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Welcome to Day 3 of the

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Hi, Cat-Hopping Friends.....

Here we are at Day 3 already!  Wow....have you been checking out the fab entries everyone has linked up on the Main Hop Post so far?  Be sure to hop around and leave comments.  You don't want to miss a single one of the amazing posts!!!

Do you like having lots of prizes on our Hops?????
I hope you have had a chance to visit our sponsors and tell them
"THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"?  I have already noticed some very kind notes of thanks on our sponsor blog events and I really appreciate that.  I list handy links for each featured sponsor on the Daily Posts. Feel free to go back to the previous posts to catch up with the sponsors you have missed.  

I work hard to line up all these fabulous sponsors and I want them to know we appreciate their generosity!!  It is lovely to say thank you to them here on my blog posts, but they probably don't see it.  Visiting and leaving comments on the sponsor FB/IG pages and Blog posts expressing thanks makes a difference!!  

One more bit of Blogger mischief:
Have you noticed how Blogger keeps wanting to log us out and not let us log back in???  Grrrr.....!!!  It's not happening to everyone, but a number of us (including me on my OWN blog!!) have accidentally posted as "Anonymous" because we didn't realize we were not logged in!!  In a few other places where I have tried to leave comments, it wouldn't let me log in with Blogger at all!  I had to log in just with my name....which is okay, but annoying. 
If you notice a comment of yours posted as "Anonymous", please reply to your own comment telling me who you are.  That way if your comment happens to be randomly drawn for one of our comment prizes, I will know who you are!!   THANKS!! 

NOTE:  When posting your projects on your blog, please remember to post the Cat Hop Badge also if you can.  I know that isn't possible with platforms like Flickr and IG, but Badge Kitty Othello and I would really appreciate it when you can.  Thanks!!


Just a reminder.....You must SIGN IN HERE to be eligible for prizes. Also, LINK UP ALL PROJECTS ON THE MAIN HOP PAGE by 11:55 pm Pacific, Saturday, Oct. 29, 2022.  I have my 2022 CAT LOVERS HOP - Guidelines and FAQs in a handy tab just under my header at the top of each page.  All these links are at the top of each Hop post, too.  

Okay on to the Day 3 festivities........

My featured sponsors today are:
Stamp On It, Viva Las VegaStamps, Pink & Main, Lawn Fawn, Riley and Company, Colorado Craft Co., The Crafter's Workshop, and Artful Angel.

Let's get started with the introductions.....


Stamp On It

Our first returning sponsor today is Stamp On It. They handle an assortment of products for all your stamping needs from a variety of great companies, including QKR Stampede, Eureka, and Biblical others! 

PRIZE: Stamp On It is offering 3 digital images of the winner’s choice to a lucky Hopper!!

GUEST DESIGNER:  Helpful Hopper Kitty of KT Fit Kitty certainly was busy making samples for us to enjoy.  Today she is sharing a fun beachy card she made using Lemonade Cat and Purrfect Birthday.  

You can find out more about her card on her blog post HERE.  We'll be seeing more from Kitty later in the week, so be sure to check in each day!!  Thanks for Guest Designing, Kitty!!  ❤

Please take time to visit Stamp On It at these social media spots: QKR Stampede Blog, Eureka Stamps Blog, Store, and Facebook.  Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Next is returning sponsor:  Viva Las VegaStamps.  I have long admired their quirky and unique stamps.  I encourage you to go browse at their will be impressed by their immense inventory of images. 
They have tons and tons of cat stamps and it was impossible for me to select a prize to I know you will LOVE what they have for us today.

PRIZE:  The amazing folks at Viva Las VegaStamps are donating a fabulous Assortment of Unmounted Cat Stamps to one lucky Hopper!!! 

GUEST DESIGNER:  So happy to have my good friend and Helpful Hopper Karen L of Karen's Krafty Musings designing for us today.  She is using an absolutely charming retired stamp from our sponsor.

You can find out more about this lovely vintage-style card at Karen's blog post HERE.  We'll get to see more from Karen later in the week, also, so be watching for her.  Thank you so much for Guest Designing!!  ❤

Please take time to visit Viva Las VegaStamps at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTubeDon't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Everyone please say Hello to returning sponsor, Pink & MainMichelle Currie, the owner/illustrator, has totally adorable stamps.... and her critter ones are some the cutest.
PRIZE: Michelle has generously donated one of her sweet Catitude stamp sets PLUS Coordinating Dies to a lucky Cat Hopper this year!!   I totally LOVE these images!!

Please take time to visit Pink & Main at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Lawn Fawn
Our next returning sponsor to our Hops is Lawn Fawn!! We are all huge fans of Lawn Fawn's adorable critters.


PRIZE: Lawn Fawn is generously donating their Meow You Doin' stamp set PLUS the Coordinating Dies to one lucky winner!!! WOW!!

Please take time to visit Lawn Fawn at these social media spots: Blog, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Riley and Company

Another returning sponsor for today is Riley and Company. Their wonderful and wacky critters show up over and over in their products.  What a fun set of characters!!  


PRIZE: Riley and Company is generously
putting together a prize bundle which includes their
Smiling Burt Stamp + Dies PLUS their Felix the Cat Stamp + Die for a lucky hopper this week!!

Helpful Hopper Becca Y is back again today sharing a project that is sure to make you smile!  She used "Felix the Cat" and "Dress Up Riley - Ugly Sweater" (holly berries).

Check out Becca's Flickr Page for more details, including the YouTube link where she got the idea for these hilarious treat bags.  Then stay tuned because Becca will be sharing more with us in a few moments. Thank you so much for Guest Designing!!  ❤

Please take time to visit Riley and Company at these social media spots: Store and Facebook. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


I am so excited to have
Colorado Craft Company join us as a New Sponsor this year!!  We all have enjoyed seeing their sweet critter designs that have taken the market by storm.  
PRIZE:  The lovely folks at Colorado Craft Company have generously put together a Mystery Package of Cat-Themed Products for a lucky winner!!!  (I am so jealous!!  lol...)
GUEST DESIGNER:  And heeeeeere's Becca Y again with a sweet card to share, using "Watering Can Mini".
You can find out more about this card on Becca's
Flickr Page.  We'll see more from her later in the week.  You won't want to miss it!  Thanks so much, Becca!!  ❤
Please take time to visit Colorado Craft Company at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, and PinterestDon't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Now let's give another warm welcome to returning sponsor: The Crafter's Workshop.  They carry a fabulous selection of mixed media supplies for all sorts of fun crafting adventures.
PRIZE: The Crafter's Workshop has generously donated prizes for TWO winners!!  Each winner will receive one Flying Cat stencil and one Wild Prints stencils (both in the 6"x6" size).  How fun is that???
Flying Cat

Please take time to visit The Crafter's Workshop at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTubeDon't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"
I always love introducing New Sponsors to our Cat Lovers Hop Family. Please welcome Artful Angel! They are a new-to-me company that caught my eye with the lovely variety of cat products they carry from familiar brand names. You'll want to check them out!!

PRIZE: The lovely Charis at Artful Angel is generously providing a $15 Gift Code to her online store to a lucky Hopper.
Please take time to visit Artful Angel at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"
*********************************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Daily Game has been sponsored each year in the past by Ike's Art.  Sadly, our dear friend Ike is gone now, but we will continue the Games....although without a sponsor.  I know Ike would want this feature to continue!  

NOTE:  Comments on The Daily Game posts will be included when I do the random draw comment prizes.  You might recall that half the prizes are drawn from projects linked up and half from comments here and on the linked up projects.  So the more you play in these games, the more chances you have to win a comment prize.  Yay!

COMMENT here on the Daily Games and on any or all projects that are linked up on the MAIN HOP POST by 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time, Wednesday Nov. 2, 2022 to be in the drawings for Comment Prizes!  Be sure to SIGN IN.....required to be eligible for prizes. 
From "I Could Pee On This" available on Amazon.
DAY 3 GAME: Kitty Limericks, Haiku, Couplets, or Short Free-Form Poems

Cat Poetry continues to be a popular Daily Game topic, so we will stretch our brains again and see what we can come up with.

It might seem a little scary at first, but please don't be intimidated! Anyone can make up something about cats.  They do not have to rhyme!!  Haiku are easy and follow a 3 line, 5-7-5 syllable form. Here's a great site to inspire you: Cat Haiku.
I'll go first.  I did a couple of haiku.......
This first one continues the trials that Othello (this year's Badge Kitty) endures with my Grandson, now age 2.  
He grabs at my ears.
I am too polite to scratch.
So I will just growl.
The next one is about Marshmallow and his sidekick, Alexander.  Marshy, at age 16, is a bit of a valetudinarian....always saying that he is getting ready to die.  (He's actually in very good health!)  Round and plump, Alexander who never misses a meal advises his friend to eat more "9 Lives" cat food.

(Alexander, cheerfully:)         "Nine Lives tastes so good!
                                     You'll feel better if you eat."
(Marshmallow, in a somber tone:) "Too little, too late."


Okay, now it is your turn!! 
Try your hand with Kitty Poetry!  It's always fun to read what everyone shares.  Even if English is not your usual language,
please give it a try.  You can write it in your own language and then translate it for us.  :)  We are all very patient and understanding! 
Remember to SIGN IN and then COMMENT here through Wed. Nov. 2, 2022, 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time to be eligible for Comment prizes. 

Thanks for all the great participation in these Daily Games.  Are you enjoying them???  They are a signature part of our Cat Lovers Hops and I appreciate you being such good sports playing along!!   Cat Lovers are the best!! 



  1. Love this challenge!! Was hoping that it would be used again!!
    (on my blog I have a photo of the incident!)

    What was that!
    Footsteps running
    Litter's gone splat
    Blank face greeting
    'Fainted' says she
    With a shrug,
    Hee, hee, hee

  2. uf, this is not my cup of tea ... but here is my "poem":
    Oh, here is our cat.
    She is playing with my hat.
    You should go and catch some rat.

  3. Good morning, Janis! Do you ever sleep? Thank you for having me as your guest designer, and thank you for this hop! Karen and Becca have made some adorable cards and treat packaging! They are so cute! Another awesome day of generous sponsors and I will definitely get around to thank them!

    The poetry challenge is always the toughest for me but this one came together quickly as just last week my heart was filled with remembering my first kitty Muffin. It was October 18 that he passed, 18 years ago, and he was 18. Here's my poem, from my heart.

    My first kitty, Muffin kitty,
    Naughty from the start.
    Bad kitty to good kitty,
    Muffin stole my heart.

    Good kitty, Muffin kitty,
    You're gone and we're apart.
    Muffin kitty, my best kitty,
    Forever in my heart.

  4. Our kitties are bad.
    Not just one but all of them.
    But we love them so.

  5. I love poems and verses and I have also written some myself, but never in another language. That's why I write my verses in German first and hope that I've found the right English words.

    Gibts mir deine Wärme
    dein Herz
    aber wann,
    das entscheidest du .

    You give me your warmth
    your heart
    but when,
    you decide this .

  6. Inspired by my cat in the fall:

    The air is crisp and the leaves are falling.
    The cat is strolling across the field.
    Suddenly the wind starts to howl making the cat sprint
    as if chased by a scary ghost
    while the leaves are blown around wildly
    by forces of nature.

  7. OK, so here goes my silly poem:

    I have a sweet cat
    who just likes to bat.
    He pounces and plays
    in all different ways.
    He lands in a hat
    and sat on a gnat.
    I give him a pat,
    my sweet precious cat!

  8. I share with you this fun poetry for children, written by one of the most famous Italian writers, Gianni Rodari
    (Before in Italian, and then translated in English. Obviously rhymes are lost.)
    Il giornale dei gatti

    I gatti hanno un giornale
    con tutte le novità
    e sull'ultima pagina
    la Piccola Pubblicità.

    Cercasi casa comoda
    con poltrone fuori moda:
    non si accettano bambini
    perchè tirano la coda.

    Cerco vecchia signora
    a scopo compagnia.
    Precisare referenze
    e conto in macelleria.

    Premiato cacciatore
    cerca impiego in granaio.
    Vegetariano, scapolo,
    cerca ricco lattaio.

    I gatti senza casa
    la domenica dopo pranzo
    leggono questi avvisi
    più belli di un romanzo:

    per un'oretta o due
    sognano ad occhi aperti,
    poi vanno a prepararsi
    per i loro concerti.

    English translation

    Poem by Gianni Rodari

    The cat newspaper

    Cats have a newspaper
    with all the news
    and on the last page
    the Little Advertisement.

    Wanted comfortable house
    with out of fashion armchairs:
    children are not allowed
    because they pull the tail.

    Looking for old lady
    for the purpose of companionship.
    Specify references
    and bill in the butchery.

    Award-winning hunter
    looking for a job in the barn.
    Vegetarian, bachelor,
    looking for rich milkman.

    The homeless cats
    Sunday after lunch
    read these notices
    more beautiful than a novel:

    for an hour or two
    they dream with open eyes,
    then they go to prepare
    for their concerts.

    1. Sorry, I haven't read accurately. You wanted OUR own poetry! :)
      So this is mine, in a flash.

      Gatto è
      libertà senza vergogna
      sensibilità attenta
      gioia di vivere
      orgogliosa solitudine
      accondiscendente regalità.

      In English

      Cat is
      shameless freedom
      careful sensitivity
      joy for life
      proud loneliness
      condescending royalty.

    2. Either one is fine!! Thank you, Alice. These are both great!! <3

  9. Yikes! Not my forte at all, but here you go! LOL
    Oh, Anna Banana
    We loved you so!
    Dear Anna Banana
    We miss you so!!!

    1. So very sorry about your sweet neighbor cat Anna Banana that loved to come visit you! Sending hugs! <3

  10. Oh, he is a most wonderful cat
    Who somehow grew covertly fat
    Surprised by the mew
    As no litter was due
    And HE once again not so fat

    Sorry, I copied this. Thought it was
    something that has happened to all of us.
    thanks for a fun day.

  11. Fluffy, lovable, curious, and graceful.
    Your watchful eyes gaze out the window as the sun kisses your face.
    Your love of cardboard boxes and excitement for new mouse toy is pure happiness.
    You make each day brighter just being yourself and I am grateful to have you, my wonderful cat, in my life!

  12. Coco loves to scratch
    On my bedspread ev'ry day
    It will be in shreds!

  13. Spartacus was an extraordinary cat
    His hunting skills were clear
    Mouse, vole, mole or rat
    57 rodents dispatched in one year

  14. Our cat Patience always wanted his kitty litter cleaned IMMEDIATELY after he went, so this is in his memory.

    A screeching high pitched yowl as Patiience walks into the room, what could this mean?
    Patience just did his business and wants his kitty litter clean.
    He meows, "You don't expect me to pee and to poo,
    in the same litter box do you?
    Oh, absolutely not, that just won't do"
    So as his staff, his demands we have to obey,
    As we all know, our love for our cats,
    mean they almost always get their way.

    1. they say, "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff." That's us! <3

  15. Well, such as it is, it's a nod to the:

    Midnight Crazies

    My kitten has a fuzzy face,
    With whiskers long and white.
    He sleeps all day without a trace
    Of the chaos he'll create tonight.

    Once we're in bed, he starts to race
    From room to room & out of sight.
    He has no sense, no ounce of grace.
    His rush and noise give such a fright!

    We beg him to stop, to slow his pace.
    To grab him up could mean a bite.
    Not hard, not fierce, but in any case
    We hide under covers 'til outside it's light.

    1. Janis, I have to add that today's meme is so funny! I'm holding my sides from laughing so hard. All my cats LOVE boxes, any size, any depth, but they do seem to like the smaller ones into which they must squeeze.

    2. Midnight Crazies....such an apt title!! lol...
      And, yes...the smaller the better for boxes! <3

  16. Kitties know who is worthy of their love,
    They can sense kindness and patience
    As if from above.
    Who can tell us a friend is in our mist?
    Our furry friends with a meow not a hiss!

    1. They are great judges of character! They also can detect someone allergic or a dog-person from across the room. lol... <3

  17. this is a different type of "poem" It is the name of my cat...
    I is for Indie
    N is for Never left my side
    D is for Darling
    I is for In my heart forever
    E is for Everything i wanted

  18. Oh my! I had the same idea as Grandma Bonnie -
    Tummy Rubs

  19. every time I go to store I must bring box for cats.
    I have more boxes rhen food LOL
    Im little behind but I will visit sponsors and say thanks.
    what a great card from Kitty!
    Karens card is so nice!
    Becca made so cute projects!
    oh wow Look at these poems and haikus!
    so wonderful!
    oh no! no haiku again LOL
    can I write on Croatian? LOL
    so here we go again
    firs haiku is about that new cat.
    my name is Batman
    but she calls me Betty.
    I like her anyway.

    about Coffee:
    Im the ruler of this house.
    Humans are here to serve me.
    Where is my food slave?

    Im a chonky cat.
    you ask why?
    I eat all food I see.

    I eat.
    I sleep.
    I eat.
    haha he is just like that just eat and sleep

    Im a good kitty
    Let me outside
    and I become a little devil.

    Ok I hope you like it.

  20. Cat joke or riddle: What do you call a fiasco involving cats?
    Answer: A cat-astrophe
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  21. Here's a lovely poem, but not mine ('cos I'm rubbish at that!)


    There’s a funny little kitten that tries to look like me,
    But though I’m round and fluffy, he’s as flat as flat can be;
    And when I try to mew to him he never makes a sound,
    And when I jump into the air he never leaves the ground.

    He has a way of growing, I don’t understand at all.
    Sometimes he’s very little and sometimes he’s very tall.
    And once when in the garden when the sun came up at dawn
    He grew so big I think he stretched half-way across the lawn.

  22. Kittens large, kittens small
    Making their way to the Mouses Ball.
    To be sure their invite didn't arrive,
    but those kittens love to jive.
    If their partners turn and run
    Then those kittens will have more fun!

  23. I once had a cat named Bubba
    She always wanted a tummy rubba
    Once I was done she always ended with a 'bite'!
    Which to my dismay just wasn't right!

  24. My rule for today
    Feed me on time or else you
    Will suffer my claws

  25. Lily doesn't like women,
    So it was an omen
    When she jumped my lap,
    And gave me a slap
    She looked at me,
    And meowed with glee
    Her job was done,
    Off to more fun

  26. Ode to a kitty
    I hope you like my ditty
    Meow meow purr


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