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Hi, Friends.....

Welcome to Day 4 of the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop here at Her Peaceful Garden!!!!  Did you see my bonus post?  I'm not sure whether to hope you did or to hope you did not!  lol....  Things are getting a little bit loopy over here in my part of Idaho, but I hope you have come ready for more kitty inspiration, kitty games, and chances for prizes because this is the place!! 

Remember there are three ways to participate in the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop:
1.  Make a cat-themed project (or projects, there is no limit!) and link up over at the main post.
2.  Comment on any or all of the linked up projects at the main post.
3.  Participate in the Daily Game at the bottom of each Daily Post.  (You are currently reading the Daily Post for Day 4.)  These games are only open for the day they are posted and there is a daily prize!

Before you get started, PLEASE read the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop Guidelines and FAQ page. This will answer many of your questions!!


Art Impressions

Art Impressions Blog
First on the list of sponsors today is Art Impressions!!  

Cat Stackers - 4739
Art Impressions is a returning sponsor. They are known for their hilarious stamps...many of them with interactive features. This year they are offering their fabulous Cat Stackers stamp to one lucky Cat Lovers Hop winner!! How fun is this mountain of cats???!!!

I don't personally own this stamp or any of their kitty stamps, so sadly I cannot make a sample card for you, but let's show them how much we appreciate them!!

Please take time to visit Art Impressions at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"
Next on the list is Newton's Nook Designs!

Jen at Newton's Nook Designs is another returning sponsor and is one of the biggest supporters of our Cat Lovers Hops!!! She is the first company owner to whom I ever mentioned the possibility of doing a Cat Lovers Hop. She was so enthusiastic in offering to sponsor that it really gave me the boost I needed to get last year's hop organized. I very much appreciate her continued support and encouragement. Did you know that last year she even personally commented on every Newton project in our hop?!!! How awesome is that????!!!!!

Jen is giving a $20 store credit so the lucky winner can choose their own Newton (or other product, but why would you choose anything else from NND???? lol...)

Please take time to visit Newton's Nook Designs at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

I have a sample card I made from my Newton's Nook Designs - Newton's Book Club stamp set.  I hadn't ever used it before, so I thought this was a good time for it to get inky for the first time.
It's crazy, but this is the first time I have tried using my big 120-piece set of Prismacolors on a card!  I bought this set of when my very talented and artistic daughter was a teenager and she colored a lot with it.  I kept seeing wonderful images colored with them and even bought some of the low-odor paint thinner and Imagine Crafts - Fantastix for "painting" with them (works fab, by the way!!) but this is my first attempt at any of that!!

MY SHOP The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!!!

One lucky participant in Today's Game will win this prize from Ike's Art.  It's from her new digital stamp set " FLEAZ NAVIDAD " and called "Ai Haz Mizzeltow".  Sweet!!!!

Here's what I made with it:

How did I do on non-coloring a white cat? lol... I was going to use a pale blue outline, but....guess what? I haven't purchased the blue set of Spectrum Noirs, that was out! I think aqua works, though. What do you think? I liked the idea of a white kitty on a snowflake background, so I am pretty pleased with how this turned out. Hope you enjoyed seeing it, too.

Now for today's game. It's easy...all you have to do is tell us your favorite kitty coat color/pattern/or breed, if that is easier to describe. (We all know what Siamese looks like!) Also, do you prefer short, medium, or long fur? "Calicos, tabbies, and spotted...Oh, my!!"

This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:
1. Leave a comment telling us about your favorite color/pattern for detailed above.
2. After you finish posting your comment, fill out your name in the link up below. This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed! You don't even need a blog!!! This is for everyone!!! This link up will close today at 11:55 pm Pacific, October 27, 2016. I will draw the lucky winner from the linkup, so don't forget to do that part. However, I would still love for you to share your favorite kitty color in the comments below, even if you miss the linkup deadline!

I'll go first. My favorite color and pattern is a brown mackerel-striped tabby. I love how there is so much variation in the colors as they go from stripe to stripe. Even the texture is different on the dark and light stripes! I prefer a medium-length coat. My dear sweet Aliyah (on this year's blog hop badge) that I lost recently had the most plush fur....a medium coat that felt soft as a rabbit's.
My favorite kind of cat would hands-down be a Siamese X.....they have that amazing intelligence of their Siamese ancestry, but not as prone to some of the Siamese weaknesses from whatever their other ancestry is. The smartest cats I ever had were part Siamese. My Chaienne (on the blog header) is part Siamese, though her coloration looks nothing like it.

Okay, now it is your turn!!  I am looking forward to hearing your answers!

REMEMBER:  Link your cat-themed projects over on the
MAIN POST.  The link-up below is to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you comment.  Thanks!!!



  1. Oooh - loving the cards. The Newton one is so very cute and I love what you did with Mizzeltowz :-D The edging is fabulous and is perfect with the background and ribbon. He looks really super against the embossed background. Superb card Janis. :-)

    I really do love totally Black cats - I have been lucky enough to have had 4 in my lifetime.. one of which was a Persian and was my baby.
    Second up I guess will be Gingers... I have a couple of those and they always seem to grow into really big, butch guys LoL

    Thanks for another super game :-D

    IKE xxxx

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    Cat Lovers Challenge Blog

  2. Im attracted to shaded and smoke colors and long fur cats. Once I saw someone's cat, a Siamese with a shaded silver coat, I was instantly mesmerized by its beauty.
    I love your creation using Newton's Book Club stamp set.
    pingvf(at)rocketmail(dot)com Singapore

  3. OMG, that cat stacker has been on my wish list. Love, love, LOVE! I just became acquainted with Newton on the Hop, what a sweetie and you've done a fab job with the pencils. Brilliant coloring Ike's latest image. Love the palette and embossing. I need that one for Christmas, for sure.

    Now on to the game. I do love Siamese, like my very first kitty, Twinkle, but both Goliath and Jezebel are Pixiebobs, a fairly new recognized breed with brown or gray tabby markings and naturally bobbed tails. I especially love their spotted tummies. Goliath's is a rusty brown. Yummy! They're reportedly bred from Barn cats that had bred with Bobcats in the wild. I don't know about that, but they also are extremely interactive (although Jezzie is a wild skittish girl). I always thought I wanted long hairs, until I started cleaning up the clumps (and hairballs) and trying to comb out the mats on Jezzie. She's still the softest ever though (when she occasionally lets me pet. She's a Daddy's girl. LOL). xxD dlmundinger(at)yahoo(dot)com USA

  4. Love your cards especially the autumnal one :-)

  5. I love alll cats, esp kitten! Have a fondness for my aunt's stray cat which has one blue and one yellow eye!
    Vivien(dot)lee(at)gmail(dot)com USA

  6. If I have to pick a favorite it's probably a Tuxedo, I'm a sucker for the black and white kitties. Although my first indoor kitty was a Himalayan and I love those too! When it comes to their fur a medium coat is nice. My oldest has long fur and she gets belly knots because she hates having her belly brushed. She also gets massive hair logs, not ball they are long logs of fur, it's gross. Our two short hair kitties are definitely lower maintenance.

    Thanks for the fun blog hop! andwhis18 at hotmail dot com from USA.

  7. Love Newton in his book nook! Great fall card.

    I can't chose a favorite. I just can't do it. I like cats! I like them with long hair, short hair, tails, no tails, two working eyeballs, one working eyeball, can't say I've ever tried a no working eyeball cat but I'd love him too, pitch black, white, gray, a combination of the above, tabby, ginger, Siamese, higgly piggly colors (torie), calico, or even nappy fur (Rex), not too sure about naked kitties but I'm sure I'd love one of those too... I just can't pick. Besides with 5 different colored ones in the house I'd get lynched if I said the wrong thing.
    PJ from US, princessjudy4 @

  8. Love your fun cards today!
    My favorite type of cat is Siamese. Or, as a tee shirt I once bought stated, "Siamese, if you please!".

  9. Beautiful cards today, Janis! Newton looks so cozy curled up on the bookshelf while the leaves rustle around outside, and 'Ai Haz Mizzeltow' is so cute and I love how you 'coloured' him.
    My favourite would be a medium coat, tuxedo cat, since most of the cats that have owned me have been tuxedo! I do drool over ginger kittens, though!
    caroleannjones2 (at) man (dot) com

  10. Well, as books and cats are two of my favorite things, you know that I love this beautiful card. The rich fall colors of the background are the perfect way to show off a sleeping kitty! I have a small set of Prismacolor pencils that belonged to my son (also from his high school days) but have yet to try the paint thinner and Fantastix method, even though I have all the supplies. As for favorite cat markings, my very favorite kitty of all time was Baily, who was a very plush solid gray, with white paws and a white smudge on his cheek. That beautiful gray coat was so soft and thick. Next to that, I love tabbies! Long or short coats are all wonderful, but of course a short coat is easier to maintain
    kladd94803 at


  11. love those sponsors!
    and Ike made so cute image!
    you made wonderful cards!
    my favorite coat color cat are Siamese, tabbies spotted and and every coat color :D
    because of my allergies I prefer short hair cats.

    Fiki from Croatia

  12. More amazing sponsors! Love the prizes on offer! Just went to FB and thanked them (I'm Karen Garber over there)! Your cards are gorgeous, Janis! I am so enjoying all the kitty cards and projects on this hop! Love how you coloured Newton - I don't have that set but it's on my very long wish list! I also love your kitty mistletoe card - Ike has drawn some gorgeous images - I am going to need all of them!

    As for my favourite type of kitty, I have two - I'm not sure what they are called but I love the brown or grey tabbies with the white belly, and I also love all-white kitties! Favourite breed: domestic short hair. I prefer short fur.

    Thanks so much for this hop, Janis! I am enjoying it so much! Is it just me, or are there way more entries than last year? I'm having a hard time keeping up, but I've commented on all so far (except my own!). Congratulations on a very successful hop - and it's not over yet! Can't wait to see the final count! Woohoo!

    KT Fit Kitty
    fitkitty1 at gmail dot com

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  14. My favorite color for a cat is tortoise shell. We had one once and she was my favorite cat.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com USA

    1. Cute fall and Christmas themed cat cards.
      slrdowney at hotmail dot com USA

  15. Favorite cat color!?! Is this a test? Or are you going to tell my cats which one I like best (the HORROR!). I have had all kinds of cats, and 3 years ago I got my first all black cat. Mew is such a love bug and so sweet, that black cats have become my favorite. But, honestly, I'd love a bengel if I could get one at a shelter - their markings are SO cool! Off to comment on the 59357204358 blogs I have left to comment on ;)

  16. Loving the bold colors of your first card! And Merry kissmas is gorgeous the way you have the beautiful kitty outlined!! Love that!
    I love the cats with the odd markings like Sam the eyebrows! He is awesome.

  17. I would dearly love a maine coon!! BLACK!
    If not - a moggie from the shelter - black and panther like. I LOVE black cats! And I prefer getting adult cats - ones that don't have half the chance kittens do. :) But my luck has it (and its a good thing) my next cat will just 'turn up in the garden' like many before - knowing when to come.... bit mary poppins really :)

    Your card is adorable Janis! and the sponsors stamps - love them too!

    1. oh goodness... did my comment and THEN forgot to go an put in my link at the time!! UGH!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. What great cards!So fun...Hmmmmm, I would say black cats are my favorite, but I love the Sphynx. I love the big eared aliens. LOL banaszakv58atgmaildotcom USA

  20. I like you card and great sponsors.I found this blog by accident and fell in love with a cat person tähän.I sick, but if I care, but I go jumping.
    So the mind and colors of cat gray striped.

  21. What gorgeous colors on your sweet fall card with Newton snoozing on a bookshelf! Cat colors? Well, I'm not prejudiced, tho yellow tiger Main Coon and Himalayan Siamese just make my heart melt!

  22. I didn't squeak in before the deadline but had to say that your card is beautiful! Newton looks so cozy and sweet, asleep on his bookshelf and the cat meme you posted has my two girls ooohing and ahhhing. That kitten has the cutest little tummy and paws in the world!
    My favorite cat color is a gray and white tabby. We had two of them, one long haired and one short haired. They just say "cat" to me!

  23. I really love all kinds of cats! I love the silky smooth coat of black Bombays! I also love those spotted coats of the Bengals--they look like little jungle cats! I'll take them all!

  24. Your cards are so adorable. Love Newton ... I mean, really, what's not to love?! Love the mistletoe on kitty's tail.

  25. Hi Janis! Thank you for your sweet words! I LOVE this blog hop and we are so happy to sponsor at Newton's Nook Designs! Your card is so pretty with the bookshelf and all the Fall Leaves! It's kind of funny because I just linked up a card I created and I used the same set! :) Hope your hop is going well! Have a great weekend!
    -Jen {Newton's Nook Designs}

  26. Awesome cards!!!

    raggiodiluce82 at gmail dot com


  27. Cats and books were meant to go together! I love your colorful layout!
    Take care!
    Michele, USA


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