Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 2 - 2016 CAT LOVERS HOP



Hi, Friends.....

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop here at Her Peaceful Garden!!!!  I hope you have come ready for more kitty inspiration, kitty games, and chances for prizes because this is the place!!

Remember there are three ways to participate in the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop:
1.  Make a cat-themed project (or projects, there is no limit!) and link up over at the main post.
2.  Comment on any or all of the linked up projects at the main post.
3.  Participate in the Daily Game at the bottom of each Daily Post.  (You are currently reading the Daily Post for Day 2.)  These games are only open for the day they are posted and there is a daily prize!

Before you get started, PLEASE read the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop Guidelines and FAQ page. This will answer many of your questions!!


Unity Stamp Co.

First on the list of sponsors for today is Unity Stamp Company!!!

Unity is a returning sponsor and a wonderful company.  I appreciate their focus on encouragement and support, especially for women....like us!!  I can always count on Unity to be helpful and generous.  This year they are donating TWO surprise prizes.  I know the winners will love the great quality of the designs and the construction of their stamps!!

Please take time to visit Unity Stamp Co. at these social media spotsBlog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.  Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

In my correspondence with Unity about this hop, I mentioned that I didn't have any Unity kitty stamps for making a sample card.  Next thing I knew, this wonderful Nancy Girl set was in my mailbox!   Thank you so much, Andrea at Unity!!!  I absolutely LOVE this set!!

I used a coral and gray color scheme for this card and only colored the kitties and the hearts to spotlight them!  My background is another of my watercolor marker refill water backgrounds.  (Yes, I have a million of these.  lol)  I made the perky bow with my bow maker gadget from K&K Woodworking.  LOVE! They will be one of the featured sponsors tomorrow.  :)


Next on the list of sponsors for today is Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps!!!

Sweet 'n Sassy is a new sponsor to the Cat Lovers Hop. I love their motto that is emblazoned across the blog header: "....sharing the love of Christ through paper crafting". Beautiful! Sweet 'n Sassy has a wonderful variety of both clear and digi stamps in their store, and other supplies for Bible journaling. They are giving a $15 Gift Voucher to their online store to one lucky winner!! (To give you an idea of just how far $15 can stretch in their store, the digi that I used for my card retails for a mere $1.99!)

Please take time to visit Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Korin at Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps generously provided this humorous Stressed Out digital stamp that I picked out for making today's sample card.  I got such a chuckle out of these two cats with tails all big and bushed out!!!  It was just calling out for a wild frenetic background and crazy coloring!!!  Don't you think????
This background is leftover from a shaving cream technique...where I used whipped cream, instead!!

You already figured out that the card is a gate-fold style.  I used removable Zots to keep it closed, but still easy to open when desired.

 The inside of the card says: 
"Take a deep breath and smile.
 I'm thinking of you!" 

MY SHOP The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!!!

Did you like yesterday's Daily Game where you took a photo of your craft room cat stash?  I am afraid that some people thought you had to have tons of cat stamps, etc to participate.  I didn't mean that.  I want EVERYONE who wishes to play along in the Daily Games!!!  There's lots of wiggle room in these games.  :)
One lucky participant in Today's Game will win this prize from Ike's Art.  It's from her new digital stamp " FLEAZ NAVIDAD " set and called "I Luv My Teddy".  CUTE!!!!

Here's what I did with the sweet digi:
That's one enormous teddy bear!!  And one way too brightly-colored calico!  lol...
I used one of my double-embossed backgrounds and colored the adorable teddy bear and kitty with my Spectrum Noirs.  A gold snowflake (Thank you, Karen Ladd!) and some gold twine added some Christmas sparkle!  I'm not too great at doing calico kitties.  I couldn't quite get the orange muted down enough for this one.  Practice, practice, practice!!
Fun fact: Out of all the scores of cats I have had in my life, I have never had a calico. I've had tortioseshells, but never a true calico. The closest I came was years ago when we found a tiny little calico waif out in the street crying her little heart out. We knew she must belong to someone, but we took her in to keep her safe until we found the owners. I called her Rachel. At the time, we lived in a tiny little town where you had to pick up your mail each day at the post office. I put a notice up on the bulletin board there and the owner's called the next day. I was glad for the owners, but still a little sad to see the sweet little girl go.

Now for today's game. It's easy...all you have to do is name all your current kitties. (Although when you have as many as I do, this can be quite a challenge!!)

This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:
1.  Leave a comment naming all your current kitties.  It's okay if you don't have any right now....just tell us that in your comments.  You can still play.
2.  After you finish your comment with your cats' names, fill out your (own) name in the link up below.  This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed!  You don't even need a blog!!!  This is for everyone!!!  This link up will close today at 11:55 pm Pacific, October 25, 2016.  I will draw the lucky winner from the linkup, so don't forget to do that part.  However, I would still love for you to share the names of your cats in the comments below, even if you miss the linkup deadline!
Here are the names of my kitties:
Chaienne (she's the orange kitty in the header)
Big Bad Black

Kitties I have lost over this past year  (doesn't include my daughter's cats that she took when she moved):
Tiger Lily .
Aliyah (I just lost her a couple months ago. She was my sweet baby of 15 yrs.  Her picture is on this year's Cat Lovers Hop badge and I have dedicated the hop to her. <3 )

Okay, now it is your turn!!  I always like hearing the interesting names of people's pets and seeing if I have had any by that name, too!
REMEMBER:  Link your cat-themed projects over on this
main post.  This link-up below is to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you have told me the names of your current kitties in the comments.  Thanks!!!



  1. Fabulous cards - I loved the stressed out kitties :-)
    Thank you very much for using one of my new digis :-) I have just acquired a Calico - well she comes to my garden with her mum who is also a Calico. Trying to catch them as they are strays and keep bringing their kittens here and leaving them to me !!!!!

    OK.. here's my current kitties.

    Cheezy Puff

    plus 5 other interlopers who have just started to hang about in the garden....

    kitties I lost this last year:

    IKE xxxx

    1. WOW! You are so sweet to be able to have so many furbabies - I thank you, even for the 5 interlopers :) xo Christi

    2. wow! so many cats!
      can I come and play with them :)

  2. wow! very nce cards!
    love them!
    so many kitties Janis!
    I have 5 cats!
    Crni (blacky)


    1. I forget :D to say Fiki from Croatia fikreta.posavec@gmail.com

  3. Love your cards Janis... the shaving cream- goodness! Love the stamps - oooh!
    I've only got one cat
    (he is my re-educated ex-feral - now 17yrs old
    Lost my
    Cosmo (bi-coloured ragdoll at 18yrs)
    Would have more cats only that we have a cockatiel which Blackie wont have a bar of - (must remind him of his former stressful life) and I cant be sure the bird would be safe with other cats. sigh
    mandysea1 at yahoo dot come

  4. Fabulous projects, Janis! Loving your sponsors and what you've done to showcase them. Currently I only have 2 cats, Goliath and Jezebel. (Hubby's name is David, although Goliath rules our house. LOL) xxD
    dlmundinger(at)yahoo(dot)com USA

    1. The David and Goliath tale gave me a chuckle!! lol... So glad you are joining us this year!!!


  5. Hello, Janis! Happy Day 2! All 3 of your cards are gorgeous! You have more awesome sponsors today - I will head over to their FB pages to thank them right away!

    I enjoyed reading about all of your kitties - you have such a kind heart, Janis! I've never had a calico either - I've only had brown or grey tabbies and our white girl. Here are their names:

    Honeydew, age 12
    Kiwi, age 12 (littermate of Honedew)
    Snowie, age 11

    Still missing my beloved Muffin. He's been gone since 2004 but will live on in my heart forever.

    Thanks for another fun day of kitty inspiration and hopping!

    1. Almost forgot... I'm in Canada... fitkitty1 at gmail dot com. Thank you!

  6. Here are my current feline sons!
    1. Felix, age 15
    2. Max, age 6
    3. Omar, age 6
    4. Fuzzy, age 2
    It's a furry world!
    Take care!
    Michele, crimsonowl@charter.net

  7. Great projects to showcase today's sponsors, Janis. I can't believe how many cats you have! I only have one at the moment - a rescue cat we called Casey - he's almost all black and very loving! We lost Indie (Indiana when he was naughty) twelve months ago and still miss him terribly. Our surname is Jones, so perhaps you know why we named them so... :-) xx
    caroleannjones2 (at) msn (dot) com

  8. Great sponsors again today. I took a photo of my cat stash for yesterday's post but since I didn't get home from work until way late I didn't get a chance to share it. I'm glad I get a chance to play today. I don't have as many kitties as you do, but I do have a handful:
    Jack O'Lantern (18 years old and still kicking)
    Poppy (short for Poppycock, 9 yrs)
    Dio (named for Ronnie James, 4 yrs)
    Charles (not Charlie, pah-leez! 4 yrs)
    Cindy (formerly Sassy named after some Disney cat so we renamed her, she'll be 3 soon)

    1. and I forgot: Judy Palmer princessjudy4 @ yahoo.com USA

  9. I have an only kitty named Coco. She's a Siamese cat we rescued from our local shelter. She had to be kept in their isolation room because it upset her so much to see the other cats, so they knew she had to go to a home where she would be an 'only' cat!
    We had lost Yoda about 4 months before, and I really wasn't sure I was ready to adopt another cat, but she sure has taken over our lives and our house! Other cats we have had and loved have been Spooky, Kimmy, Kikko, and the cat I had while growing up, Cosan. All but Spooky have been Siamese.

  10. One cat - Nussi. 19 years old. She's a funny old thing. Getting funnier every day bwahahahahaha. Hugz
    craftynomad at gnail dot com Norway

  11. Just one cat right now--her name is Saber. We lost Monty this past Spring.

    1. Oops--forgot my info:
      slrdowney at hotmail dot com USA

    2. I also forgot to say how much I like your cards. My fave is the first one with all of the hearts.
      slrdowney at hotmail dot com USA

  12. My goodness! You are THE cat lady!!! Right now my condo doesn't allow pets so I'm stuck getting my kitty fix elsewhere. My last cat was called Gati (pronounced Gatchy), Portuguese for kitty (I was living in South America at the time. My favorite trio of cats were named Widdle, Puddy and Tats, so we'd call 'em, 'Here, Widdle Puddy Tats... come here!' : ) I LOVE your Nancy Girl Card (I had her set out to do, maybe I'll choose another)... especially how you expertly dodged having to do a lot of coloring. I'm going to try that some time! Love those fun punk cats, too! And how fun is that huge teddy bear?!! Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Go ahead and make a Nancy Girl card! Everyone's art is different and I love seeing what other people do with stamps I have, too. I think she would be a fun one to color, but I really wanted to spotlight the hearts and kitties. (Yeah, well, maybe I did dodge a little bit! lol...)

      I am getting my coloring workout with Ike's digis...which is fabulous because I don't use my Spectrum Noirs often enough to justify having them. Watercolor is my default coloring medium, but I can't use it with digis printed with inkjet ink....so it is forcing me to practice with my SNs. This is a GOOD thing!


  13. I have been waiting for your hop but missed day one unfortunately! Love your cards! Thank you for putting together this fun hop!
    My guys:

    Tee- thealteredpaper(at)gmail.(com)

  14. Aww - that Unity card is so cute!! I love how you colored it! And, how in the name of all sweets did you use WHIPPED cream on that background?!?! I would of been licking the card clean - LOL - anyway, my current kitties are:
    Mew (my little black girl)
    Recently Lost:
    Monster (stroke, this summer. She lived 19 years)
    Christi ~ StampinDiva at yahoo dot com ~ USA

  15. What adorable kitty cards! I think you have a kitty farm going there. LOL I have 4 currently: Isabella, Zoey, Shosho, and Catsinova.My recent loss was Elvira. I miss that evil little thief. LOL
    banaszakv58@gmail.com USA

  16. I don't have a cat right now. We have 3 dogs. My last cats names were Winkie, Halo, Angel and Misty
    katieoscreations at gmail dot com

  17. Your Cats projects are so much fun and joy to look at. I named all my cats in Mandarin, Xiao Mai, Xiao Yu, Xiao Qiao and Xiao Mi. All relating to grains like millet, oats, buckwheat & quinoa.

  18. Love your kitty cards and isn't Unity just fabulous?!
    And those sweet kittens are just adorable.
    Gotta love those scaredy cats, too. lol

  19. Wow Janis, your two cards are just fabulous!! Love how you used that Unity image and only colored the hearts and cats. That watercolor marker background couldn't coordinate better if you had made it specifically for this design. As beautiful as the Unity card is though, I am doing backflips over the stressed out kitty card. OH MY GOSH, this is so darn cute!! Anyone who has had a cat recognizes that puffed out tail stance, and the background is absolute perfection!
    kladd94803 at aol.com

  20. You have such beautiful cards. Thanks for all that you do to host this wonderful week!

  21. Missed the deadline but had to let you know how much I love your cards. The Unity stamp card is so beautiful with that spattered background and fall colors, and the stressed out kitty card cracks me up!

  22. Adorable card!!!

    raggiodiluce82 at gmail dot com Italy

  23. Fabulous cards!!! Having fun with all the lovely cat projects!! USA drwarrenankh at hotmail dot com

  24. I had to laugh at that cartoon. The Hubster picked up a chair to refurbish as a hobby...except our girl took a liking to it so there goes that idea. She has been known to silently count to 10 and then go in for the kill of someone dares sit wherever her current "spot" is. Yes she's a torbie and lives up to her coat colour! pinkcraftymama(at)gmail(dot)com australia


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