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DAY 4 - 2017 Cat Lovers Hop

Welcome to Day 4 of the

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Hi, Friends.....

Hey....if the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop suddenly comes screeching to a halt, blame it on my little Jetta (the wanderer...gone since July...that we brought back home on Tuesday!!) She has been sitting on my lap and purring nearly all afternoon and evening. She is so glad to be back home and so afraid she's going to have to go back outside that she snorts and snarls every time I move!! Of course, she is also purring the entire time while she makes the most ferocious of noises!!  She's used to making her own rules out in the wild and is not afraid to express her disapproval at things not to her liking!  (Like me moving around to reach my craft supplies.  "GRRRRR...snort!  Purr.")

I was, tryyyyying to make two cards yesterday afternoon and evening.  Jetta's hissing and growling with every shift of my position made me have to change design ideas because I didn't want to further disturb her by heat embossing!! Oh, well...this IS a Cat Hop, right? In my desperation to finish the cards, I finally showed her a little bottom shelf cubbyhole in my craft room with a box for sleepy cats to nest in.  She now seems mostly content there, but keeps raaah rowww-rowwwing at me to make sure I am still here. <3
I am so glad you are here on this Day 4 of the daily festivities of the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop!!  Remember that each day I will be posting some fun things to see and do and win! A few of our sponsors will be in the spotlight each day.  I will feature the prizes they are offering and cards made with those products. My thanks to the sponsors and friends who kindly provided photos for me to use. It took a lot of pressure off of me!!  (Hey...I am ALL about that, right? :) )

Just a reminder.....ALL PROJECTS LINK UP ON THE MAIN HOP PAGE (Please use #CatLoversHop2017 on social media) and I have my 2017 Cat Lovers Hop Guidelines and FAQs  in a handy tab just under my header at the top of each page.

Okay on to the Day 4 festivities........

My Sponsors in the Spotlight today are:  JessicaLynnOriginal, Your Next Stamp, Fiki's Crafty Kitty Shop, Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps, and, as always, for our Daily Game, Ike's Art.

Fitzrovia on Flickr


JessicaLynnOriginal is a returning sponsor this year.

Image 1 

They are offering The Love Of A Cat clear stamp set to a lucky winner!!

"My owners are so cute!"  lol...I LOVE it.
Michele Henderson of Crimson Owl Creations is a total sweetheart and sent me this same JLO set last year as a thank you for the hop. (THANKS, Michele!!  <3 <3 <3 )
Oh, and don't forget that Michele has blog candy for the Cat Lovers Hop, too!! Yum!!

I used these stamps to make a sweet and slightly shabby style card.  Love that this set not only includes some pretty cats, but that the sentiments fit purr-fectly inside the thought balloon!!

Please take time to visit JessicaLynnOriginal at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Fitzrovia on Flickr

Your Next Stamp

I am very excited to have Your Next Stamp as a new sponsor this year. Here's what the owner has to share with us:

Karen here, the proud owner of Your Next Stamp! I'm so excited to be sponsoring this fabulous challenge!  Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters and fans we've grown so much over the years, starting with just a few stamp sets to now a large growing inventory of Clear Stamps, Thin Metal Dies,YNS Gumdrops, Patterned Paper and Ink Pads! Our products are manufactured in Canada and the US of the highest quality materials, they are designed to make you smile and bring joy to craft rooms all around the world. We hope you enjoy our fun and whimsical stamps, dies and embellies just as much as we do!

Now hurry and go see the lovely blog post that Your Next Stamp has featuring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop with some wonderful cards by their talented DT!!  You will not want to miss it!!!

Your Next Stamp  is generously providing a $15 Gift Voucher to their online store to one lucky winner!!

Please take time to visit Your Next Stamp at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Fitzrovia on Flickr

Crafty Kitty Cat Shop

Did you know that our own dear friend, Fiki, of Bad Kitty's Craft Room has a wonderful little store? It's called the Crafty Kitty Cat Shop and is full of great bargains on some terrific crafting supplies.

Fiki has put together a little bundle of super-fun cat-themed craft goodies and is offering it as a prize to one very lucky winner.
(I LOVE that adorable change purse!!! <3 )

I hope you have all had the chance to VOTE for Coffee

(one of Fiki's gorgeous cats!) over at the Simon Says Stamp Spook-tacular Pet Costume Contest.  Please show Fiki how much we love her furry little ballerina!!  <3

Please take time to visit Fiki at these social media spots: Blog, Store, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Fitzrovia on Flickr

Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps

I am delighted to introduce Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps as a new sponsor to our Hop this year. Leigh has been around the designing world for awhile, but introduced her own line of digital stamps this last year in her signature artsy style. Congratulations, Leigh!! We all wish you much success.

Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps is offering one digital stamp of the winner's choice as a prize. 


Here is one of Leigh's own takes on her Kitty Luna image.  Love that big moon behind the cat!!

Please take time to visit Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps at these social media spots: Blog, Store, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.
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The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!!

Please take time to visit Ike at these social media spots: Blog, Store, and Facebook Group. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

REMEMBER:  Ike's Show us Your Pussies - Cats Only Challenge theme this month is Furrything Goes + OPTIONAL MEOW-loween.  So if you make a Halloween-themed or ANY kitty creation for the Cat Hop, you can also link it up over there!!  Yay!!


A lucky participant in Today's Game will win one of the images from this newly designed digital prize from Ike's Art.  So much kitty fab-ness!! 
Ike provided me with the digital images that she is offering as prizes for the lucky winners of our Daily Games.  This "Celebrate" image of the kitty with the big round belly reaching high with one paw reminded me of some of the cat tales you have been posting of your cats begging for meals and treats.  :)

I cut apart one of the sentiments from Hop sponsor Kellie Stamps Cat's Life stamp set.  I framed the Feed Me separately and cut the circle of  Now Now Now words so it would fit the contour of the greedy boy's tummy!!  Ha.  

Isn't this a great image?  Ike is a genius.  You might win this digi if you enter today's daily game!!!

Day 4 Daily Game:  Tell us about a time when you had to travel with your cat.

I'll start.....

Back in the days BC (before children) my hubby and I had only two cats....a pair of littermate part-Siamese sisters, Cindy and Amy.  In the early days of our marriage, hubby was in veterinary school and we lived on campus where we were not supposed to have pets.  The housing we lived in, however, was ancient and rodent-infested.....and so almost everyone had a cat or two.  Because they weren't really allowed, though, we always took the two of them with us when we went home for Christmas or long weekend breaks, so they wouldn't be discovered if maintenance had to come in our apartment while we gone.   

Cindy was an aloof, confident creature who dominated her sensitive, clingy sister.  Amy was the "poor kitty"....our term for the kitty who bonds on to people because they tend to get beat up by other cats.  When we traveled, we had carriers.....but inevitably Amy would get so upset by being in the car that she would urinate within the first 20 minutes! We'd have to stop the car, change all the bedding in the carrier, and continue the trip.  It got to the point where I would just carry Amy on my lap covered with thick towels until she urinated and then I could bag up the soiled towels and transfer her into the carrier!  Sometimes we were still so close to home that we turned around and took the towels back, got fresh ones and went on our way.  It got to be a fairly routine part of a road trip for us.  The things we do to accommodate our weird cats!!!  <3 <3 <3

This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:

1.  Leave a comment sharing your travel tales with your cat and anything else you want to tell us about them. 
2.  After you finish your Travel comment, fill out your (own) name in the link up below.  This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed!  You don't even need a blog!!!  This is for everyone!!!  I will draw the random winner from the link up, so don't forget to do that part if you want to be eligible!

NEW THIS YEAR: The Daily Game link ups will be open the entire duration of the Hop, including the extra day for comments. Entries need to be in by 11:59 pm Pacific, Sunday Oct. 29, 2017 to be eligible for the daily prize. So you have more than just today to comment and link up. I realize that not everyone has access to a printer or likes to use digis, so I am still keeping the link up gadget to make sure the digi prizes go to winners who can use them. But I am hoping EVERYONE will participate in answering the questions whether they are putting their name in for the prize or not.

Okay, now it is your turn!!  
REMEMBER: Link your cat-themed projects over on the Main Hop Page. This link-up below is just to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you have commented with your Kitty Roll Call. Thanks!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for participating in the Daily Games.  I absolutely LOVE reading your cat tales!!!



  1. Oh gosh - I remember when I was moving to Greece.. I had all my worldly possessions in the van including my beloved black cat Squeaky, who was then about 15 years old. We got caught in a huge blizzard on the French side of the Alps and had to sit in it without moving for 3 hours. The snow around us ended up about 1 foot thick on the motorway !!!! She was in the cab with me with the heater on... it was soooo cold. All in all she was very calm during the whole trip :-) I think my kitty enjoyed living here in Greece and at the end she was 21 going on 22 when she passed away. :-)

  2. We have a 20lb cat named Logan. He has asthma and is a bit spoiled.
    We had to take him to his vet, which is a bit scary because at the time it was an hour away. Logan has severe motion sickness, he actually foams at the mouth.
    We felt bad having him in his cage that whole time so we let him out and let him get comfortable on the back seat.
    We were almost home, thanking our lucky stars that he had made it without any kind of accidents.
    I had just pulled into our driveway when he began projectile vomiting all over the back seat, the back of the front seats and the doors!
    It's funny now...but horrifying when it happened:D

  3. I don't really have any traveling tales with any of our cats. The only time they traveled was to the vet and nothing really happened. One of my room mates in college had an illegal cat too.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com USA

  4. Travel with cats?!? Surely you jest! The immediate peeing in the carrier and yowling the entire way makes me cringe having to take them in the car, even 5 minutes to the vet. LOL Funny that info on their breed said they LOVED to ride in the car and showed pix of them happily sleeping on the dashboard. Apparently Goliath and Jezebel didn't get the memo.

    Oh, and I just now remember taking Kahlua (RIP) to the vet in one of those cardboard carriers. She was trying so hard to go out that I had to hold the handles together with one hand as I drove and she kept reaching through the air holes in the top and scratching me. I arrived at the vet all bloody. They thought it was Kahlua that had been hurt, but it was me. xxD dlmundinger(at)yahoo(dot)com USA

  5. Thanks to all these fab sponsors! Janis, your Now, Now, NOW around the tummy is GENIUS!! Love it!

    My best traveling story comes from when I was a teen and helped a family friend drive their the last of their possessions, her two daughters and Siamese cat from IN to CA where here husband had already started his new job. The kitty litter box and bowl sat on the passenger side floorboard, the girls in the back and the cat anywhere. I learned a lot on that trip... like the laws of physics - When kitty gets kitty litter in her waterbowl, you do NOT dump it out the window while going full throttle down the highway as it will immediately come right back in... all over YOU! Then I learned why mothers get nervous when the kids get quiet. The girls had been quiet a long time and, since their mom was driving at the time, she asked me to look and see what they were up to. Didn't want to wake them if they were sleeping. I was shocked to see a PINK Siamese cat sitting patiently on the floor with the girls! All three looked up innocently... "Kitty was hot, so we finger-painted her with Kool-Aid all over!"

  6. Love the Feed Me image and your fun card!
    My story... we were moving and had a temporary stay in the area before we were to head north. We were going to stay at my Mom's house, myself, hubby and our daughter and one cat, Kimmy. Out other cat, Spooky, needed to go to another town close by to stay at my mother-in-law's house. The two cats didn't get along too well and we thought it best to have them in separate houses during this interim period. So I needed to transport Spooky about 30 minutes away. I had a cardboard carrier, and my daughter and I loaded him up for the short trip. Spooky was my big 16 pound male cat. Well, in that short drive, he became so nervous he had diarrhea. When we got to my m-i-l's condo, I had to take him upstairs to the bathroom and shampoo him to clean him up.

  7. Love your image with the FEED ME and NOW NOW NOW... so very catlike. It is like you are familiar with the subject matter. ;-)

    Traveling stories--Denise bit at the metal mesh door of her carrier so much she broke a tooth and that cost big bucks to have removed. Uwe peed the most vile stinkiest cat pee ever all over his carrier. Even the vet said they'd never encountered such wicked pee before. Uwe and his carrier got to come back home in the bed of the truck.

    A good story is Cindy came from New Mexico and I lived in Arizona so on the trip back home my mom drove and I held Cindy on pillows on my lap. She fussed if she was in her carrier but did fine on my lap. The trip involved 2 border patrol checkpoints where you have to declare your citizenship. They are manned with armed people and usually a big dog or two. They'd see us with our little cat loose on the lap and wave us through. So now you know how to smuggle illegals into the county.

  8. I remember the crazy idea of trying to drive my brothers cat to his new apartment without a Carrier. We got her in and I turned the ignition on.. well she flew from one end of that car to another, claws out! The only thing I could do was open the door, bend my head and cover my face with my hands and wait for the flying to end and for her to exit the car! Cats can fly!

  9. The only traveling I do with our cats is to the vet. All of them are horrible travelers....they think their world is ending when you put them in a pet carrier and car....out of their comfort zone. They are happy "house" cats and never want to leave it. They cry at the top of their lungs all the way (about 10 miles to the vet and 10 miles back). All this makes me nervous listening to them. Needless to say they are so happy to get back home and so am I because they finally get quite! :)

  10. Oh that's wonderful news about Jetta, Janis! She is so happy to be home, and you must be elated!

    I'm falling a bit behind in the hop so I'm playing catch up - and by the look of the linky, I have a lot to catch up on! I left off commenting at #55 and now there are 106 entries! Wowzers! Congratulations for your successful hop!

    Thanks to all of today's featured sponsors - I will get around to thank them soon. Your story about travelling with Cindy and Amy was a good read. While I have not actually travelled with my cats, I have had to take them in the car for short trips (when we moved, vet visits, etc.). It is pure torture for me! Honeydew and Kiwi meow and cry loudly the entire car trip and they meow simultaneously. It is heartbreaking to hear them cry, and it's difficult to concentrate on driving. Brian usually goes with me because it's just about all I can bear. Plus there's no way I can carry Honeydew's carrier by myself - he weighs nearly 18 lb! Now Snowie, on the other hand, is a very good traveller and doesn't make a peep. Thanks for another fun day at the hop!

  11. The only time I have traveled with my cats are when we moved or going to the vet. Neither were good experiences. They cried the whole time. Can't image going further distance with them.

  12. Love that cat paw like teddy!
    thank you for spotlight!
    I truly appreciate it.
    when we went to vet it was so funny.
    they was in cat carrier and they was meowing very loud all the time.
    and when we geting home from vet they was so funny from somthing that he gave them to sleep them.
    they was trynig to get up bud they couldnt.
    that was only time when I traveled with my cats.

  13. I only have outdoors
    wild cats, so I haven't
    traveled with them. I
    had an indoors cat
    named Contraire that
    loved to get inside
    the cabinet anytime
    it was opened and lie
    Carla from Utah

  14. I've had to travel with my kitties more than a few times, and I would much rather FORGET those times! MY kitties do not to travel. One time,however, hubbie and I had decided that we wanted to set off a number of smoke bombs in the house for bugs. We live out in the country, WAY out in the deep woods next to a creek and the bugs LOVE our house. The directions on the smoke bombs said to stay away from your house for 3 hours, so we thought we would drive to Mississippi and back, with the cats! We loaded them in the back seat and set off down the highway, and they cried the whole time! We barely crossed the border, turned around and came right home, and the smoke bombs were all finished. If I can avoid traveling with them, I will!

  15. Oh, I forgot to say, thanks for the shout out! Anyone who is a friend of the kitties is a friend of mine!

  16. Basically, the only place we travel to is the vets when they need to go. They do not travel well at all!!! They voice their complaints very loudly! lol...

  17. I had a darling cat affectionately called "Cleo" which was short for Cleopatra since she was definitely the Queen at our house. She loved to travel but she had certain "rules" about car travel. Rule #1 was that she must NOT be in a cat carrier or a box or any sort of transportation kennel. She wanted to be free to roam about the car for the first 5 or 6 minutes of whatever journey we were taking (including to the vet), then she'd climb into the back window, lie down in a sphinx pose, and happily watch the world go by. As soon as we stopped the car, she'd climb down and willingly get into the cat carrier, as though she knew that was the price of her freedom during the journey. Cleo passed away at 18 1/2 years old two summers ago and there is still an empty spot in my heart for her.

    1. Forgot my info again -- prfconnie(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. No real traveling with any of our cats, other then when we moved and to vet appointments. But I have a cute picture of our Rusty in the car after a vet appointment when I just have to pop into a Joann's for a quick minute, since it's right next door to the vet.

  19. Our usual monthly trip to the vet... so spooky silent... until we almost get there and then Blackie starts... yeow-ing LOUDLY... and yeows ALL the way home! Every single time!! I spend a lot of time apologising to him! Sigh..

  20. We don't travel with our cats. When we are not at home, my mom take care of them.

  21. We had to attend a cousin's wedding and she is a huge cat's lover so we intend to dress up our cat and brought her with us to her wedding. She resides in our neighbour country which takes 2.5 hours to travel by car. That was our first time traveling with our cat in a car.


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