Monday, October 23, 2017

DAY 1 - 2017 Cat Lovers Hop

Ever had this experience????  Then this Cat Lovers Hop is for you!!!  :)
Welcome to Day 1 of the

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Hi, Friends.....

I am so glad you are here to join in the daily festivities of the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop!! Each day I will be posting some fun things to see and do and win! A few of our sponsors will be in the spotlight each day.  I will feature the prizes they are offering and cards made with those products. My thanks to the sponsors who kindly provided photos for me to use. It took a lot of pressure off of me!!  (Hey...I am ALL about that, right? :) )

Just a reminder.....ALL PROJECTS LINK UP ON THE MAIN HOP PAGE  by 11:55 pm Pacific, Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017.  Also,  I have my 2017 Cat Lovers Hop Guidelines and FAQs  in a handy tab just under my header at the top of each page.

Let's get started, shall we?

I was hunting around the internet image galleries for a cool photo of a cat in the spotlight to use for the Sponsor in the Spotlight features. I came across one I liked by a very talented photographer: “Fitzrovia on Flickr”. 

He has generously granted me permission to use and adapt his original photo for this feature. You'll want to look at the link to his photo and read the brief background on this shot. While you are there, please tell him "Thanks for lending your photo to the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!!"

Fitzrovia on Flickr

Okay on to the Day 1 festivities........

My Sponsors in the Spotlight today are:
Newton's Nook Designs, Paper Smooches, MHK Designs, MarkerPOP and, as always, our friend and cat-loving artist, Ike, of Ike's Art, who will be sponsoring our Daily Games.
Fitzrovia on Flickr

Newton's Nook Designs

Newton's Nook Designs is our first company to help kick off the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop!!  Jen at Newton's Nook Designs has been a sponsor each year of the Hop.  Her support and kindness when I first began thinking of doing a Cat Lovers Hop is what gave me the courage to give it a try!!  So we all owe her a big THANKS!!

Jen made this adorable Newton card to share with us today, using her super-fun Newton Rides West set.   She has our Cat Lovers Hop and this card featured on this NND blog post. Love that she made it have a sweet girly look with the pink! (I'm sure the real Newton is used to this happening and doesn't care!! lol...)

Newton's Nook Designs is offering a $20 Gift Voucher to their online store.  

Please take time to visit Newton's Nook Designs at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Fitzrovia on Flickr

Paper Smooches

I am thrilled to have Paper Smooches back as a returning sponsor this year.


Kim is offering the adorable Nine Lives stamp set as a prize for one lucky participant.   


She also kindly provided this super-pretty card by one of her DT members, using the Nine Lives set. (This sweet kitty is sooooo wanting me to pet her!! <3 )

Please take time to visit Paper Smooches at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Fitzrovia on Flickr

 MHK Designs


I am pleased to welcome returning sponsor MHK Designs and the lovely Mynn back again this year.

She is generously providing her Friendship digital stamp set as the prize this year.

Mynn shared this charming country cat set with me.  I made this card for the Hop.  LOVE this image!!

Please take time to visit MHK Designs at these social media spots: Blog, Instagram, Etsy Store, and Facebook Group. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Fitzrovia on Flickr


I am super-happy to welcome MarkerPOP as a brand-new sponsor.  Although MarkerPOP is new to the Cat Lovers Hop, it is not new to you card makers out there!  They offer an amazing selection of coloring products as well as a huge number of fabulous stamp sets and dies.  

MarkerPOP is offering a lovely prize package of two items to one lucky winner: a Doodlebug Kitten Smitten 6x6 Paper Pad plus the Waffle Flower Hello Stampurr stamp set.

Please take time to visit MarkerPOP at these social media spots: Blog, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!!

Please take time to visit Ike at these social media spots: BlogInstagram, Store, and Facebook Group. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

REMEMBER:  Ike's Show us Your Pussies - Cats Only Challenge theme this month is Furrything Goes + MEOW-loween.  So if you make a Halloween-themed kitty creation for the Cat Hop, you can also link it up over there!!  Yay!!


A lucky participant in Today's Game will win one of the images from this newly designed digital prize from Ike's Art.  So much kitty fab-ness!! 

Ike shared these new digis with me and I made this card for today's post.  I colored the tiny kitten with Prismacolors and blended with thinner.  I added a sentiment from Kellie Stamps.
(Another sponsor you will be hearing more about later!)

You can be in the drawing to win this sweet kitten digi by participating in the game below.

DAY 1 GAME:  Kitty Roll Call
Today, I would like for you to tell me the names of each of the cats that call your home (or back porch) their own....even if it is just a home away from home, as is the case with my part-time toms!!  During Kitty Roll Call, you can tell us a little about your cats and you also may add to the roll call any that you have lost since last Cat Lovers Hop.  :( :( :(

I will start.......I cut and pasted this list from last year's hop and added my comments. 

Here are the names of my kitties:

Chaienne - She's my Shy-Cat, the orange kitty in the header.  She is 16 now and gravely ill.  I didn't think she would last the summer, but she did.  Now I am not sure she will last this sad to see her so frail.  :....(

Jetta - We haven't seen our solid black (with white brooch) Jet-Baby for a few months, but sometimes she disappears during the summer.  Last winter, she showed back up at our old house when it got cold.  I hope she is okay.  She was going to be the kitty on this year's badge, but Perdita got that honor instead.

Charlotte - She never successfully made the move from our old house (abt 1/2 mile away) and has been living at the neighbor's house ever since.  I haven't seen her for some time.  I hope she is still around over there.  I haven't asked recently....always kind of afraid to ask, in case she has passed.

Andale - In Memoriam.  We lost our sweet Andale this last year.  Years ago, we found her pregnant and hunting mice in our chicken house.  Not sure how old she was when she perished, but she was prob around 13 or so.  So sad.  She was one of our favorites.  :(  :(  :(

Andromeda - Still here with her soft, solid black coat.  She is outside only, but sneaks in hoping we will think she is Othello, who is also black but twice her size!  Sometimes it even works!!  Ha.

Big Bad Black - Part-time solid black tom that we haven't seen since July.  He never let us touch him, but we all admired him.  He disappeared with Judith in the summer...we always joked that he was always a bad influence on her!  We miss this big guy.

Tom-Tom AKA Dagwood - We discovered last winter that this cat belongs to the neighbors who live in our old house!  We went over to get Jetta last November and were surprised to see him!  He was a part-time tom over here but has since been neutered.  Now he stays at his real home! 

Geneva - In Memoriam.  She was a sickly kitty from the time we rescued her..along with her brother and sister as little kittens.  Somehow, she managed to outlive her littermates, but was only 11 when she died.

Marshmallow - A big soft clump of something sweet.  He's a meek, very simple soul with a long coat and magnificent tail.  He has outlived two companions and now has Alexander for a best friend.  Astonishingly, with Alexander he has found someone who is even more simple-minded than he is!!  lol....  They are totally adorable together!!

Scamper - Littermate of Marshy.  The undisputed top cat of the back porch.  Don't mess with Scamper-Girl!! 

Ophelia - Never assume that people can correctly determine the gender of a cat!  We got Ophelia and Whiskers from a cat-loving friend who had found them abandoned.  She said the striped one is a girl and the B/W one is a boy.  Being busy, we didn't bother to inspect closely for several weeks.....hence the girl name for our big boy Ophelia!!!  (This is particularly embarrassing because my hubby is a veterinarian!!  Ha.)  Now Ophelia is a big lazy neutered male whom we affectionately call "Oaf-elia" or Oaf-Cat.  In the winter, he gets fat and becomes our "Loaf-elia" or Loaf-Cat. :)

Whiskers - Whisk-Whisk is a clownish Black and White kitty, the sister of Ophelia.  She's outside only, but one of our very favorites because of her perky personality.  She's a great huntress and loves her little head rubbed. 

Mistopheles - Started as a part-time tom, then we caught him and neutered him.  Now he is ours.  He's long-haired and solid black.  Body build, facial structure, and expressions look startlingly like Big Bad Black with long hair.  Would not be surprised if they are related.  

Othello - Ginormous part-Siamese solid black cat that nearly suffocates you sleeping on you.  Easily weighs over 20 lbs.  He's our Oaf-Fellow!

Alexander - Started as a part-time tom but now is neutered and inseparable with his best buddy, Marshmallow.  Alexander is afraid of our eyes, and will dart away if he sees you looking at him directly.  We often have to divert our gaze to be able to pet him, which he loves!  He's still too nervous to enjoy being held.

Brian - Bad Boy Brian is the sweetest kitty, but he got in his head that he needed to spray in the house.  So he stays outside now....except when he sneaks in. 

Caspian - A gentleman kitty with a gentle personality.  He is littermates with Brian and Judith.

Judith - So very sad that we haven't seen Judith since summer.  Still holding out hope that she and Big Bad Black will show up again.  She's a simple and sweet kitty.  I miss her a lot.  For a time we had a part-time tom that looked just like Judith.  We called him Punch.  :)

Skippyjon - Siamese-X and still a character!  Perdita has him totally intimidated.  Poor Skippy. 

Perdita - Again..Never assume that people can correctly determine the gender of a cat!  She was dropped off at a make-shift "pet store" in a tiny neighboring town.  They advertised her as a Free 3 yr old Siamese Male Cat.  She's not male.  She is the exotic, lovely creature in this year's Cat Lovers Hop Badge.  We've only had her a few months...but has established herself as a diva who only wants affection on her terms.  She wants cheese anytime, though.

Huckle - Part-time tom who looks an awful lot like Alexander, but seems smarter.  (Wouldn't have to be much of a contender to beat out Alexander in the brains department!  lol...)  Huckle won't let us touch him, but is getting more used to us being in his general vicinity.  He's the only one of our 5 part-time toms that were here this summer that's still around.  (Others were Tom-Tom AKA Dagwood, Big Bad Black, Punch, and Siegfried.)
White Kitten AKA Ido - A month or so ago, we found an abandoned white long-haired kitten on a dark rainy night, miles away from any houses.  We took care of the little guy, dressing his wounds, vaccinating, deworming, etc. He was one of the very, very nicest kittens we've had for a long, long time so we wanted to make sure we placed him in a good home.  Some retirees contacted us in answer to the "Found Kitten" ad we placed in the paper, saying they were interested if we didn't find the rightful owners.  When we didn't hear from anyone else, they said they would take him.  I knew these were exactly the right people to adopt this precious kitten when they were willing to drive over an hour to our house to pick him up and the first thing the lady did was show me framed photos of their current kitty and of one that they had lost some time back.  She named this little guy...Ido.  (A Bible name, apparently...but not one I was familiar with.)  We miss him...but he had upset Skippyjon and Perdita something terrible, so it was good that we found him a new home.

So I guess that leaves us with 18 cats, although 4 are missing or elsewhere.   I still count them (all but Dagwood) as ours , though.  :)

This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:

1.  Leave a comment giving us your Kitty Roll Call and anything you want to tell us about them.  I never get tired of reading about everyone's cats!!!
2.  After you finish your Kitty Roll Call comment, fill out your (own) name in the link up below.  This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed!  You don't even need a blog!!!  This is for everyone!!!  I will draw the random winner from the link up, so don't forget to do that part if you want to be eligible!

NEW THIS YEAR: The Daily Game link ups will be open the entire duration of the Hop, including the extra day for comments. Entries need to be in by 11:59 pm Pacific, Sunday Oct. 29, 2017 to be eligible for the daily prize. So you have more than just today to comment and link up. I realize that not everyone has access to a printer or likes to use digis, so I am still keeping the link up gadget to make sure the digi prizes go to winners who can use them. But I am hoping EVERYONE will participate in answering the questions whether they are putting their name in for the prize or not.

Okay, now it is your turn!!  
By the way....I just read last year's comments on the Daily Game where we shared our current kitties and recently lost ones.  I noticed some very aged kitties on the list and am wondering if they are still with us this year.  I hope everyone will share....because I am worried about those old ones now!
REMEMBER: Link your cat-themed projects over on the Main Hop Page. (Please use #CatLoversHop2017 on social media!!) This link-up below is just to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you have commented with your Kitty Roll Call. Thanks!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for being a part of the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop. Let the fun BEGIN!!!



  1. Currently I share my home with two delightful felines; Molly B. Katniss and HoneyBear. I must explain that they have agreed that I can share THEIR home as long as I keep the food and water dishes full and the litter box clean! Molly adopted me when she was about 8 months old and she's now nearly 4. HoneyBear, now age 6 who came to live with me (took over my bed and board) at about 6 weeks old, started out as plain Honey but has grown, and grown, and grown and is now about the size of a newborn bear cub, hence the name change. Both are cuddly and demanding of attention, allowing me only so much crafting time before they jointly invade the craft room, take over the desk and supplies, often including naps on the computer keyboard, defying my attempts to get blog posts done. :-D

  2. What darling projects from these terrific hosts and yours are just fabulous, too! What fun to read of your fabulous feline family! Sorry for your losses.
    My cats while growing up were a trio we called Widdle Puddy Tats. Then Miss Priss came along always acting so dainty and prissy. When I was in South America Gati (pronounced Gatchy), short for Gatinho - Portuguese for little kitty - came along. He was the only white cat in town... until neighbors far and wide started having white kittens show up in their litters. There was no denying who the naughty culprit was! He's my blog mascot. Now I live in a no-pets-allowed condo. bummer! But I get my kitty-fix and fur therapy by visiting my friends cats. The most famous of all Charlie the Main Coon Cat who I featured here:

  3. Well, I've lost a few since last year but still have my old boy Sami, who must be nearly 18 now. I 'took him over' when I bought this house. :-)
    So.... the list just now is;
    Sami, CheezyPuff, Ghandi, Shrodinger, Weazel, Snufflee, JellyBean,Klint, Louis, Kolin, Pudsy,MiniSam Tuxedo, who all come indoors. Outside there are MummyPuss, Blot, FatsFluffy, Snowy, Buttwipe (or Mr Angry Person to his mates), Fluffette, Bosos (Brother Of Son Of Sam hahaha), Felixia,Harlequin, 3 new, un-named kittens hanging around with their mother whom I have not yet managed to catch and get 'fixed'. She was responsible for bringing me 3 kittens last year :-( If I don't catch her this will continue I fear and I shall be up to my eyeballs in cats !!!! She is very sneaky and lets me get just out of snatching distance with her. The kittens are likewise as 'skitty' so I think I will have to get the net out !

    Thank you for this great Hop and for having me as a Sponsor again.
    Mega Hugz

    IKE xxxxx

    My Challenge Blog
    My Shop
    My Blog
    FB Fan Page
    Cat Lovers Challenge Blog

  4. What totally adorable projects from the fab sponsors and I'm in AWE (and envy) at the number of cats in your family. So sorry for your losses this past year. My Goliath still rules the roost, a lover boy and equal opportunity cuddler while little sis Jezebel is a wild one and prefers to "camp" in the yard all summer. We got her as a companion for Goliath who seemed to suffer severe anxiety any time we left him alone (carrying his teddy or any bits of clothing (mainly my unmentionables, LOL) around the house crying and depositing them wherever) but he made it very clear from the get-go that HE is the head honcho so Jezzy remains pretty skittish to this day. (even after 12 years). She sneaks in at night through her own special cat door, though and can be coaxed with treats to allow a quick pet. In the winter she's been known to actually get on Daddy's lap (as long as Goliath is on mine). xxD dlmundinger(at)yahoo(dot)com USA

  5. Yay! The Cat Lovers Hop is here! I've been looking forward to it and am very excited about it! Now I just need to get my act together and make some kitty projects for you! This is a beautiful blog post, Janis! I really enjoyed reading about your kitties. Thank you to the fabulous sponsors - I've left a message to thank each one (on the blog for NND, PS, MHKD, and on facebook for MP). You have (and have had) a lot of kitties, Janis! We have 3 kitties! Honeydew and Kiwi are littermates, 13 years old, and our little girl Snowie is 12. Honeydew has had a few health problems in the last few months but is doing okay. I would also like to mention my beloved Muffin, who was 18 when I lost him in 2004. He will be forever in my heart. Thank you for the Hop, Janis - I love cats!

    1. Forgot to add: I'm in Canada....

  6. Happy Day 1 of your PURRfectly fabulous annual hop! I'm so envious of all your kitties, I'd adopt every single one I saw if I could too. So sorry of your losses & hope the missing ones return home soon! My current & only kitty at the moment was adopted at the end of April. His name is Neo because he's the "one" I've wanted ever since falling in love with the Abyssinian breed 25 years ago so I finally have a male ruddy Abby with green eyes. He's my precious but my joy was short lived when he became gravely ill only 3 days being home. He had coronavirus & I did a lot of crying as I took care of him 24/7. I'm delighted to report he pulled through & is doing well although I now have to keep a close eye out for any FIP symptoms from now on. I adore my Neo & hope he's with me a very very long time😺

  7. I am SO excited that the Hop is Here!! The Fabulous Feline Four are all healthy & Happy! Mew is the all black queen of the house, Bud and Junior are happy as can be & Sylvester is going on 18lbs and just wants to cuddle :) StampinDiva at yahoo dot com <3

  8. sorry for your losses. Iknow how hard its to loss furry friend.

    Im so happy you have new members in your family.
    I have 5 furry cat friends that live with me.
    Coffee,Speedy,Mini,Crni and Squeaky
    Coffee was late christmas gift from hubby.
    Coffee loves to talk with us.
    Speedy was adopted and she is very fast cat.
    She runs thru the house like devil is after her :D
    and Mini just came and left with us
    Speedy was adopted and she is very fast cat.
    She runs thru the house like devil is after her :D
    and Mini just came and stay with us
    Mini is here just because warm bed and food :D
    Crni was found by daughter and he is cuddly cat.d Squeaky I saved from drawing.
    and he doesn't meow he squeaks.
    Thank you for another pawesome cat lover blog hop!
    Im from Croatia

  9. I have a Siamese cat named Coco. We adopted her from a local shelter about 3 1/2 years ago. She HATES cats! She had to be kept in an isolation room at the shelter because hearing and seeing other cats was too upsetting for her. So she is an only child, adopted soon after we lost Yoda. Coco has stolen our hearts and is now the proud owner of our home. We joke that her name is on the deed and she just lets us live here.

    1. Forgot to add deniseb777ATgmailDOTcom
      Denise in CA

  10. We are down to just one cat--Sabre--and she is getting to be quite old but you would never know it.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com
    Sue in Ohio

  11. Current Crop of Cats in the Palmer household:
    Poppy (short for Poppycock)--she's the oldest, fattest, and bitchiest. I like her because she reminds me of me. She has tortie-tude because she's a tortie. I am not a tortie, so I don't know what my excuse is.

    Dio AKA Mister D AKA Gray Bastard-he is 50 shades of the same color gray, had a lot of health issues with his ears early in life resulting in a staph infection in both ears that almost killed him and definitely killed the household budget. Dio is now on daily meds, daily ear cleanings and weekly allergy shots that only cost $125 a month.

    Charles AKA C-Dawg AKA Charles Barles--Dio's brother, completely insane and completely loveable, Charles chirps, meows, purrs, and talks to us in cat language every day, he is very interactive. He's gray and white and very soft.

    Cindy AKA Cindy Bendy she is a Siamese, if you please. Unlike Siamese she doesn't talk a lot but let's her needs be known. Her needs include 400 attentions every day or else there will be trouble. She likes cheese, lettuce and crab meat and if you have any of the above expect her to tap you on the leg and remind you of her share. Do not give her iceberg lettuce. That cat has standards! She is very gentle and loving and if she bites you after you have been petting her it is because it's love.

    1. I wanted to add that somewhere I saw a question mark about the older kitties from last year. Our ancient Jack O'Lantern from last year went to the Rainbow Bridge a few days before Christmas.

      Also I'm in the US of A, princessjudy4 @

  12. No cats actually live here full time, but the neighbor cat Cookie visits several times a day. (With full parental approval) Her home is filled with 2 dogs and another cat and 4 humans...I think she comes here to be queen of the castle...its just hubs and I. She is a calico with a bit of a hitch in her get along. She was a rescue with a birth defect in her hip. She suffered some frostbite as a kitten before being rescued according to her parents. When she visits she greets both hubs and I individually, she rubs along everything in sight to confirm it is her territory and then she hops on the bed to nap in a sunny spot. We love our visits from Cookie she is a darling. If I didn't travel so much, we would have a house-full.

    My Dad has 3 cats who all have distinct personalities. I just returned from California where I was house-sitting the cats for him.

    Digger - he is the boss, he is the watcher, the fighter and protector of the house and my dad. He is a tuxedo cat and does not like me at all. He sees me as a threat unless I am holding a handful of cat treats...then he comes right up an eats out of my hand. I love that skamp.

    Little One is a new one to his clan, she is a short legged kitty who showed up in the back yard one day...a tiny little kitten. He ended up adopting her and getting her fixed. She is a bit wild, but loves to chase the boy cats around the yard as well as the butterflies and the lizards.

    Jack-is the laid back cat. He is a lover. He loves laying on his back for tummy rubs or anykind of petting as long as he isn't being held.

    I found your blog through Newtons, and I hope to get a card together for the hop.

  13. Here is our kitty roll call!
    Felix, 17, black Bombay.
    Max, 6, all black cat, very strong and muscular, gets into everything and is our adventurer.
    Omar, 6, our big black boy who loves to snuggle in our lap.
    Fuzzy, 3, who ran into our house one day and never left. He is a tuxedo cat, the sweetest. most loving kitty you'd ever want to meet.
    Marble, 2, a grey and black marbled kitty with beautiful coloring. He is a feral who lives outside that we feed every day, and is the son of another stray, Frank (a girl cat). We went to Florida for a week and haven't seen Frank since, and I miss the way she would follow me outside. About a week later, Marble returned and we began feeding him again. My sister said she would adopt Marble, but hubby's unemployed right now, so we're going to wait until he's working again to get Marble fixed and get his shots.

  14. Snowball is a black and white female that is four years old! Her favorite pastime is mousing in our barn and leaving her prey on the back doorstep! She is spoiled rotten!

  15. We have had 5 cats over the years, all of them either adopted from a shelter or found in various places. Our last kitty, Teddy, was 17 years old and we lost him this past year so are now left with only our dog, Toby. Our first cat was an orange long-haired tabby named Tina, who was adopted from the shelter and pretty much turned us into major cat lovers! Then came Bubby, a gray tabby who we found while on vacation. He was talkative and the friendliest cat that we had. Next was Zoe, a long-haired dilute Calico who was found on the curbside after she was tossed from a moving car, so terrible! She only had scraps and bumps and became our resident princess! Baily was a feral kitten that took five days for us to catch and he never did get used to anyone in the family except for me. He was my favorite boy. Teddy was found wandering in the street outside of a rock concert by my daughter, who brought him home, promising that "we won't keep him". Well, he lived with us for 17 years and was a real sweetie. We are cat-less for the first time in nearly 30 years but that doesn't mean I don't still love all things cat!

  16. I have 5 full time cats. Jerry is the oldest, he will be 18 in May!

    Tigress is a stray cat that I brought with me when I moved to this house a couple of years ago. I am guessing her age at 5+
    Marley is my little man, another stray I found in my shed around Christmas time in 2012. There came his name "Marley" as in Scrooge & Marley.
    Cali is a Calico Stray who still remains feral after the 5 years or so I've had her, and will not let me get close still.
    And there is Bell A big beautiful Calico who wears a bell collar. She came in this summer when I had the kitchen door open and plopped down on the love seat, been here ever since.
    And there is a little outside momma cat who couldn't be a year yet, that I feed. And who will come in and eat & leave. She will hang from the outside door ledge and let me know shes ready for dinner.

  17. We had five cats in total. I few weeks after we got married, my husband told me about a co-worker who had kittens. We ended up taking two brothers who we called Rascal and Domino. We later learned they were born on our wedding day! Domino was my lap cat and pillow cat. He just liked being near me. Rascal was more independent, but still very friendly. We all lived for 3 years in an apartment and moved into a brand new home miles away. Rascal passed away at the age of 12, but Domino was with us for 19 years. He was the cat we introduced to our baby son in 2000 and the cat who had the run of the basement in our next new home in 2002. After Domino passed, we were pet-less for several years, until we adopted Rusty. An orange, brown and white tabby. He is the most laid back chilled cat I have ever known. He loves people, loves to be held like a baby and his purr has this little broken whistle sound to it. When Rusty was two we adopted Bear. Bear is my black slick panther. When he was a kitten he would run around our family room without touching the floor, just flying from one piece of furniture to the next. He is now two and much calmer. He does not like people and will hide when we have company. But he loves hanging out w/me in my craft room. He will nap right next to me when I'm making cards. Well, that brings me to oct2017 and our newest kitty, who we thought was a girl at first and therefore went nameless for two weeks until we all finally decided on Storm. Storm is gray and white and looks like a husky. He is also fearless. He was jumping at his older brothers on day one even though he was a fraction of their size. We are trying to break him of his biting habit. Thanks for letting me talk about my boys. I will have pictures of them on my blog.

  18. I've loved and had kitties all my life -- I used to accompany mom when she'd trap them and have them vetted long before TNR was a thing. She taught me well :) That said, I currently have two indoor cats, Joey and Jack; five feral babies (Miss Kitty (mama cat), Foxy Cleopatra, Bailey and Squints; two ferals that disappeared (but I'm still hoping they'll return) Wendy and Toby; and my first two cats as an adult Billy Blue Boy and Heidi, who passed several years ago, but whom I miss every single day. I've never met a cat I didn't like and my dream is to live on a huge parcel of land where I can rescue all the cats and love on them every day of my life. That's my idea of heaven on earth :) Thank you for this opportunity to share the loves of my life -- they fill my heart with immense joy!

  19. I have three cats which let us live in the house with them. ;)
    First is Tiger, a big beautiful male Maine coon and the oldest at 9 years old. Next is Boots and named because he is black with four white feet (age 8). Last is my youngest female cat, Dixie (age 6) a very pretty yellow tabby and the most vocal of the three. They keep us busy and happy with their antics.

  20. I still have my very old big black ex-feral - Blackie who has featured on Cat Lovers Hop for the 3rd year!! LOL... Cant believe we still have him at 17! He's so loved and learned to be loved - that wasn't easy for him. He's all good with that now! Spoilt!

  21. I have two Siamese cats that are from the same litter so they are sisters that are 10 years old. I lost my male Siamese male in July which has been difficult because he was the only who was supportive and "understood" what I was thinking. So my girls and I run the house and when we have any male visitors (my son, my daughter's boyfriend) they flirt like you wouldn't is hysterical.

  22. Hi, lost Nussi in March. She didn't quite make 20. Tears as I write this. She left a big hole in our hearts and our home. We aren't going to get another cat. We live on a road and we have lost too many to cars. Nussi was an exceptional cat. Then 2 months ago a very dark tabby turned up on the doorstep wet and hungry. We still had lots of supplies left over from Nussi so we fed her. She came in, went once round the house and declared it acceptable. We put up signs and kept her in for a week but no one came to claim this beauty. So we took down the signs and let her out. She is happiest out. But she came back. She seems to like it here. Then a few weeks after her owner visited. He lives the other side of the village. But he seemed OK that she had another house. He said she was a rescue cat and never wanted to stay in his house. So she's still here. I think we have been adopted. We worry that she insists on going across the road. We can but hope she is as smart as she seems. Called her Puddi. She has filled a gap here. It's nice to have a cat. Hugz

  23. We have 4 kitties. Precious, AKA P-cat is our oldest, she's 14 and is a long haired calico/tortie. She lives up to her name and only moves fast to hide from the sweeper or to get treats. Simon is our 6 year old tiger stripe, he's a schitzo, scared of everything including someone's cough or sneeze. He spends 90% of his time under my bed only coming out when the house is silent.
    Then we have Anna a beautiful calico who is my buddy, she's my lap cat and loves all attention, and finally we have Elsa, our pure white deaf girl with a blue eye and a green eye who has claimed my daughter as her very own! Anna and Elsa we adopted 3 years ago on my birthday.

  24. I didn't have a lot of these kitties. There was Rouquin (means red hair in French), a beautiful male. We saw him about 4 or 5 years very often. He knew there was food for him and it was such a pleasure to pet him a little. We didn't see him for 2 years now, since Noiraud (means black cat in French) comes. Noiraud appeared when he was, I think, a 3 months old kitty. At the beginning, he came with another grey kitty, so I assumed was his/her brother /sister. But the grey disappeared after a few months. Now it's been 2 years that Noiraud comes in our house to eat and takes a little pet-time. In France, black cats are supposed to bring bad luck and because of such bullshits, shelters have a hard placing them into loving homes. Human being is the clever breed on earth...... REALLY ??? Anyway.... And finally our oldest cat is a lady. She's living in our garden since she was a barely-2-months old kitten. We used to see her with her mom but, sadly, one day, we saw her on her own... Poor baby ! But she never wanted to actually comes inside the house. She's around 10 now and has always remained pretty wild : there's no way to touch her ! Which is a shame ! We had to trap her to get her to the vet and sterilized, maybe it's because of that ?? Anyway, at least she's pretty safe here. She's allowing some stray cats to come once in a while and grab bite, but she's the one that remains. I hope you would excuse my bad frenchie English and the mistakes I've made. Hopefully, it's understandable... Love from France to all of you Cat Lovers, Marjorie

  25. Hohi I wish I could join with a cat name, but I can't (we just don't have any). My boyfriend and I had a 2 chickens (does that count? :D). Theur names where Jip & Janneke. These names came from my favorite childrens book. Ubfortunztely the chicks lost their life after (probably) afox ate them :( .Maybe it's silly but we miss more than their eggs. They where funny too!!

    But to end happy we're going to buy a cat when we move :).


    1. Hi, Ellen....I am so glad you shared your chickens' names with us. :) :) :) I have chickens, too, and mine are also very funny...and such scamps, but I still love them!! (Hey....Anything that turns grasshoppers into eggs is a friend of mine!!)

      Thank you for joining us in the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop. No cat required to participate! :)


  26. Hello,
    we didn't have many cats, but we owned 3 which had very interesting names (in Slovene ofcourse).
    Our first cat is named Pepelka(means Cinderella in English). She came to our house 4 years ago. We think, she was dropped by a car, because it happens very often in our town. She is very fluffy and kind. We also call her ''factory of kittens'' because she gives us little kittens 3 times a year.
    The second cat is named Lola. She loves to play, but she doesn't like to cuddle much. She has that funny habbit. Every morning, she jumps on bed and start licking my or my husbands cheek.
    And our third cat got hit by a car few weeks ago. His name was Garfield(because of his orange fur). He was good hunter. Every day he brought us at least one mice.. We really miss him. My both daughters cried for almost a week, when they found out what happened to him.
    Hugs, Cat Lover Valerija xx

  27. We have five kitties; Miley is the youngest. Someone had set her on our deck, and as soon as we saw her, I knew she needed us. Her leg was broken in several places, and they could not save it. So we cared for her, and she healed. Now she is my sweet little tortie baby! We also have Ralphie; he is a polydactyl. He is very active and friendly Leo is the newest member of the family. He loves to sleep next to me and cuddle. P.J. is my black bear kitty. He is so sweet and mild mannered. He is a little skittish. Smokey is our oldest baby; we've had him the longest. He is very independent and a sweetheart. I have pictures of all of them on my blog. Each one has their own unique personality, and they are each so special in their own way!

  28. My cats names are all with Chinese names ending with bean. Xiao Dou (Little Bean), Dou Dou (Bean Bean) and Hong Dou (Red Bean). Sadly my last cat was given away due to my son's asthma. pingvf(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  29. Unfortunately, my 3 little ones have all passed on now and I still miss them terribly every day. All of our cats were jet black. We first had Perky and Patience who were brothers in litter and were the only 2 black ones. We fell in love with them immediately. They were only 3 weeks old when we got them as they were both rescues from a warehouse and their mother was trying to kill them. We didn't even know what to feed them and they both fit it the palms of our hands. They were both super playful and brought so much joy to us. We could never leave them alone as they used to have water fights and splash each other when we put their 2 water bowls next to each other. Perky used to jump into the shower with me too and scared the crap out of me the first time he did it! LOL! Having something furry rubbing against you when the water is coming down and you have your eyes closed was something to get used too! On the way home when we had first been given Perky and Patience, Perky kept popping out of the box to see what was going on around him and that is how he got his name. Patience received his name because we said he was being super patient not complaining while Perky was walking all over him to keep popping out of the box. Perky died suddenly on December 22 years ago during the night. The vet believes he had had a heart attack. I think he knew it was going to happen as he climbed up on me in bed as if to say goodbye. He was 12.5 years old. Patience lived on to be 17.5 years old when he had to make that fateful decision to do what was best for him and let him go in peace. He had lived a good life and we never knew how much he loved to play until Perky had passed on. He played right up until his old age. We have both of our pets cremated and I have their little urns. Patience passed away on December 15. When we went to pick up the urn for Patience a huge black cat named "Boo" came flying around the corner in the vet's office and ran right up to me and starting purring. It was LOVE at first site. I just knew she would be coming home with me. It took a lot of convincing with my husband as we were still mourning the loss of Patience. This was in December. In January, the vet's assistant called me and asked if I still wanted "Boo". My husband again said no. Again, they called in February. Again, my husband said no. I went to the vet's again March to see her again. I wanted soooo much to have her. Then in April, I contacted the vet and asked if she was still there. They told me know that she had gone to a new family. I actually got off the phone and cried because I had lost my chance to have her in my arms. But God, was looking after both of us and 3 days later I received a phone call asking if I still wanted her. I said, "YES". I spoke to my husband again and he said it was fate. We picked her up the next day. It turned out that Boo didn't trust anyone except for me in the beginning as she was a severely abused cat. She had been tossed between vets offices for 3 years as well because no one wanted her because she would hiss at them. Turned out that it was just a defense mechanism. She figured if she hissed then no one would go near enough to hurt her again. Boo turned out to me super loveable and affectionate. Her and I were inseparable and she even grew to love my husband too! She passed away on my birthday so I will never forget her. I used to have a lot of fun making cards to vet from "Boo" and made a lot of them over the 6 or 7 years that we had her. When she passed I did a special blog for her on my post. Her picture is there too! I keep pictures of all 3 of them close by me all of the time. In the office and at home. I have all 3 of their little urns and all 3 have been blessed as well. After all, they were all my children.


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