Oct. 26 - Nov 1, 2015
Happening through the weekend at Her Peaceful Garden
Last day to link up:  Now is Nov. 1
Last day to comment:  Now is Nov. 3

Hi, Friends....

Welcome to the Guidelines and FAQ page for the 2015 Cat Lovers Hop.

WHAT:  A hop to celebrate cats of all sizes and shapes, since National Cat Day is October 29th.  Prizes will be awarded to randomly-drawn participants among those who link up a cat-themed project (see below for what "cat-themed" means)....and among those who visit the linked projects and leave a comment.

WHEN:  This hop will run from 12:01 am Pacific, Monday Oct. 26, 2015 till 11:59 pm Pacific, Oct. 30, 2015 now extended to 11:55 pm Pacific, Sunday Nov.1st.  You can link up a project any time during that time to be eligible for the project prize drawings.  No back-linking, please.
Comments must be made by 11:59 pm Pacific, Sunday Nov. 1, 2015 now extended to 11:59 pm Pacific, Tuesday Nov. 3rd to be eligible for the comment prize drawings.  

WHO:  The link up and prizes are open to anyone, world-wide.  

WHERE:  Find the link up on the main Cat Lovers Hop post at Her Peaceful Garden.

******* Frequently Asked Questions*******

What does "cat-themed" mean?
Any project that features a cat or cats or is directly related to cats qualifies.  Please try to make cats part of the main focal image. 

Should I post your badge with my project?
Yes, please put this badge on your posts so your readers will know which projects are part of the hop!

Are Halloween projects acceptable?
Yes.  Even though this is Halloween week, I am hoping that not all the projects will be Halloween-ish.  However, they still qualify as long as the cat is a main part of the card, and not just an incidental black cat arched up in the corner.  :)  Even I will have at least one Halloween card in the mix this week, so please don't think I am frowning on them.  I just hope to see more than a bunch of Halloween cats linked up.  :)

How about non-papercrafting projects?
ANY cat-themed project is fine.  Catnip mice in cute fabric prints?  
Quilts or wall hangings?  Cat jewelry?  3-D projects?  Cat Halloween costume (for your kid or for your cat!!)?    All are welcome and would be wonderful inspiration to someone like me who sticks to cards most of the time!!!  

How about big cats?
I love cats of all sizes and so I welcome the use of tigers, lions, etc. as a main part of your project.

How many entries may I link up?
There is no limit to the number of cat-themed entries you may link up to the Cat Lovers Hop.  You can be working on your projects before the hop begins, but please make sure your project post doesn't go live before my linky thingy rises up from the cyber-goo at 12:01 am Pacific, Oct. 26, 2015.  No back-linking.  Thanks!

May I enter my project in other challenges, too?
Yes, but I am going to ask that you please limit this to 3 other challenges besides this one, so 4 challenges all together.  The reason I am doing this is so most of the comments on your projects will be from this hop.  Ideally, I would like the cat-themed prizes from our amazing sponsors to go to people who actually like cats......not to people who were randomly drawn commenters from the other challenges, who may not care for cats at all.  (Are there such people???!!!) 
Does this make sense?  Thank you for understanding!

How about commenting on other projects?
I want to encourage everyone to comment on as many other projects as possible.  I am not going to be checking up on this, but let's be generous with our comments by leaving something more than just "cute cat" and then going on to the next one.  

The more projects you comment on, the better your chance of winning one of the prizes.  Also, if you leave your email address on your comments, it will be a lot easier for me to contact you if you are one of the lucky winners.  I hate for people to miss out because they didn't notice they had won and I couldn't figure out how to track them down!!  

*******Questions I have asked myself*******

Shouldn't the Hop be called the "Cat Lover's Blog Hop" instead of just the "Cat Lovers Hop"????
You know....I debated back and forth about putting an apostrophe somewhere in the Hop name.  Cat Lover's....Cat Lovers'....Cat's Lover....Cats' Lovers'.....and finally figured I'd leave it out completely before I got myself in trouble.  As for putting the word "Blog" in the name....I didn't have room in my badge.  lol....  

Is this hop going to be an annual event?
I can't deny that it already occurred to me to make it a yearly happening, but we will see how this one goes.  Maybe if you all are patient with the glitches that doubtlessly will occur on this one and send me lots of chocolate in the mail (I am currently on a Heath bar kick...oh, YUM!!), I will do another one next year!!  Ha.  

Let me know if you have other questions that need to be answered!!!  I am looking forward to your cat projects!!!



  1. Dear Janis, I am looking forward to this starting cos for some reason, despite not being a total cat nut, I am finding cats under every pile of card and piece of paper. They seem to be appearing from the ether, stamps, dies, ideas I never knew I had. Everytime I have a cat idea I think keep that til the cat lovers hop. I hope therefore I will get it together and post a few. Glad there is no limit on how many posts I can make. I really want to support this lovely endevour. Very OK with the link limit. Back soon. Hugz

  2. Finally getting a chance to PAWS and CATch up on get ready FUR this fun event! Don't want to stay up too late or I'll be CATatonic.

  3. I read your blog hop on KITTY´s Blog
    I would love to join
    thanks for making this lovely blog hop
    see you on monday 26 Oct. 2015
    hugs, Monika from Germany

  4. Brushing off the cat fur and getting my cat projects lined up! Like cats however, my projects have a mind of their own and I'm not sure if I will end up with one project, two projects, or a full blown cat-tastrophe!!! (mispelling fully intended). Can't wait!!

  5. Janis, I wanted to add the hop button to my sidebar but it says the image is corrupt!! You are obviously using it. Can you send me the code?? craftynomad at gmail dot com Hugz

    1. Ooh, it's OK. I found graphic A at a fellow cat lovers blog. It's in my sidebar. Your graphic B doesn't seem to work, although you are obviuosly using it. Ain't technology great LOL. Hugz

  6. Koool - can't wait to break out my cats :-D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Gotta love Cats, I have managed to make two cards for the hop, now to get them blogged and entered.


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