both confused!! LOL... I understand that not everyone uses digital images for one reason or another. That's why one of the questions on the Sign-In page is whether you wish to be considered for digi prizes or not.

Here's the problem: Some of you who say "No digis, please" still sign up for the daily digital prize from Ike's Art. I don't know quite what to make of that. Either you have decided that the particular digi is sooooo cute that you actually DO want that image....or you are confused about what the Daily Game link-up is for. Additionally, some people link up to the Daily Game linky but do not answer or participate in the game! I try to be clear with my instructions, but I see some changes need to be made.

FYI....This is how I handle this situation: When I run for those who linked up for the Daily Games, I check to make sure the lucky winner actually commented and answered the question of the day....or at least tried! :) If they did, I assume they DO want the prize whether or not they said "No digis, please" on their Sign-In.

4. Gift Codes, International Shipping, Digital Images, and Physical Prizes.

On the Sign-In page, one of the questions I ask is what country you live in. Some of our lovely sponsors can only afford to reliably ship physical prizes within their own country, so they offer gift codes that can be redeemed from anywhere in the world. But there is still the problem of the winner paying for the high cost of international shipping.

My solution is this: If you are drawn as the lucky winner of a gift code to a company that is not in your country, I will check to see if you said "Digis Okay" when you signed in and then check to see if that company offers digis. If they do and you are okay with digis, I will award that prize to you. Otherwise, that prize will go to someone else and I hope your name comes up again for a prize that is acceptable. Naturally, you can use your gift code for any product (physical or digital) in the sponsor's online catalog, but this will give winners a "No shipping cost" option. ❤

Okay....speech over.  lol...

That's all for the Wrap-Up Post.  Finish up those comments and then link up below to be in the draw for the Super Commenter prize.  Don't forget to tell me in the comments if you couldn't comment on particular platforms.

Thanks so much for all your great participation in this year's Hop.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  I will get going on running all the random is quite a process with this many prizes!!  Hopefully, I'll get the Winners Post up in a few days.  Be watching for it!!  See you then.


NOTE: This Linky apparently has died.  Please leave me a comment below if you commented on all the projects.  Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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  1. I was with everyone, unfortunately I couldn't comment on posts from the Flickr platform (8,13,18,22,23,24,39,40,41,44,63,69,85,94,110,112,125,149,168,180,113) and with the splitcoaststampers platform (31,42,119,188,189) . All the works were very beautiful. I love this hop. Hugs Danka

    1. So glad you love the Hop! Thank you for your kind words. <3

  2. I hope I've left meaningful comments on each project I visited, oh boy there are so many beautifully talented crafters and such caring people in this kitty community! I'm not on fb or instagram (I know, I live under a rock! lol) so couldnt see the projects there. I was able to visit split coasters but couldnt comment - what I saw was gorgeous!
    I'm sending prayers to Sue and her husband and hope he heals very soon.
    If I'm lucky enough for a win, I dont mind what it is, nor do I mind paying postage... its all fun!
    Oh Janis, and your hoppy helpers, you've all done an amazing job! xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for mentioning that you do not mind paying postage, Mandie. <3

    2. Thank you for the prayers. He is improving daily.

  3. I was guilty of that. I signed up for one daily digi giveaway before I realized what it was for. Oops! No digital images for me plz.

    1. Thank you for clarifying, Roxy. I was not pointing any fingers...I had just noticed there was some confusion with a number of Hoppers. <3

  4. I left comments on all the hop projects and thank you's on all the sponsor sites (either blog or Facebook). I rarely use digis (and stated 'no digis' on the first post) and I'm pretty sure I didn't link up for any of Ike's digi prizes although they are adorable! I already own The Project Bin's 'Feline Good' stamps and dies... I was on her DT! <3 And prayers to Sue D and her hubby for a rapid recovery.

    1. Please make sure you mention abt The Project Bin prize in the comments of the Main Hop Post, Leslie. Even though I admired that set on your project, I might forget. I can't guarantee the functionality of my brain...ever! Ha. <3

    2. Thank you for the prayers. He is improving daily.

  5. While I haven't actually deleted my instagram and facebook app, I am very rarely using those now and can't access from my computer (where I do all my blogging/cardmaking related things.
    I did comment on all blogs, splitcoast and flickr entries.

    Won't link up here though for the super commenter win, as I suppose I could have went through the trouble of figuring out my passwords for those platforms to log on from the computer, just wanted to let you know why I haven't commented on those :-)

    1. Under those circumstances, it would be fine with me if you linked up here, Ellibelle. It's up to you. <3

  6. A fantastic hop this year, Janis, and it was wonderful seeing all the new sponsors as well as the returning sponsors! You've done a marvelous job gathering all of those together.
    Without thinking, I signed up for the daily digi prize on one of the days when I was a guest designer so obviously, I already have that particular image from Ike's Art (Basket Cat.) I didn't make that mistake for Crouching Cat, which I also have. I think Basket Cat was on Tuesday.
    I've commented on all the entries except for those which are on Instagram, Flick'r, or Split Coast Stamper. I don't have accounts for any of those. But I did comment on all Facebook and blog sites. I also visited all sponsors, either through Facebook or their blogs.
    Already looking forward to next year! :-D

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Connie. It's a TON of work gathering and organizing all those sponsors, but it also makes the Hops a lot of fun!! Thanks for all your help!! <3

  7. Thanks so much for hosting this challenge. I love seeing all the kitties in the lineup and learning about everyone's real kitties too. I was able to comment on everyone except a few SplitCoast that I could only "like".

  8. yes Halloween is over :)
    I comment on all awesome project.
    I dont have flicker account..
    Im so sorry her husband is ill. hope he will be better soon.
    swnding healing hugs.
    Yes I have Lawn fawn Meow You Doin' stamp and Heffy Doodle Mewniverse stamp.
    Yes I like to be in draw for digi stamps.
    Im from Croatia and Janes Dodles is also from Croatia so wink,wink LOL
    big thank you Hanis for organazing this awesome blog hop!
    thanks to all sponsors!
    thanks to all who visited me .

    1. Thanks for the healing hugs. He is doing well.

  9. Hi, Janis! Just wanted to THANK YOU for everything you have done to organize this hop and make it such a fun event, and it keeps getting bigger and better every year! You make it a happy place to spend a week - I really enjoyed myself! It's so nice to spend time with people who love cats as much as I do! I love how we all get together once a year and enjoy cats together as a group! Please know how much you are appreciated for hosting this gathering of cat lovers!

    I have not been able to comment on all of the projects but I knew in advance that I wouldn't be able to - I did what I could and really enjoyed all the cat cards and projects I saw.

    As for digis, I did get confused and added my name to each day's linky (hanging head in shame). I did say "No Digis" and that's because I have all of Ike's cats except "Kitten Kristmas." I do already have the images being offered on the daily games, so I will stick to "No Digis." Sorry about that!

    I don't know how you keep track of everything but it's very impressive! I also want to thank you for all of the sweet and thoughtful comments you left on my cat cards.


  10. Glad you added the extra days for commenting. I am going to comment as much as I can. I so miss making cat projects this year--looking forward to next year. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

    1. We look very forward to seeing your lovely projects again next year.... sending lots of hugs for your hubby's speedy recovery!

  11. I left a comment on everyone's creation that I could. Unfortunately I don't have social media. No Facebook, Instagram, Flicker or Wordpress or any other social media that I'm missing. I was good on Google and Splitcoast Stampers though. [Bunny]

  12. It's been a lot of fun, Janis! Thanks for all the work you do to coordinate the hop, and thanks to your helpers too! Sending good thoughts to Sue D and her hubby!
    I commented on all that I could... whew! I don't have a Flicker account, so I did skip commenting on those. I also had an issue with a few blog posts where my comments wouldn't post, but I did try my best! I think it was a computer problem on my end... but I could not figure it out!

    1. First I couldn't get Mr Linky to work,or so I thought.... didn't mean to get in there 3 times! I am a computer flunky.

    2. Thanks for thinking of us. He is improving.

  13. Wonderful hop again.
    Lots of darling creations
    and fabulous prizes.
    Thanks for all your
    hard work. And thanks
    for notice about Sue D.
    Carla from Arizona

  14. Argh, I wrote a long-winded comment (apologies to Grumpy Cat) and then when I tried to post, it disappeared! Now I can't remember half of what I wrote, but have to say that you are the air traffic controller of hops and put on another wonderful event this year again. It was great seeing so many familiar crafters, and some new ones as well. I looked at, and commented on, every project entered, because I didn't want to miss a single one. The creativity and beautiful work, and the shared love of cats always makes this hop special to me.
    Thank you Janis for all that you do, and for your encouragement and inspiration.

  15. I left comments on as many as I could. My computer had issues and I am not computer savvy. I had to ask my son to come over and try to resolve my issues. He's in school so I had to wait until he was available. It turned out that my mouse was not working so I had to get another one. But, I totally enjoyed admiring all the wonderful kitty cards. Kitties have a special space in my heart. Heartfelt thanks, Janis, for all your efforts in making this a most enjoyable experience. xx

  16. Sue, I hope your husband will be all well soon! Saying prayers!!!

    1. Thanks for the prayers. He is improving daily.

  17. I commented on all of the links, except #221, titled Facebook. It gave me a broken link, and was not available.
    I double-checked, as I wanted to be sure, and I do already have "Meow you Doin' from Lawn Fawn. I am good with anything; I don't mind paying a little postage. Thanks again for the fun hop! I loved seeing everyone's creativity and visiting their blogs and sites. And especially seeing all of their kitties! :)


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