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DAY 2 - 2017 Cat Lovers Hop


Welcome to Day 2 of the

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Hi, Friends.....

Thank you for joining us again on Day 2 of the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop!!  I have enjoyed so much reading about your kitties and seeing your cat projects!!  I am looking forward to more cat ins-purr-ation today from everyone.

Remember that each day I will be posting some fun things to see and do and win! A few of our sponsors will be in the spotlight and I will feature the prizes they are offering and cards made with those products. My thanks to the sponsors who kindly provided photos for me to use. It took a lot of pressure off of me!!  (Hey...I am ALL about that, right? :) )

Just a reminder.....ALL PROJECTS LINK UP ON THE MAIN HOP PAGE  (Please use #CatLoversHop2017 on social media!!) and I have my 2017 Cat Lovers Hop Guidelines and FAQs  in a handy tab just under my header at the top of each page.

Okay on to the Day 2 festivities........

My Sponsors in the Spotlight today are: 
Waffle Flower Crafts, Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps, Knitty Kitty Digis, DL.ART, and, for the Daily Game, Ike's Art.

Fitzrovia on Flickr

Waffle Flower Crafts

Waffle Flower is a returning sponsor and an enthusiastic supporter of this hop. This year they are offering a stamp set from their beautiful and whimsical Flora Cat series: Flora Cat Dream. How awesome is that??!

Channin at Waffle Flower was kind enough to let me use a DT photo of a card made with this beautiful set.  

Oh, my....how GORGEOUS!!

Please take time to visit Waffle Flower Crafts at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"
Fitzrovia on Flickr

Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps


Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps is a returning sponsor to the Cat Lovers Hop. Korin has a wonderful variety of both clear and digi stamps in their store, plus supplies for Bible journaling. They are giving a $15 Gift Voucher to their online store to one lucky winner!! (To give you an idea of just how far $15 can stretch in their store, the digi that I used for my card retails for a mere $1.99!)

Korin generously provided this Surprise Digital Stamp for me to make a sample card. All cat lovers know exactly what is going to happen next in the scene with the sleeping kitty!!

Please take time to visit Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"
Fitzrovia on Flickr

Knitty Kitty Digis

Knitty Kitty Digis is a returning sponsor to the Cat Lovers Hop.  I am totally in love with Annabel's Knitty Kitty images. The simple, plump potato sack shape of her kitties is soooooooo adorable!!  She is donating 3 kitty images of the winner's choice to some lucky participant!  Fun!!

For my sample card, Annabel kindly shared her adorable Purrfect End image with me.  LOVE!!! 

Please take time to visit Knitty Kitty Digis at these social media spots: the Knitty Kitty Digis Facebook Group and Etsy Store and also Annabel's Blog. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Fitzrovia on Flickr


Diana Larson is a multi-talented lady who has a variety of beautiful crafty things in her online store.  I already adored her gorgeous colors of crinkle ribbon, but I went wild when I saw her Cats Flair Buttons!!

She is generously offering a lucky winner their choice of one of her five assortments of these beautiful Cats Flair Buttons.

Please take time to visit DL.ART at these social media spots: BlogInstagram, Store, and Facebook. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!
Please take time to visit Ike's Art at these social media spots: Blog, Store, and Facebook Group. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

REMEMBER:  Ike's Show us Your Pussies - Cats Only Challenge theme this month is Furrything Goes + MEOW-loween.  So if you make a Halloween-themed kitty creation for the Cat Hop, you can also link it up over there!!  Yay!!


A lucky participant in Today's Game will win one of the images from this newly designed digital prize from Ike's Art.  So much kitty fab-ness!! 

My card today features the super-snuggly "Not Chikkin in a Basket" digi.  You can have a chance to win this image by participating in today's Daily Game!!   Yay!!!

DAY 2 GAME:  Share with us something cute or funny one of your cats does.

I'll start......

We have to medicate our dear old Shy-Cat (who is very, very ill) by crushing up her meds and mixing them with Gerber baby food (chicken only, please!)  It's hard to get every trace of this expensive food out of the jar, even with a little spatula.  So after I get as much out as possible, I let the other kitties lick at it....which they love because it is super-palatable!!

Ingenious little Whiskers realized she couldn't probe all the way down to the bottom of the jar with her rough pink tongue.  One day I saw she had devised a different way to achieve her goal.  I found her repeatedly reaching inside with a paw and then licking it off her paw.  It was so cute seeing how determined she was to get it all and I thought she was so smart to think of that!

This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:

1.  Leave a comment telling us something funny or cute your cat does.  I never get tired of reading about cat antics!!!
2.  After you finish your comment, fill out your (own) name in the link up below.  This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed!  You don't even need a blog!!!  This is for everyone!!!  I will draw the random winner from the link up, so don't forget to do that part if you want to be eligible!

NEW THIS YEAR: The Daily Game link ups will be open the entire duration of the Hop, including the extra day for comments. Entries need to be in by 11:59 pm Pacific, Sunday Oct. 29, 2017 to be eligible for the daily prize. So you have more than just today to comment and link up. I realize that not everyone has access to a printer or likes to use digis, so I am still keeping the link up gadget to make sure the digi prizes go to winners who can use them. But I am hoping EVERYONE will participate in answering the questions whether they are putting their name in for the prize or not.

Okay, now it is your turn!!  
REMEMBER: Link your cat-themed projects over on the Main Hop Page. This link-up below is just to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you have commented with your Kitty Antics comment. Thanks!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for being a part of the 2017 Cat Lovers Hop.  I hope you are having a lot of fun!!!



  1. Eeeee ! How PAW-some that looks. Your colouring on the image is amazing :-D Thank you for making this with my image.

    IKE xxxxx

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    My Shop
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    FB Fan Page
    Cat Lovers Challenge Blog

  2. I have 2 cats obsessed with the toaster. If I put some in and then don't come back quick enough when it pops up, they are there waiting and they steal my toast !!

  3. Oooh, all those prizes are really wonderful and I so agree about the Knitty Kitty images (never thought of them as potato sack-shaped but your'e so right! As for my favorite cat story that would have to be the one about Bailey. One week I started waking to find our loaf of bread on the floor of the kitchen, with one or two slices missing. I couldn't figure out what was happening with it, so I put the bread in a lower kitchen cabinet for safe-keeping. The next morning, there it was on the floor again. So, that night I sat up to keep watch and I saw Bailey walk into the dark kitchen, stand on his hind legs and use his front paws to catch the edge of the kitchen cabinet. Then he carefully backed up and opened the cupboard door. Grabbed the loaf of bread and took out his midnight snack slice...and went back to bed. I couldn't believe it, because what cat wants to eat plain bread? He was so adorable doing his back-ward walk that I was tempted to start leaving treats in the cupboard to entice him..haha! Unfortunately, he started opening the cupboard under the sink where the garbage was, so I had to banish him from the kitchen after that in case he got into something dangerous. What a rascal!

  4. What great prizes. We have 2 adorable cats. One of them cracks me up because he barks like a dog when you talk to him. So funny!

  5. A huge thank you to the fab sponsors! Love what you've done with Ike's adorable image. Looks like my Twinkle (first cat ever, at age 4.) I've mentioned that Goliath tries to share the love and always comes up to Mommy first when we've settled in to watch tv and gives kisses. Daddy's lap is bigger, so he often ends up there, but wherever he is, the other of us tries to get up VERY SLOWLY so as not to disturb him when a wine refill is in order or the snack monster hits. No matter where he is, or who he's sleeping on, as soon as one of us makes a move he LEAPS off the couch, TEARS into the kitchen and RUNS to the cat pole expecting a treat. (dried bonito flakes AKA CAt Sushi please). If the kitchen doesn't happen to be the destination, he comes back all miffed and comes up and paws at my face.

  6. My cat Boots likes to play "are you behind that door?" He gets behind a door and peeks at me. I say "are you behind that door?" He always answers with a meow that sounds just like NO.:) He never gets tired of this game and it sounds just like he has said "no."

  7. Fabulous sponsors and cards! Your cat looks like you dropped a real one in that basket!!
    Our Widdle Puddy Tats knew the sound of dad's car and we always knew he was almost home as they would come running. Now, you might think that was because it was feeding time, but no. It was customary for the family to take a walk around the orchard right after he got home and before supper... it helped him unwind and got us all exercise. The cats LOVED accompanying us! Sometimes just romping playfully along the way, darting up fruit trees to try to surprise us, and sometimes they rode along draped over our necks like warm winter stoles - which was almost too warm in the heat of summer. 😆 fond memories!!

  8. We have 8 wild kittens
    outside that wouldn't
    come up to us. We caught
    some fish and started
    feeding it to them and
    now they line up at the
    back door and want fish!
    They will follow us us
    around and cry for fish.
    Carla from Utah

  9. OMG - these stories just CRACK me up!! Anyone who is owned by kitties knows how smart & entertaining they are! My story is about Mew, my baby, who is my first black cat {I highly recommend them!} - for some reason she has taken to jumping in the tub {dry, please!} and flipping around like crazy - she rolls and throws herself around the tub with such vigor you can hear her in the next room. I have GOT to get it on tape! :)

  10. One of our cats used to hop on my son's shoulder while he waited for the school bus and hop off when the bus came. The cat we have now wraps herself around my neck when I am weeding which is not always pleasant on hot summer days but is ok when it is chilly outside.

  11. so great sponsors.
    yoour card is so pretty!
    cute or funny I have so many those that my cats do :D
    funny is that my cat Coffee talks back to us when she do somthing wrong.
    Like a little kid.
    so cute that your kitty repeatedly reaching inside with a paw and then licking it off her paw.
    my cats do that somtimes

  12. What great kitty prizes to be had! Great story about your kitty knowing how to get every last little bit out of the jar.

    My story is another Charles story and happened just last night. He kept looking under the couch and my hubby kept telling him, "Charles your fuzzy ball isn't under there." Charles kept looking and looking so finally I got out the yardstick and swiped it under the couch. My husband again says, "It's not under there" just as it came rolling out. Charles looked at his dad told him what for in no uncertain terms. It was so funny. Well, I guess Charles told him!

  13. You always have the best cat memes, Janis! I enjoyed your fun story - that's one clever kitty! Where there's a will, there's a way! I have a few funny cat stories, but I guess the one I'll share is about Snowie. She enjoys people food (not sure why Brian ever started this!). Any time someone has food that smells good to her, she will sit beside them and tap their arm with her paw until they share with her. It's the cutest thing, but very annoying! One of her favourite foods is pizza!

    Thank you to all of the generous sponsors! I am loving that Waffle Flower stamp set! Your cards are both so cute, Janis! Those DL.ART flairs are very cool too! So many awesome sponsors this year - you've been busy behind the scenes - thank you for all you do! Lovng the daily games as well. Hoping to keep up each day with commenting and participating - I'll do my best!

  14. My Rusty loves to drinking water from the faucet, but not running water... he will only drink from your cupped hand. I have a video of him drinking from my son's hand on my blog (in the linky).

  15. Our litte Chi Chi used to love to scratch her paws on mirrors. She would paw at them like crazy! She was so cute to watch!

  16. Janis thanks for all getting all the sponsors and having al the wonderful prizes. Your cards are gorgeous.
    I have two Siamese girls from the same litter.
    My Jazzy loves to cuddle so she will wrap her paws around your arm and snug in tight. If it is a man, she is even worse...she is a real flirt.
    Snookie likes to hang out when I am getting ready in the morning and will drink water from the bathroom faucet.

  17. This is a story about our cat, Max, who will be 6 years old November 6th! Max had been adopted as a tiny kitty by an older woman with an adult son who had some developmental challenges. In fact, the Humane Society people at the cat house house told us, in retrospect, that Max and this family were probably not a good fit. When Max was about 5 months old, a terrible tornado had destroyed over 5000 homes in Tuscaloosa, leaving thousands of cats and dogs homeless,lost,or abandoned. Max was one of those kitties. We had just lost our oldest cat of ten years, Big Max, due to an illness, and I was feeling very sad. Then I saw a picture in the paper of this little black kitty with big ears who needed a home, and his name was Max too! So we went to the cat house to meet Max and adopt him! We love Max, but we can see that he just wasn't socialized well as a kitten, and is not a lap cat in any way. He loves to be near us, and loves his head scratched. Anyway, during the tornado, a lot of people took shelter in the bathtub, and afterwards, there was a huge area of the city that looked like a bomb went off- - rubble and debris everywhere, with water shooting out of broken pipes and a few fires, complete chaos. Max was a part of that. So, the funny thing he does is to follow us into the bathroom. While we are sitting down, he sits on the sink and nuzzles his head all over ours, rubbing and head butting. While we are in the shower, he waits on the window sill next to the tub, and tries to pull back the shower curtain so he can see us behind the curtain. When we get out of the shower, and are wrapped up in a towel, he reaches up and puts his arms around my neck like he's giving me a hug, and stays like that for a while while I pet his back and rub his head. Then he'll rub his head all over my wet hair. He also will jump up on my hubbie's back when he has the towel on, all wet and warm. He ONLY does this after we take a shower. It's like he is watching us to make sure we will come out of the shower safely, and is happy to see us! Now, after 6 years, he has really become a wonderful, affectionate kitty who is so smart and strong, and knows all kinds of tricks! He loves being around us - -just don't pick him up!

  18. LOL...we cant say the word 'chicken' in our house regarding food... as the moment we do... our very aged kitty seems to forget he is arthritic and trots out to his bowl! We have to S-P-E-L-L the word!!
    mandysea1 at yahoo dot com.
    (oooh some of those gorgeous sponsors cards - so lovely... and the wattle stamps - ooh! Wish I did digi... they look awesome too!

  19. Not sure exactly what this means, but Coco reaches back with her back foot to step on my foot. So if I'm walking past her, she rubs against my leg, and then stretches her back foot and parks it top of my foot. I consider it a kitty hug!

  20. Our oldest cat is addicted to treats. She will beg for them, follow us around the kitchen, pet our foot and even kiss our leg trying to butter us up. If we ask her if she wants a treat she will meow like she's saying yes then run to the pantry where they are kept.

  21. One day whilst I was buying some dog food at the vet, the had a kitty that has been left at their door. And the vet assistant knew I was a sucker for pretty much any kind of animal to rescue. So she told me about that red haired kitten and I left the vet with a new cat ! Truth is, I always wanted a red cat and when she brought him to me, he climbed onto my shoulders and I loved that so much.... Anyway... At that time, I've already a little female (adult) and a dog, both took out of shelters. And this little red kitty (who was barely 2 months old) decided he wanted to suck my dog's nipples rather than our female cat !!! Go figure ! My dog was such a sweet pie that he left him do so. They became best buddies and even when the kitty became as big as my dog, he was still sucking my dog !! Hope there's not much English mistakes.... Love from France, Marjorie

  22. My cat Lola has funny habbit. Every morning, she jumps on the bed and start licking my or my husbands cheek.
    That's so cute!

  23. My Cleo, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2 summers ago at age 18+, was the kind of cat who needed to know where her human was at all times. Over time, she adjusted to the fact that I was gone for several hours on the weekdays but that I always came home in time to feed her something special for dinner (meaning something out of a can instead of just the dry crunchies which were always available to her.) She was in her glory on the weekends when I would be home during the day. But on those rare occasions when I might take off for a weekend venture and be gone the entire two days plus nights, she would greet me loudly upon my return, letting me know how neglected and abandoned she had been, and threatening to call the ASPCA and report me for cruelty to animals. This would go on for several minutes without even a breath it seemed. For the next hour (yes, I timed it more than once) she would follow me from room to room as I unpacked my overnight bag, or went to the bathroom, or started something for dinner. The funniest part, however, was that she would follow me into whichever room, then sit down, turning her back to me to let me know I was being punished for leaving her alone. If I left the room, she came trotting along behind me, then repeated the business about sitting down with her back to me. She never got over doing this throughout the entire 18 plus years we shared together. :-D

    1. Forgot to add my info: prfconnie(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. Huge thanks to all the fabulous sponsors. Ive a cat and a dog. If I will to hug my dog, my cat would be jealous and would either try her way to push herself towards me or bite the dog's legs. Haha.

    1. My email address info: pingvf(at)rocketmail(dot)com


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