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An Oldie, but one of my faves!


Welcome to Day 6 of the

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Hi, Friends.....

I can't believe it is already Day 6.  Where has the week gone???? TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO LINK UP PROJECTS!!!  All projects must be linked up by 11:55 pm Pacific tonight, October 31st.

Despair not, though, because you can still COMMENT (on projects and the Daily Games) THROUGH TOMORROW!!!  Comments close at 11:59 pm, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020.   Yes, you get an extra day to catch up on your commenting...especially helpful for those last-second projects that get linked up near midnight tonight!!πŸŽ‘ 😱  And......since Daylight Saving Time ends tonight here in the USA, you actually also get an EXTRA HOUR FOR COMMENTING!!  ⏰⏰⏰ 

Sunday's post will be a Wrap-Up Post and will have a link-up for you to enter if you have heroically managed to comment on every single project!! (You marathon commenters must have a much faster internet connection than mine is here in Idaho. I am still trying to catch up!!)

Okay.....Let's get on to the final group of super-awesome sponsors for the Hop:  Technique Tuesday, Riley and Company, CatLadyBox, Lawn Fawn, STAMPlorations, The Crafter's Workshop, Whimsy Stamps, and, as always, for our Daily Game, Ike's Art.


Technique Tuesday

Please say hello to returning sponsor, Technique Tuesday.  It is so good to have them joining us again!! 



PRIZE: Technique Tuesday is generously offering one of their fabulous Window Scene die sets.  LOVE that they included that adorable kitty to sit on the windowsill!! 


BONUSTechnique Tuesday has a special 2020 Cat Lovers Hop Post scheduled for today over on their blog. Be sure to hop over and check out what they are sharing!!

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Riley and Company

Our third new sponsor for today is Riley and Company. Their wonderful and wacky critters show up over and over in their products.  What a fun set of characters!! 

PRIZE: Riley and Company is generously providing a Felix the Cat stamp PLUS the coordinating Die to a lucky hopper this week!!

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CatLadyBox is a very exciting returning sponsor. They are a little different from our other sponsors because they are not part of the papercrafting community.

They offer subscription-based memberships to receive awesome packages of carefully selected cat-themed products for Cat Ladies...delivered right to your door monthly in a box that even your cat will LOVE!!

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Please say hello to the next returning sponsor to our Hops, Lawn Fawn!! We are all huge fans of Lawn Fawn's adorable critters.


PRIZE: Lawn Fawn is generously donating their Meow You Doin' stamp set PLUS the Coordinating Dies to one lucky winner!!! WOW!!

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Everyone please help me say hello to returning sponsor, STAMPlorations.

PRIZE: Shery at STAMPlorations is kindly offering a $20 Gift Code to one lucky winner!!
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  The Crafter's Workshop

Now let's give a warm welcome to returning sponsor: The Crafter's Workshop.  They carry a fabulous selection of mixed media supplies for all sorts of fun crafting adventures.
PRIZE: The Crafter's Workshop has generously donated prizes for TWO winners!!  Each winner will receive one Flying Cat stencil and one  Random Stars stencil (both in the 6"x6" size).  How fun is that???
Flying Cat
Random Stars

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I am delighted to introduce to you the final new sponsor for our Hop this year, Whimsy StampsAs you can see from their logo graphic, they are the Innovators of Slimline Dies!  How cool.  They really got something started!!!  

PRIZE:  Whimsy Stamps is very generously offering a $20 Gift Code to a lucky Hopper. 

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Today's Daily Game is Just For prize.  But I hope you will still play along.

DAY 6 GAME: Does your cat have any interspecies friends.....other animal buddies that are NOT cats? 

I'll start.....
A number of years ago we had a sweet dog named Growler whose doghouse was on the front porch of our old house.  Growl-Dog was not a huge dog, but she was plenty big and very gentle.....but she did love to run and jump and chase the cats if they ran.  Too much fun for a dog to resist!!
Around that time we found a pregnant kitty hunting mice in our chicken house (on the property of our new house) and decided to bring her home.  The other cats were mean to poor Andale and she really was quite persecuted by one or two of the males, in particular.  Andale was not afraid of dogs and quickly discovered that she could take refuge with Growler in the doghouse or by just hanging out amidst Growler's legs and the other meanies would leave her alone.  Thus began a sweet companionship between our dog and this cat.  Growler was big and warm and a good bodyguard for Andale.  And Growler?  Well, I have no idea what Growler got from the friendship.....maybe just companionship. 
As in any close relationship, however, sometimes there are little disagreements.  Andale rather early assumed the dominant role in the alliance and, being a cat, could be a bit short-tempered with poor Growl-Girl.  Sometimes Andale would post herself in the doorway of the doghouse and not let Growler get inside to go to bed!!  Naughty kitty!!  Growler had experienced the business-end of cat claws before and knew better than to shove her way inside!  We would hear Growler whining and giving a little woof every so often and know she needed us to rescue her.  We'd remove Andale from the doghouse would slip Growler. Then we'd set Andale back down and she would settle contentedly next to Growler's warm body.  lol...  The two of them were adorable together!!
There is no link up for today's Just-For-Fun Daily Game,  but you can still join the ones from previous days.  The other Daily Game link-ups will be open all day today and tomorrow.  Entries need to be in by 11:55 pm Pacific, Sunday Nov. 1, 2020 to be eligible for the daily prize.  Hooray for the extra hour to comment because of the time change!! 

Okay, now it is your turn!!  

REMEMBER: Link your cat-themed projects over on the Main Hop Page. (Please use #2020CatLoversHop on social media!!) get those last projects finished and posted because TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO LINK UP PROJECTS!!!  But you will still have through tomorrow to finish up your commenting.  

Thank you sooooooooooo much for being a part of the 2020 Cat Lovers Hop.  Your excitement and participation has been such a joy!  Tomorrow we will have a Wrap-Up Post, so I will see you then!! 



  1. My cats don't tolerate each other, let alone another species. They are very unsociable, but we can't stop petting them.
    Thank you for the great fun and see you next year.

  2. It has been a fun time! Thank you for organizing another great event! Thank you also to the many generous sponsors. :)

    Our two rescues, Moon Pie the cat and Palmer the dog, are the very best friends! They both came into our home and hearts within 6 weeks of each other. They love to play together every day. It's just the sweetest when they are curled up side by side for a nap. :)

  3. My boys never really see any other species at all, except for an occasional lizard thats lis in, and i would say that encounter is NOT a friendly one! Ha ha! Thanks for a GREAT hop this year, Janis!

  4. The only cat I've ever had that made friends with other species was many years ago, in the 1970s when I had just moved to Hong Kong. He often brought his friends home to play in the garden of our flats, usually other cats, dogs, occasionally a snake (eeek!) or lizard. But one day he brought a calf! It had obviously been tethered and come loose, and had happily followed Kipper to our garden, where they were both sitting in the sunshine. It was quite a job to trace the owner of the calf and return it, especially as I spoke no Cantonese at the time and he spoke no English, so it was impossible to explain that the cat had brought it to visit us!

  5. What a great week, Thank you so much for all the fun. My Belle (the terrier) was best friends with Felix the cat. They used to sleep together and Felix would give her a goodnight kiss. Jess my old lady who passed 4 years back had a friendship with all the hamsters we had. Loved them. We had one, Max who used to escape frequently and she would always show me where he was but never hurt them. Quite often I would have her and a hamster on my knee for cuddles at the same time, Hazel (Didos) x

  6. Yassi has a very healthy respect for our cockatiel Maggie, they aren’t best of friends, but Yassi and Maggie coexist as much as a yard apart. We are lucky they get along 😁 and Yassi seems to understand Maggie is off limits

  7. No, we only have cats, so there are no other species that our guys and gals have to get along with! Thank you, Janis, for a wonderful week of fun and games! You've out-done yourself with another fabulous Cat Lovers Hop!

  8. My cats like to play with bunny.
    But he passed away this summer.
    this was hard year for me...

  9. That's such a sweet story, Janis! My cats have only ever lived with another cat (and us hoomans, of course) but my friend had a cat and a dog at the same time. The cat was called Tiny and the dog was called Lucky. Lucky adored Tiny and loved to snuggle, but Tiny was the boss. Tiny would spend ages grooming Lucky and he loved that but eventually Tiny would get fed up and bite poor Lucky and walk away. The dog would always look so hurt and surprised even though it happened most days! Jo x

  10. It has been an awesome hop, Janis! Thanks for all you do to organize it each year! I look forward to it!
    Coco really likes my daughter's dog, Sadie. Sadie is a Golden Retriever, and loves to give Coco smooches on the face. When Coco has had enough, she escapes to the bedroom or up on a piece of furniture where she is safe from dog slobber. Sadie doesn't visit very often, but it's always fun to see the two of them together.

  11. My cat and dog seemed to get along fine tho my cat loved to show she was the QUEEN of the house and bullied my dog. Thank you Janis for hosting this annual Cat Lovers Hop. I thoroughly enjoyed and wishing it lasts longer. Really appreciate you doing all these enjoyments for us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xx

  12. Define friends! If tolerating counts, the dog, but both wary of each other.

  13. Squee! Even more fab prizes... thanks to both you and the sponsors!!

    The only other friendships my cats had (that I know of!) was with us humans.

  14. Sabre is a loner. She doesn't tolerate other animals being around.

  15. So delighted to be sponsoring again this year!
    Kitty Hugs
    Happy Creating & Stay Safe!

  16. So sad that this is coming to an end I had a lot of fun thanks for having this hop and thanks for sharing,one of my babies her name is fury she likes to go play outside sometimes she will tries to play with squirrels and the dogs that are around here or sometimes she don't want them around her so she will try to scratch them or run and hide, I think it depends on her mood or if she feel threatened by them or not

  17. I can honestly say that there are no interspecies friends in our house. We have two dogs, but the cats would really not miss them if they were gone. LOL!

  18. At the moment, I have only cats sharing the house but throughout most of my life, I've had cats and dogs in the same house at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, they all got along together with the occasional dispute over who had the right to which food dish. Even then, many times all the food dishes were shared with both cats and dogs eating together out of the same one.

  19. Thanks for another fun
    Cat Hop! We had a kitty
    that would love to play
    with our puppy. Her name
    was Lemon and everyone in
    the neighborhood knew her.
    Carla from Utah

  20. No special friendships here - just cats and half the time they're not nice to each other... Great fun hop Janis thank you, hugs Robyn

  21. My kitten believes her dog brother is her mother and used to try to nurse. He’s so patient and to this day tolerate her grooming him and she always copies the way he lays around the house. She also plays fetch better than any dog I know!!

  22. I have had a dog and a cat together, in an apartment. They were good friends. When my beloved doggie died also the cat suffered a lot, as me. :(

  23. Our kitty friend Anna Banana is a loner! We have another neighbor cat, Mahi, who also visits our screened in porch (not us - he runs from us) to relax. If Anna Banana is already there she starts this low growl letting him know he is not welcome! He just stands there staring at her and eventually walks away. She's the boss for sure! lol And the same for our parrot, Rocky, who says he's a kitty cat, he runs from everyone and hides in his cage! lol Of course, we don't dare let Anna around him - he'd be a goner.

  24. we don't have our own cat, but cats are all friends with dogs in our neighbourhood.

  25. We have a neighbor cat that stops by to visit. She is the sweetest little black kitty! Other than that, Leo sees the occasional squirrel, but leaves them alone.

  26. Casey sits and watches the birds feeding in the garden - he doesn't attack them. He also keeps a close eye on a hole at the base of our fence. We think this is where the hedgehog gets through. He guards it as if his life depends upon it!. Our other cat, Indie, sadly not with us any more, once brought us a baby bunny home - it was unharmed and we put it back in the shrubbery where we think it came from. He also used to carry frogs in his mouth - legs dangling and poor little thing screaming with fright. He didn't kill them :) but I'm not so sure they were friends either. xx

  27. Our cat was rescued by someone else. She followed me home one cold wet night, went once round the house and settled in. A few weeks later we traced her owner and he said she had hardly been in his house so it was fine with him if she wanted to stay with us. Turns out he had two kids, another cat and a dog, so maybe she figured it was too noisy there. Anyway, about a year later he stopped to chat while out walking his dog and Puddy, the cat, came round the corner. The dog's tail went crazy, the cat kept walking, tail up and she walked right up to the dog, who was wiggling in anticipation and they touched noses. So yes, feline canine friends. With long memories. Hugz

  28. We used to bring our cats on road trips to visit my family, who all have dogs, but other than that, they never mixed with any other animals.

  29. Our Sampson grew up alongside my brother's dog Wispa. Sometimes we joke that he seems to think he's more dog than cat as a result. But no non-feline friends nowadays.


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