Wednesday, October 30, 2019

CAT HOPPERS: Please Rate our 2019 CAT LOVERS HOP

Unlike cats, I DO value your opinions!!  🖤

Hi, Cat Hoppers......

Winners for the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop are announced HERE!!!

Thanks for hopping over to this post! I want to give you an opportunity to help me make our Cat Hops even better. I value the feedback you give me on all aspects of our hop. So I have a few quick questions. Please rate our Hop and offer any comments or suggestions you might have.

Using the numbers 1-5
1 = Definitely needs improvement
2 = Could be better
3 = Okay as is
4 = Very good
5 = Outstanding

Please leave a comment rating our Hop on the following things (and answer the questions, if you wish) . I am especially interested in ways I can make things better. Feel free to BE HONEST!!! :)
  1. EASE OF USE (Are my posts too long? Are they difficult to read or understand, esp for international participants? Are there too many rules? Which parts are confusing? Are the games easy to play?) 
  2. FUN AND INTERESTING (Do you like the Daily Games? Is our "Cats" theme too broad or too narrow? Are my posts boring? Do you enjoy the "Hop" part where we go to each other's blogs and comment? Do you like the prizes that are centered mainly around cat crafting products?) 
  3. FRIENDLINESS (Do you feel our Hop is a community of friends? Have we been cheerful and welcoming to new Hoppers? Did Hoppers visit your project and leave nice comments? Do you feel like a valued member of the Hop? Do you still feel like part of the Hop family, even if you can only participate in a limited way?) 
  4. MY RESPONSIVENESS (Have you had difficulties with our hop that I helped you work through? Have I answered your questions about the my posts, FAQs, or personally in comments or emails? Have I been receptive to offers of help and suggestions for corrections and improvements?) 
  5. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BEING ON A CAT LOVERS HOP EMAIL LIST? I might like to have a group that I can call on for assistance for next year's hop. Or something might come to our attention during the "off-season" that I think other Hoppers would like to know about. I would not be sending regular emails...only if I had some pertinent news. Let me know if you are interested in being on my list.
    You can also let me know your favorite things and least favorite things about the Hop and anything else you want to say.  On the whole do the positives outweigh the negatives????  I hope so!!  :) 

    Sorry...couldn't resist. I knew you'd understand!!

    I have to be honest......I LOVE to hear that our Cat Lovers Hop is your favorite hop of the year and that you look forward to it each year! (Purr...purr...purr...) But I also want to know things that I can improve.

    THANK YOU so much for helping me by filling out this survey.  The Cat Lovers Hop is truly OUR hop and I appreciate you taking an active part in helping it be the best it can be!! 



    1. All 5's from me - I think it's purr-fect!!
      And yes, I want to be on your email list. You know
      I don't have a blog, but I would still help you in
      any way I can. :-) (And I'm even saying this
      BEFORE I look at the winners list! hahaha

    2. 4.5 *** It was easy to hop, fun and entertaining. However, I found that after about just over 100 comments, that I made, I was not going to be able to keep it up over the full week... Maybe a 3 day hop would be better and limit the number of entries per day to maybe 2 .. would be a lot easier to comment and see all the participants.. just saying what I truly feel.. =^-^=

    3. Lol...that cat cartoon is crazy hilarious! It took me a minute to realize out what all the cats are "bringing up"!

      I love everything about the hop and the only thing I would change is to allow another extra day to comment. I ran out of time, but wish I could have left comments for everyone. So many people left really sweet comments on my projects and on Remi and Blairs, and I wanted to leave more personal comments as well..but not enough time. Thanks so much for a fun hop, and for all your work.

    4. hahah that cat photo is so funny!
      I thing Cat lovers blog hop is 5+!
      all is great! I hade much fun visiting other cat lovers and enjoy in theys projects!
      Thankk you for all you do!

    5. I think the hop was fantastic and I cannot wait until the next one! I would love for you to put me on the email list for help next year. You out-did yourself with all the sponsors and I know that was a lot of work. With the hop being six days long, The only thing I would suggest doing differently is having more 'inspiration projects' next year by other folks to give you some breathing room since your hands are already way too full. Thanks for a fantastic hop!
      Love To Scrap 2

    6. Awesome hop and wonderful sponsors and prizes! I did find the posts to be pretty long and often forgot to include a comment on your creations .... by the time I got to reading the game-specific part, my mind was going in the direction of answering the game question. Maybe your creations could be posted separately from the other info? Otherwise, all was excellent! And yes to the email list!
      Added note... #4 gets a 5+! Although you must have been swamped with running the show, you were very quick to respond to my questions or comments! Thank you for all the hard work you put into making the hop happen! It was great!

    7. I did not have time to do the daily games but everything was wonderful. I love the prizes and your posts were long but filled with good info and fun facts! Add me to the email list!

    8. This was only my second time at your Hop... but I am already looking forward to the next one. I give 5's to all the items. I especially appreciate the many wonderful comments left on my site. I love highlighting digis created by creative friends, so love to share them on my blog. It is great when they are seen by so many visitors as happened during this hop. I also love the great cartoons you posted. They often make me laugh out loud! So... thanks for all that you do. And... yes to the email. Kathy Asper at

    9. I would give all 5's to the hop as well, and also wanted to say that my favorite part of the hop (besides the funny cat memes and chance to win prizes of course) is the sense of community I get. This hop is small enough that I felt like I was crafting with good friends. The comments that I received were often detailed and specific to my card, and made me feel really appreciated. I had a smile on my face each time I read what other crafters had to say!
      I also wanted to thank you for allowing my granddaughters, Blair and Remi, to participate and to all the amazing hoppers who left such encouraging and positive messages on their projects. I worried that other participants may get tired of seeing all those kids projects (which would be understandable), but if they were, they hid it well, haha!
      I do worry about you wearing yourself out with all the work involved in planning and executing the hop...and then trying to comment on all of the projects. You know you can add me to the email list as I'm all in for helping out! I wonder too if you may want to consider limiting the number of projects we can link up to two a day (or something like that). That would save you the work of all that commenting, and might make it less daunting to participants to comment on entries. I know that not everyone is retired as I am, and it could be difficult to find the time to view so many links.
      Whatever you decide to do, I just had a ball with this year's hop and am purring with contentment!

      1. Much as I would dislike limiting cat lovers in any way, I have to agree with Karen about the idea of limiting the number of daily entries per person. I think it would encourage more players to try to comment on all the entries. 1 or even 2 entries per day per person would certainly be reasonable and it would also level the playing field a bit when it comes to randomly awarded prizes. :-D

    10. Hi Janis - well you definitely get all 5+ from me and YES I will be on the mailing list for any help you need.
      A fabulous amount of entries this year but I managed to keep up with my Commenting , assisted by gallons of coffee hahahaha
      My favourite Hop of the year xxxxxx
      Thank you for using my image and it is a pleasure to Sponsor you. You know you can always count on me x
      IKE =^..^=

      My Challenge Blog
      My Shop
      My Blog
      FB Fan Page
      Cat Lovers Challenge Blog

    11. Ease of use -- outstanding.
      Fun/Interesting --Outstanding. Those cat memes just crack me up. I love going to people's posts and seeing their talents.
      Friendliness -- outstanding. If a person has a bone to pick about cat-related stuff, then why are they here?
      Responsiveness -- I've never had a question that would require help
      The cat lovers blog list -- yes, I would be interested in being on the cat lovers list, although I have no idea what assistance I could offer (?). Maybe I could put up announcements for cat-related blog parties or organizations that provide health services for cats, but other than that, I have no idea how I might assist the blog hop.

    12. 5 out of 5 for everything for me - except the friendliness, I'd give that 10 out of 5!!! I'd love to get emails about the hop and associated cat/craft news

    13. EASE OF USE: 5
      Are my posts too long? They are long and I read every single word so clearly not TOO long. :-D
      Are the games easy to play? Very easy and I like the link up for each individual day.
      Do you like the Daily Games? I do like the games. My favorites were the Alphabetical list of cat names and the poem. The poetic effort took a bit of time for me, but it was fun. I loved reading what everyone had written.
      Is our "Cats" theme too broad or too narrow? Neither.
      Do you enjoy the "Hop" part where we go to each other's blogs and comment? Yes, I do like the Hop part. I love visiting other cat lovers and seeing what they have created.
      Do you like the prizes that are centered mainly around cat crafting products? Yes, yes, YES!!)
      Do you feel our Hop is a community of friends? Absolutely!
      Did Hoppers visit your project and leave nice comments? I had more comments from the other hoppers than I did from challenges I happened to enter.
      Do you feel like a valued member of the Hop? Yes.
      ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BEING ON A CAT LOVERS HOP EMAIL LIST? Yes!! Not only would I love hearing Cat Lovers "news," I'm available to assist in any way if you need.

    14. My first time on your
      fun cat hop! Enjoyed
      the post and agree you
      should limit to only 1
      or 2 card entries a day.
      I liked the daily games
      as well. I think it's a
      fabulous hop and Cat hop
      says it all.
      Carla from Utah

    15. All 5's.. This was an AWESOME hop!

    16. Hi, Janis, I thought the hop was a lot of fun, and it got me crafting after a hiatus. I really enjoyed making my cat cards. Of course I make cat cards any time of year, but it's fun to devote a week just to cats. I rate it 5 out of 5!

      EASE OF USE: I think your posts were just right, they had all the info we needed. I enjoyed the games too. Definitely not too many rules. There was nothing confusing, in my opinion.

      FUN AND INTERESTING: I enjoyed the daily games and it helped us all get to know each other better, especially the new people. Yes, I prefer that the prizes be cat-themed - we're all cat lovers! Also, it helps to keep non-cat lovers from participating just to win a prize.

      FRIENDLINESS: I definitely feel our Hop is a community of friends! I was happy to see new participants and definitely tried to make them feel welcome!

      MY RESPONSIVENESS: I had no need to contact you - everything was clear and well written.

      ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BEING ON A CAT LOVERS HOP EMAIL LIST? Yes, please put me on the list. I would be interested in helping you provide additional cat inspiration cards to advertise the sponsors. There is no need for you to try to do this all by yourself. I think many of us would be happy to help out.

      Note: I totally agree with other people's suggestion of limiting entries to 1 or 2 per day.

      Thanks again, Janis. You put your cat-loving heart and soul into the hop and it showed!

    17. Really enjoyed the hop, Janis. sadly, I've not had much opportunity to play along as I've been so busy, but I've loved dipping in and dropping by when I can. You work so hard and it's very much appreciated. I'd be happy to be on an email list and to help out in any way I can. You've been such a help to me with The Christmas Kickstart Challenge that I'd like to repay the favour. Possibly my only comment would be to limit the number of entries a little. Thanks for another great hop, Jo x

    18. Thank you Janis for this amazing hop! I love it! 5 out of 5 for everything for me! <3
      Your posts are very clear and I don't think they're too long but I agree with Denise about to post your creations separately.
      I agree with SHartl's suggestion to have one more day to left comments after the end of the hop. I love so much your Daily Games! Writing the poem was so hard for me because English isn't my first language but I was very funny taking part! I love this cat lover community!!! And I love all the inspiration and this was a great chance to find new artists and their amazing blogs or social media pages! I would be interesting to receive your email but I think I wouldn't be of much assistance.
      Thanks for all!
      Happy Halloween to everyone!!!

    19. Ahhahaha! That cat funny!!
      It was a wonderful hop Janis! Loved it! Really it is 5's and beyond! Lovely sense of community!!

      I agree with an extra day to comment. I merrily went on my way commenting - finished them all and realised that the deadline had passed. LOL! It really didn't matter though. It was lovely to receive comments from caring people who took the time to specifically address the project shown as it was very appreciated, not just on my blog but what I read on blogs I visited. I love the games! LOVE! because this is one way to learn about the everyone's cats, but I don't get to read them all here on your blog because I might be in the first few to answer then don't get back to see all the others. Perhaps if a copy and paste of it onto the writers blog with their project would be fabulous and learn more about everyone's kitties this way too! I'd love to see encouragement if possible for perhaps variety of different projects somehow? The 6 days are perfect, I'd be sad if it were shorter! I'm always at a loss when its over! Yes to an email! If I can help at all, sing out!

    20. For me all it's purrrrrfect, Janis! :D
      I say 5 on 5 for all the questions!
      I have some difficulties with your posts, but they aren't about the way you write, but instead for my bad English :) This isn't my language, so it's fatiguing and it's difficult write and read quickly.
      I have always only bits of time in this period of the year, so perhaps if the Hop were 7-10 days long, for me could be better.
      Thank you so very much for all the fun!!!

    21. The Hop was fantastic, Janis! I would score all at 5+.
      This year I was short on time and ended up playing the daily games at the end - definitely not the right way to do things, so I'll know better next year! Love the idea about copying and pasting the game answers onto our posts.
      I think that a daily limit or a total limit (total limit would be easier to manage on Inlinkz) of projects should be set, but not too low because that will limit creativity.
      I would love to sign up for the emails and am happy to help in any way I can.
      Thanks again for all the time you dedicate to the best week in blog-land! xx

    22. Every perfect, Janis.
      1. Ease of use (rate 4): I would prefer "sign in here" to be on the "main hop page", and not to a different page.
      2. Fun and interesting (rate 5): Absolutely.
      3. Friendliness (rate 4): YES!!! But it is too difficult to leave comments on all the cat projects from the link up.
      4. Responsiveness (rate 5): You are great!
      5. Cat loves hop mail list (rate 5): A BIG YES, please add me.
      Also: Please extend the time (for example 7-10 days).

    23. You did fantastic Janice! So much hard work, I am in awe! I'd give you a 5 on every category!

    24. Dear Janis
      You surely do deserve more than 5 on all categories.
      Congratulations and thank you for an awesome hop. I don't hv enough words to thank you for your love and kindness.
      The blog post was easy to use. I had an issue commenting on some blogs.
      It was total fun and interesting I enjoyed every minute of it.
      I was a new comer this year but I never felt that way and I hv made new friends isn't it fantastic to connect with fellow crafters. I simply love it.
      Your responsiveness was awesome. You are a real mum and was ever willing to support.
      Please include me in the email list and if there is anything I could do please let me know. I am thinking of getting a goodie bag ready and sending it over to you for one of the winners next year. I will contact you on that.
      The only issue I had was commenting on everyone.I loved to do it but my choc a bloc schedule doesn't permit me though I would love to. May be if a person's entries are limited to 2 a day tgat would be a good idea. What do you think.
      If I can be of any help to anyone pls drop a mail and I am willing to do it. Loads of love and thanks.
      Blessings to your home from mine.

    25. Its a 5 from me, I really appreciate all your hardwork getting this awesome event so well organized annually. I truly enjoyed looking at all the beautiful creations and be inspired by them. And also your encouraging and inspiring comments on all my works. There were some games that I could not comprehend blame it on my poor English.

      Thank you very much, Janis!

    26. Hi, I'm giving you a 10 for the hop. It's just so fab. The things I don't like are it doesn't last long enough and it doesn't last long enough. Getting as many cat makes made as I would like is impossible in a week. If you could run it for two weeks I think that would be nice. I like the idea of limiting people to one or two links a day max. Not everyone has the time to join so much. I would prefer to see one fab entry than 10 that looked rushed or the same except 'I added a bow to this one or changed the background colour'. Not that I know if anyone did this cos I haven't had a time to visit everyone so no one get offended, it's just my thoughts. Hugz We all love cats, and we all like to try and comment on the entries, but sometimes we don't have time. I failed miserably with comments, but will be visiting those who linked up to the challenges I manage when I get a minute to breathe (cat sitting on my chest LOL). I love the daily games. If you extended the hop you could post every other day maybe. I don't expect you to do 14 posts!!!! Thank you for all the hard work that you do. Thank you for getting the sponsors. I know it can be scary just asking!! I definitely think this should be limited to cats. There is plenty of scope with the anything associated with, any type of cats. Very friendly hop. Nice comments from people. I felt they had looked at my project and weren't just copy and pasting a single word so they could be a super commentor. Anyone who managed that deserves a prize!! Yes, put me on your cat lovers list. Busy here but always up for a chat about things. You know. It was awesome. Sign me up for next year LOL. Did I miss anything?? HUGZ

    27. You KNOW you get a 5 from me as this is paws down my favorite event of the year! So sorry I wasn't able to participate as much as I'd've liked to this year.

      1. I like that you use different colors to help the main points stand out in the posts which are, of necessity long.
      2. I LOVE IT ALL!! (And your posts are always fun!!)
      3. Yep, we are a friendly bunch. And tho I was VERY limited this year, still felt part of the fam!
      4. No difficulties encountered.
      5. Yes! Please put me on your e-mail list. I'll always lend a paw where possible.

      One of my favorite things are your memes and today's are just gut-busting hilarious!! I also love to go back once it's over and read everyone else's comments.

      I loved that you listed the sponsors on your sidebar this year! I do have one suggestion to put in the pot... If you were to post (or email) a sponsor calendar ahead of time, some of us could plan our projects to feature them on the same day you do (where possible, of course)

    28. Hi Janis,

      All 5's from me. I had a lot of fun. I would definitely love to be on your e-mail list so that I have more time to prepare some more cards for the hop ahead of time. LOL! Hopefully, the e-mail could go out a month ahead or a few weeks ahead as a teaser of what's to come. This is just my second year participating and I had an awesome time. I wish I could have found more time to comment on everyone's wonderful creations. I believe it is amazing how much work you put in for getting sponsors and commenting on everyone's projects. You are truly awesome. It is also a lot of fun seeing everyone's cats and reading their stories. Till next year! Thanks again.

    29. All 5’s for an awesome cat lovers hop from me!

      Janis, Thank you for letting me know of my fabulous Win from Lost Coast Designs...I have emailed Gail. Thanks again Val x

    30. Definitely all 5's from me, too. Super fun and entertaining, great community and friendliness. LOVE the daily games and I do go back and read more later as they come in. I would rather not extend the Hop much longer, unless you mean for commenting purposes which would be great, because I feel like I'm already totally tied to social media and it makes me feel anxious. I would prefer that you limit entries to 2 per day because I love seeing everyone's projects and commenting, but then have no crafting time. I actually did try and do more projects, but couldn't manage. I was happy that I got at least one done in honor of my Goliath, though. I would definitely love to be on the email list because I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I used to and it crept up on me this year. Any help you need, please let me know. Would hate to see you burn out because of all of the work you do. Thank you for everything! YOU ROCK! xxxxD

    31. I'll give it 5 across the board... Enjoyed it very much!

      EASE OF USE I found it very easy to use.
      FUN AND INTERESTING I didn't do all the games but I did enjoy writing the poem!
      FRIENDLINESS - great 'meeting'up with people from previous hops. I tried to comment on all creations but wonder if my comments were sometimes pretty basic!
      MY RESPONSIVENESS - No difficulties. Appreciated your comments on my makes...

    32. EASE OF USE: I found it very easy to use. There's alot of information, but it's needed.
      FUN AND INTERESTING I love the games, especially the poem this year. They were fun to read.
      FRIENDLINESS - I've made some friends in the card making community from this hop. Since I have a Flickr I don't get as many comments and it's nice to get them and then follow their blogs too. It's nice to create within the community and not in a vacuum.
      MY RESPONSIVENESS - No issues. You are very responsive. Well, you and your clones are ;)
      I agree with the above commenters, that maybe there should be a limit to the number of entries per day to make commenting on all the projects easier. The con to that is you don't want to inhibit anyone' creativity. Can't wait for next year. Thanks!!


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