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Welcome to Day 5 of the

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Hi, Friends.....

It is Day 5......and have you looked at how many people have signed-in to be a part of the Hop this year?????  As I write this, there are close to 80 total Hoppers and lots and lots of first-timers!!  I am thrilled.  (And remember that Sign-In is still open during the extra days for commenting, Nov. 2, 2022, although the Link-Up for projects will close tomorrow.)

We are on track to have a ton of entries for our Hop!!  THANK YOU for your fabulous participation and excitement.  You totally are the inspiration that is keeping me going this week!!

Keep in mind that tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 29th) is the LAST DAY to link up projects, but you will still have through 11:59 pm Pacific on Wednesday Nov. 2nd to finish leaving comments. 

I am always so impressed when reading the generous comments left on each other's projects.  The friendly nature of our hop really shines through!!!  Thank you for that. You make me so proud of our participants. 🖤


Just a reminder.....You must SIGN IN HERE to be eligible for prizes. Also, LINK UP ALL PROJECTS ON THE MAIN HOP PAGE by TOMORROW....11:55 pm Pacific Daylight Time, Saturday, Oct. 29, 2022.  I have my 2022 CAT LOVERS HOP - Guidelines and FAQs in a handy tab just under my header at the top of each page.  All these links are at the top of each Hop post, too.  

Okay......Let's get right on to the festivities for today!

The featured sponsors for Day 5 are:
Altenew, Ink Road Stamps, Brutus Monroe, Picket Fence Studios, Jane's Doodles, The Old Island Stamp Co., and Art Foamies.



First on our list of returning sponsors for today is Altenew!! 

PRIZE: Altenew is generously donating a $20 Gift Voucher to their online store to a lucky winner.

Please take time to visit Altenew at these social media spots: Blog, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

 Ink Road Stamps  

 I know you are going to be excited to see returning sponsor, Ink Road Stamps.  Lara's stamps are fun and quirky.  She also has other fabulous and unexpected products that you don't find anywhere else.....including some hilarious Snarky Cat Pens that I totally LOVE!!

PRIZE:  Lara at Ink Road Stamps is generously providing TWO separate prizes for our Hop this year.  Each one will go to a different lucky winner:  #1 - A Cat Lover's Box of Surprise Goodies and .....#2 - A $30 gift code (WOW!!)  Some lucky Hoppers are going to be thrilled!!! 

Please take time to visit Ink Road Stamps at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Here we are with another of our terrific returning sponsors:  Brutus Monroe.

PRIZE: Brutus Monroe is generously providing a $25 Gift Voucher to their online store to one lucky winner!!

GUEST DESIGNER - Hasn't it been fun seeing the wonderful cards and projects by our Guest Designers this week?  Be sure to visit their pages and thank them!! 
Becca Y is kindly Guest Designing for us again using the wonderfully quirky Brutus Monroe 'Be Unique' stamp set.
You can find out more about this card over on Becca's Flickr page.  Thank you so much for sharing your cards with us this week, Becca!!  ❤

Brutus Monroe has just recently updated their wonderful website.  They have some amazing specials going on right now.  One of them expires TODAY, so hurry over to check them out HERE.

Please take time to visit Brutus Monroe at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Let's all say hello to returning sponsor
Picket Fence StudiosThey are a small family-owned business with a lovely variety of products, including some very nice cat stamps!  I know you are going to love what you see over there!!
PRIZE: Picket Fence Studios is generously providing a surprise bundle of Cat Stamps from their online store to one lucky winner!!

Please take time to visit Picket Fence Studios at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Jane's Doodles is another returning sponsor this year.  I think we are all fans of Jane's lovely products.  Hoppers everywhere will love seeing what she has to offer today!

PRIZE: Jane's Doodles is offering a generous $25 Gift Code  to a lucky winner!! 

Please take time to visit Jane's Doodles at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

The Old Island Stamp Co.

I accidentally happened upon this small stamp company from Canada when I was doing a search for a different brand.  Their name The Old Island Stamp Co. was so charming that I had to find out if they carried any cat images!  To my delight, I found they did! 

I was thrilled when they agreed to sponsor our 2022 Cat Lovers Hop!!  I know you will be as intrigued with them as I am.  Please help me welcome
The Old Island Stamp Co. to our Cat Lovers Hop family!! 

PRIZE: The lovely folks at The Old Island Stamp Co. are generously donating one of their new Grumpy Christmas Cat stamps to a lucky Hopper. So fun with his Ugly Christmas sweater!! lol...

GUEST DESIGNER - Well, if anyone would already know about The Old Island Stamp Co., it would be our own Helpful Hopper Kitty of KT Fit Kitty....who is also from Canada!  Not only was she familiar with them, but she offered to Guest Design for us using their sweet Kitty Rubber Stamp.

You can find out more about Kitty's card HERE on her blog post.  Thanks so much for all the fabulous cards you shared with us this week, Kitty!!  ❤

Please take time to visit The Old Island Stamp Co. at these social media spots: Etsy store and InstagramDon't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Art Foamies

I am very excited to introduce another new sponsor to our Cat Hop Family: Art FoamiesThey also are a new-to-me company I saw mentioned elsewhere and had to go take a look!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  

Art Foamies specializes in Foam Art Stamps and Stencils.  You can use these with all kinds of mixed media products: paints, glazes, etc.  Take a look at this Tips and Techniques page of theirs to get a better idea of the versatility of their wonderful USA-made products.

PRIZE: The generous people over at Art Foamies have put together a fabulous Cat Lover's Bundle containing: 1 Mittens stamp, 1 Cat Mom stamp set, and 1 Stamp Buddy for a lucky Hopper!! Me-WOW!!
Cat Mom
Stamp Buddy

BONUS: I happened to notice that the Art Foamies Etsy Store has a sale going on through Nov. 5!  Looks like a bunch of their stamps are 15% off.  Check them out HERE

Please take time to visit Art Foamies at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTubeDon't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2022 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


The Daily Game has been sponsored each year in the past by Ike's Art.  Sadly, our dear friend Ike is gone now, but we will continue the Games....although without a sponsor.  I know Ike would want this feature to continue!  

NOTE:  Comments on The Daily Game posts will be included when I do the random draw comment prizes.  You might recall that half the prizes are drawn from projects linked up and half from comments here and on the linked up projects.  So the more you play in these games, the more chances you have to win a comment prize.  Yay!

COMMENT here on the Daily Games and on any or all projects that are linked up on the MAIN HOP POST by 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time, Wednesday Nov. 2, 2022 to be in the drawings for Comment Prizes!  Be sure to SIGN IN.....required to be eligible for prizes.

DAY 5 GAME: Kitty Heroes and Zeroes!! 

Occasionally you hear of a cat who does something truly heroic, saving her family from a house fire or something like that.  Those are "Kitty Heroes".  Other times you hear about a cat who did something quite ill-advised.  That is a "Kitty Zero"!!  lol....
I'll go first.......
KITTY HERO - None of my cats has ever been a hero saving people.  When I was growing up, though, I had a mother cat with a nest full of very tiny kittens out in our garage.  One day a roving tomcat entered the garage....perhaps with the intention of destroying the babies...we don't really know.  The mama cat took the attitude that she would act first and ask questions later.  She ran screaming at the tom with teeth bared and claws ready.  She jumped on him and rode him out of the garage snarling and hissing.  She and the babies were uninjured and he never came back.  Good mommy cat!!

KITTY ZERO - This is also a mother cat story.  For reasons unknown, sometimes cats just decide to abandon their babies and their homes and go wandering off.  That happened with our cat, Spunky.  One night or early morning when her six babies were maybe 10-12 weeks old, she left.....and the babies followed her!!!  They always slept outside in a "doghouse" on the back porch.  One morning, I went out there and they were all gone....every single one of the kittens and Spunky, too.  We were beyond distraught! 

If you knew how wild the pastures and woods are in our area, especially back when this happened, you would understand how hopelessly heartsick we were.  If they had managed to elude owls, cougars, bobcats, feral cats, raccoons, coyotes, wolves, and neighbor dogs, it would be an absolute miracle.  They could have gone off in any direction and it would be nearly impossible to find them, if they were even still alive.  
We looked all over the property without success.  That afternoon we started walking down our lane calling "Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!" over and over.  We really had no idea which way we should go, but we turned on the main road in the same direction a different missing cat of ours had been found one time.  After walking and calling for about a 1/2 mile, we heard some frantic mews!  One by one, every single missing kitten popped out of the grass and brush in a hollow near the road.  They recognized our voices and came out of hiding!!  We were so thankful that God protected them! 

Sadly, we never did find the Mommy.  The babies must have followed her that far and got too tired to keep walking and so she left them behind.  That's why she earns the "Kitty Zero" title.  Incidentally, one of those babies was our dear Jetta that we still have and is now 19 yrs old!  ❤

Okay, now it is your turn!! 
Tell us all about your Kitty Heroes and Kitty Zeroes.

Remember to SIGN IN and then COMMENT here through Wed. Nov. 2, 2022, 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time to be eligible for Comment prizes. 
Wow...only one more Cat Hop Day after today!!!  I can't believe how this week has flown by.  I am soooooooo behind on commenting, but I WILL visit each of you!  If you don't have your 5 entries for the week linked up yet, be sure to do that because tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 29) is the LAST day to link them up!!  After that, we have our 4 extra days for commenting and the Wrap-Up Post next Wed. Nov. 2.   



  1. Oh wow Janis! what fabulous stories! I hung on ever word!

    I think after Blackie passed, my husband saw me grieve so badly and simply did not want me to go through it again, so when I piped up and said out of the blue a year later 'That's it! I'm off to get another cat!' He said softly many times, 'We don't need a cat'. (He's a farm boy, so any good cat is a good barn cat!)
    So my cat HERO is YASSI, she won him completely over! She worked and worked on him until he fell for her!! I sit opposite him to this day and just giggle at how he spoils her!

  2. Good morning, Janis! I enjoyed reading your kitty hero and zero stories. The zero one brought tears to my eyes - I'm so happy it had a happy ending, with Jetta is living proof 19 years later! Becca's card is adorable! And thank you for accepting me as your Happy Helper this year - I enjoyed it so much!

    As for cat hero/zero, this is a challenging one! I know of nothing in my personal experience so I had to find one on the internet. Hope it still counts!

    Feline Fire Alarms
    Cats seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to fires. Here are a few fire-detecting felines of note. The 13-year-old Chicago tabby named Baby was always a shy and quiet cat—at least until the night of the house fire. The blaze started in a back room where Josh and Letitia had stored cribs and baby gear. Letitia was seven months pregnant with twins. Sensing the smoke, Baby became bold and loud as she pounced on the couple sleeping in bed. That woke them up quickly, and they were all able to get to safety. One firefighter called Baby a hero cat. If it wasn’t for Baby’s quick and courageous action, the couple might not have made it out in time. Source: Hartville Pet Insurance

    I am up early again this morning, this time to get caught up on my housework. I'll be back to hopping and thanking sponsors later this morning!

  3. My story is a Kitty Hero... As you know, we rescue, and our Missy came to us from a neighbor several months back very young, very sick and very pregnant. We brought her inside and she gave birth to six kittens and the vet said there was a good chance they wouldn't survive because she was so sick and would likely pass it on to them. Sadly, he was right. A couple days after they passed away, she was still protecting them, hissing, growling and chasing our other inside males away. We had her spayed the following month and then shortly after that we acquired baby RV who was saved by another neighbor (his head was stuck in a gear underneath a different neighbor's motorhome). Missy took RV in as 'her baby' and they are inseparable today! <3

  4. Love the top and bottom photographs. So glad you found the kittens x

  5. I don't know if this counts as a hero story - but our cat Tasha never slept in our bed. She had no desire to but one early morning she jumped up on my pregnant belly and startled me awake. I delivered our daughter that day. She was very sweet with her until she passed away from kidney disease. I think she knew it was time for the baby to come before I did!

  6. Love the top and bottom photographs. So glad you found the kittens x

  7. I don't have as interesting hero or zero stories to tell, but feel like my cat Fussy needs some recognition in the hero department. When we first adopted her she was the most scared cat you could imagine. Totally feral and would not associate with any humans or our other cat. We would only see her when it was time to eat. Then she'd run back in the basement and hide. This went on over many years but all of a sudden one year she started to become more social. She now sleeps in my daughter's bed at night. In the evenings she always is looking for a lap to lay in and she even tries to defend herself when Thomas our other cat is being a bully. She really turned herself around and I am so proud of her!

    As for a zero cat, I wouldn't have given this title to Thomas but he surely deserves it today. Last night he meowed constantly, had me chase after him so I could pick him up and put him on the bed, sometimes it works to calm him down but last night he was just determined to keep me awake - what seemed like ALL NIGHT LONG!! That orange tabby is lucky he's cute LOL!!

  8. My son lost his beloved kitty (Elric) in March of this year. He was a gorgeous black kitty. About one month ago, my son mustered up the courage to adopt a kitten so that his other kitty (Loki) would not be lonely. He finished up his paperwork, and in walks a technician with a beautiful black kitty. My son was so moved that he adopted that kitty right away. He asked the shelter if they would hold on to the kitten while the new kitty and Loki adapted to one another.
    My son took Corum home and the poor little sweetie was so terrified that he hid under the blankets for about 3 weeks in the spare bedroom. He slowly, and I mean slowly, started to come out and explore his surroundings.
    My son decided that that was a good time to bring his kitten home. Corum is so incredibly affectionate, not only towards my son and me when I visit, but also to Claws (the sweet kitten). They snuggle together all the time. It turns out that Claws is Corum's kitten!!! I am so proud with the progress that Coram has made. He truly is a little hero to me and my son.

  9. Kitty Hero and Kitty Zero. We have six cats, 3 in and 3 out, we seem to be a dumping ground for kitties, I have yet to pick out my own cat, but still I love all the rescues we have taken in! One of our outside kitties is Violet and another is a semi-feral Fade, Fade would pick on Violet terrible and fight her, poor Violet always backed down and ran off, but one day Violet had enough and let Fade have it! About time and now Fade behaves herself and Violet is the 'big cheese'! I call her my hero for finally sticking up for herself and Fade the zero for being so naughty for so long!!

  10. I can share a Kitty Zero story! When I was a kid, we had a beautiful Sealpoint Siamese named Cosan. We also had a Siamese fighting fish. We went off to church one morning and when we arrived back home we noticed the fish was missing from his bowl. I think Cosan must have had a meal while we were out. That's the only Zero story of her though. She was a very sweet cat and a wonderful companion to me!

  11. Janis, Today's meme is hysterical ! It also reminds me of a doxie we once had who was completely terrified by a litter of kittens belonging to our mama cat at the time. The interesting part was that Heidi (the doxie) loved Misti (the cat) and the played together all the time. It was Misti's first litter and we always suspected that she may have done something to keep Heidi away from the kitten when they were tiny and indefensible. Nobody in the family ever observe any confrontation between Misti and Heidi but during the entire 4 months we had the kittens around (eventually they were all adopted), Heidi ran from or hid from them whenever they tried to approach. Once they were all adopted and gone from the house, Misti and Heidi returned to being best friends. After that first litter, we had Misti neutered so Heidi was never again presented with the situation of tiny kittens and feisty mother cat. :-D I guess in the minds of the kittens, Mom was their hero.

  12. My Kitty Zero story is a sad one - someone ran over our sweet visitor Anna Banana and just left her in the street to die!! It was right in front of her house (she was an outdoor kitty & dubbed 'Mayor' of the neighborhood) and her owner found her trying to crawl back to the house. We were (& still are!!) just devastated - her injuries were just too traumatic to survive. We miss her so much!! Definitely a Zero Person!!!!!

  13. My dog Ares is like that one when he see Coffee.
    She hate him so much.
    Becca Y made so nice card!
    Great sponsors!
    Oh Janes Doodles is here in Croatia !
    how fun she is one of the sponsors!
    so cute card from Kitty.
    hehe so fun super kitty!
    I had a hero cat. Stinky was his name.
    I had small kittens and they were outside to play for a while.
    Then a neighbour dog came and tried to attack the kittens.
    But my hero cat jumps on him and chases him away.
    Hi sadly passed away years ago.

    Oh thats just sad that Spunky and kittens where gone.
    oh they recognized you and came ! so happy you found them.
    Bud sad about mommy cat.

  14. Hilariously great card by Becca! Someone down the road moved out of a house and left at least one cat behind which I don't understand how someone can do that to a pet! This male cat came to my house where everything that passes through the yard gets fed! I already had an outside cat that adopted me named Gigi after the cat in Kiki's Delivery Service. He has always been affectionate but not demanding and easy with the grandpups when they go outside to potty! This new arrival came flying in wearing a non-hero cape...I hate to say it but the bad guy cape! He promptly taught Gigi that he was now boss, terrified Girlie a 65 pound grandpup into not wanting to go outside at all and changed the feeding times to anytime all day!! He has of course found a way into my heart by walking with me to feed the horse twice a day and demanding! belly rubs by falling down in front of me causing me to almost face plant more than a few times! He is not a hero but I can't call him a zero so maybe somewhere in between? His name is DC an abbreviation for Demon Cat! Girlie named him! :)

  15. Spartacus is both a hero and a zero. The city owns land adjacent to our back yard and rents out plots to citizens for gardening. Spartacus was a fantastic hunter and kept the community garden free of rodents for many years. For several years I kept a tally of the prey he brought home - averaging more than 50 critters per year. That makes him a hero to the gardeners. But, I considered him a zero when he occasionally managed to bring home a live rodent and let it loose inside the house.

  16. Michele K. HendersonOctober 28, 2022 at 9:20 PM

    I wish I had some really good hero and zero stories to share! Our three cats are sweet and loving, and love scratchies and cuddling on our feet at night. I guess that's why we have them! Then they puke on the quilt and claw the couch and make a big mess in the laundry room and we wonder why we have them! grrrrr But we love them and they are our family and we'll take them every day!

  17. I don't have any
    stories to tell.
    Enjoying seeing
    all the sponsors
    and leaving comments.
    Carla from Arizona

  18. Afraid I don't have any hero kitty stories.
    Thanks for a fun week. Been great to
    meet lots of new stamp companies.

  19. Your stories are amazing, I love reading all of them, wow, but sadly I don't have any hero kitty stories.

  20. We always called "Patience" our protector.
    We were having our walls repainted and tile put onto our flooring and the workers would start very early in the morning. I didn't really want to get up that early, so I told them I would leave the door unlocked when my husband went to work so that they could just walk right in and I could continue to get a few extra winks.
    This didn't quite work out for me as each day that they would come in Patience would come to me and "Mew" very, very softly and tap me on the cheek. He didn't want them to hear! LOL! Then he would run to the end of the bed and look towards the door. I told him that it was ok and that I knew they were there. He would come and tap me again and softly let out a very quite "Mew" and once again would run to the end of the bed and look towards the door. I would finally have to get up and go downstairs and say good morning to the workers before Patience would let me get some extra rest. He did this every day they came. At night he would lay at the top of the stairs and watch the doorway.
    Another time when we stayed at my brother-in-laws place, he also had 2 cats. During the night I was woken up by a low growl. I watched as Patience guarded the doorway into our room and gave Perky our other black cat, the signal that it was ok for him to move. Perky came running into the room and under the covers. Patience then laid across the doorway to guard us for the night. Patience was our little protector! LOL

  21. Thanks for sharing your hero/zero stories. The only story I can think of right now is the time a coyote was roaming our property and actually killed our baby goats. Sabre, our outdoor cat, went missing for days and I was sure she was a goner but one day she just showed up again. I don't know where she was hiding but was so glad to see her.

  22. Love the superkitty pic! No story to share but I was taken by the Art Foamies!

  23. I don't have any true zero stories, but I do have a hero story! One night, Bud, being quite a hefty boy, jumped on the bedroom window sill and knocked the screen out of the window and tumbled out after it. We were sleeping when this happened (all my cats are inside cats). Well, his brother, Junior (we adopted them at the same time from the same kitty enclosure & they have always been very close), decided to help Bud and promptly jumped out the window, too. Hearing the meows woke us up, and we opened the back door, only to see Bud fly up the side of the house, back in the way he went out! Junior, however, wasn't as willing to come back in, but he did eventually come back, through the door. Now, whenever our cats get in a scuffle, Junior is the first one at the scene, ready to help out where needed! I imagine poor Bud (he isn't the brightest) couldn't figure out how to get back home and Junior had to intervene :)


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