Sunday, October 29, 2017

National Cat Day Bonus Post - 2017 Cat Lovers Hop

The Linkup for new projects is closed
 but you still have all day today 
(till midnight Pacific, Oct.29) 
to comment and to participate in the Daily Games
and maybe win one of our many prizes

Hi, Friends.......

Welcome to the National Cat Day Bonus Post for my 2017 Cat Lovers Hop.   In case you are wondering, this Oct. 29th date for National Cat Day is indeed how I chose this time of year for the Cat Lovers Hop.....even though we know that EVERY day is National Cat Day!!

So.....................spend some time with your cat.....

  .....sharpen up your claws........

  ......and find some funny cat memes to share with the rest of us!!! 

There is no prize today, but I would love to see what you are sharing on your blogs for National Cat Day.  If you are making a special post, please link up below so we can all come by to visit!!! (Link up even if you just have a fun single meme posted on Instagram or FB!)
I will leave this link open an extra day in case you don't get a chance to put a post together today.  :)

Happy National Cat Day to all my readers and their cats.  Hugs to everyone for making the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop the BEST EVER!!!  I will be back in a few days to post all the lucky winners of our fab prizes.  See you then!!



  1. Happy National Cat Day Janis and thank you so much for the fun hop.

    IKE xxx

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  2. Meww National Cat Day! Meow, meow meow meow Cat Lovers Hop!! Meow, meow, meow!

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  4. Happy National Cat Day! Cool piccies! xxx

  5. Happy National Cat Day !
    I told my hubby that today is National Cat Day he say that evryday is National Cat Day :D :D
    those cat memes are so fun!
    lots of hugs

  6. And I've saluted NCD too... what fun! I'm a bit sad this has all come to a close...
    Thank you once again Janis! Always a fun event!! Now I have to wait a WHOLE year till the next!
    Mandy mandysea1 at yahoo dot come

  7. Happy National Cat Day, Janis and thank you, all the sponsors and participants for another fabulous Hop! We'll be celebrating at our house and on my blog too. Maybe more than once, since I haven't had my coffee yet. LOL xxD I LOVE CAT MEMES!

  8. Enabler Alert:
    National Cat Day sale:
    and Create and Craft TV has a National Cat Day game for a huge £100 credit with them on their Facebook page

  9. For National Cat Day, I must share with all of you a photo you can find on the sidebar of my blog (third photo down) which features my own sweet Cleo, now gone over the Rainbow Bridge. The expression on her face when I snapped that photo reflects exactly what the caption says and exactly what shoe always believed! :-D

  10. Happy National Cat Day Janis! I didn't know what a meme was really until last year! If they don't bring a giggle on a bad day nothing will! Thank You for a wonderful week! I still got some hopping to do! Hugs. thealteredpaper@gmail USA

  11. Happy National Cat Day! I celebrated the day by finishing commenting on all the entries! Yay! I think I only missed 2 or 3, the ones on Instagram and FB as I couldn't figure out how to leave comments there. I don't have any cat memes to share and I'm still not blogging so I'll skip today's contest. I'm proud of myself for all I was able to accomplish during the hop, all things considered, so thanks for the inspiraiton, Janis!

  12. Merry Cat Day to you! I didn't post much, just photos of the kids taken today. I've never gotten all 4 on a cat tree, 3 seems to be the limit even if there are 4 levels.

    I loved the why there are no vampire cats meme. I have a vampire Siamese cat stamp. My friend who isn't a stamper, loved it so much she bought one for herself just to sit on a shelf.

  13. Hi Janis, thank you for telling me about your site! It was fun to look at but I wasn't able to navigate it very well! Looks fun and professional,,,great cards! Pearl

  14. Thanks! Enjoyed all the cat cartoons, jokes and pics! Have enjoyed the hop! Thanks so much!!! :)

  15. Feed our wild kittens (7)
    fresh fish we caught last
    night. My husband couldn't
    hand it out fast enough,
    got a few scratches on his
    legs from they wanting fish!
    Carla from Utah

  16. Happy National Cat Day Janis.!!! And thank you very much for hosting this cat hop. This was the first time I participated and I really enjoyed it xxx

  17. Well, it's not a specific NCD post, but it DOES have oodles of cute gifs, plus the winners to my blog candy giveaway and the solutions to the puzzle, so I'm adding it to your linky. It's been a real treat! Thanks, again, Janis. Your hard work means a lot!!

  18. It was a great week ! Thanks very much for that !

  19. This was fun! So glad I came across this Hop and hope I can remember/find it again next year.

  20. Congrats on a fabulous hop and thank you for all the work you do to make it happen! :)


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