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.....And you don't want to miss a minute of the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop!!!!


Welcome to Day 1 of the

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Hi, Friends.....

Welcome, Everyone!!!  I am so glad you are here to join in the DAY 1 festivities of the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop!!  Each day I will be posting fun things to see and do and win!  

Several of our sponsors will be featured each day, along with the prizes they are offering and maybe some cards made with those products. My thanks to the sponsors who kindly provided photos and graphics for me to use, as well as the totally fabulous prizes!  

Also, many thanks to Karen Ladd who has helped as a Guest Designer for the week....and others who have given me encouragement and support in so many ways to make this year's Hop happen!! ❤❤❤

Just a reminder.....You must SIGN IN HERE to be eligible for prizes. Also, LINK UP ALL PROJECTS ON THE MAIN HOP PAGE by 11:55 pm Pacific, Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019.  I have my 2019 Cat Lovers Hop Guidelines and FAQs in a handy tab just under my header at the top of each page.

Okay on to the Day 1 festivities........

My featured sponsors today are: Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps, Art Impressions, Unity Stamp Company, Darkroom Door, Poppystamps, Rubber Dance Art Stamps, and Ike's Art (kindly sponsoring our Daily Games each day).


Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps

Please say hello to returning sponsor Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps.  Leigh designs amazingly magical and quirky digital images.   

BONUS: Leigh is celebrating the 31 Days of Halloween with a challenge and a bunch of prizes for her hoppers linking up Halloween projects and for those who just want to hop around and comment! Details are HERE. If you make a Halloween project for our Cat Lovers Hop, be sure to enter in her fab challenge, also!!

Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps is offering a $10 Gift Code to her Etsy store to one lucky Cat Hop winner.

Please take time to visit Leigh SB Designs Art Stamps at these social media spots: Blog, Store, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTubeDon't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Art Impressions

Art Impressions is another returning sponsor. One of our original sponsors, they have been donating prizes for the Cat Lovers Hops for 5 years in a row!!! THANK YOU! They are known for their humorous stamps...many of them with interactive features.


This year Art Impressions is generously offering their
Cozy Cat Cubbies stamp set to one lucky winner.

Please take time to visit Art Impressions at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Unity Stamp Company

Unity is a returning sponsor and a wonderful company.  I appreciate their focus on encouragement and support, especially for us!!  

I can always count on Unity to be helpful and generous.  This year they are donating TWO Mystery Prizes each valued at $75.  I know the winners will love the great quality of the designs and the construction of their stamps, which they make themselves right on site!!  So cool!! (or maybe hot...)

Please take time to visit Unity Stamp Co. at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Darkroom Door

I am delighted to have Darkroom Door return as a sponsor this year.  They have fabulous products and I know you will be impressed with their awesome designs.

Darkroom Door is generously providing one of their Sitting Cat Eclectic Stamps to a lucky winner.  How awesome is that image??!!  I liked it so much I chose this prize to be the one for the "Post my Badge" Giveaway!

NOTE: This happens to be the only cat in their catalog, but it is one of the BEST I have seen. I am hoping they will offer more cats in the future. You might mention that when you visit them to thank them for sponsoring!! :)

Please take time to visit Darkroom Door at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!....(and please release more cat stamps!)" :)


I am thrilled to have Poppystamps as a new sponsor this year.  We all are familiar with their fabulous stamps and dies, and their awesome Blog Blitz much fun!! 

BONUS: Poppystamps has a special Cat Hop post on their blog today by one of their DT members...our friend and fellow cat lover, Michele Henderson. They talked about possibly offering an additional giveaway over there. Check it out to see!!

Poppystamps has generously provided a lovely selection of cat dies for a lucky winner here on the Hop:

Whittle Cat
Friendly Cat
Kitty Face

Please take time to visit Poppystamps at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Rubber Dance Art Stamps

Another big welcome goes to new sponsor Rubber Dance Art Stamps. I know our Euro hoppers are familiar with Rubber Dance, but some of our American ones might not be. Our friend and fellow cat lover, Gail (Ionabunny) is their DT you must check out their wonderful products!! 

BONUS: Check out Rubber Dance's special Cat Lovers Hop blog post today for a DT showcase of past projects made with the lovely stamps they have donated to us.


Here's the fabulous prize that Rubber Dance has for a lucky winner. How cute are those patterned cats in this Purr-fect! stamp set??!! (I WANT this set!!! lol...)

Please take time to visit Rubber Dance at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!!  Ike is another repeat offender returning sponsor who has been kindly offering her digital art for the Cat Lovers Hops for 5 years in a row.  Many thanks, Ike!! 🖤

Please take time to visit Ike at these social media spots: Blog, Store, and Facebook Group. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

BONUS:  Ike's Show us Your Pussies - Cats Only Challenge theme this month is Furrything Goes + MEOW-loween.  So if you make a kitty creation for the Cat Hop (Halloween or not), you can also link it up over there!!  Yay!!

Ike has graciously designed a fabulous new set of digital images for prizes for our Daily Games.......her brand-new Mood Cat digital set with interchangeable faces to add to the cat image. How fun and creative is that??!!! She is generously providing a set of these to a lucky winner of the Daily Game EACH day of the Hop. WOW!!!

Oh, my goodness.......Ike kindly sent me a set of these digis to try out.  Once I got started making cards with them, I COULDN'T stop.  My favorites of the set are the grouchy, moody ones that I can use with funny sentiments.  I used the "Not Amused" face for this card. (This is sooooooooooooo our Perdita cat who is not AT ALL in agreement with the sentiment!!! lol..)

Instead of cluttering up the Hop with descriptions of my own cards, I will put them on my Flickr and you can find out more details about them there.  You can view this card HERE.

Now I bet you want this digi set, don't you!  Even those of you who "don't do digis"....are totally going to NEED this set!!!  :)  Well, GOOD NEWS!.....Ike has a set of these to give to a winner EACH DAY OF THE HOP, but you have to play in the Daily Game AND put your name in the Linky below!!!


Not all of you use digis and have indicated that to me when you SIGNED IN.  I hope you will still participate in the Daily Games.  You do NOT have to participate in the digi giveaway to answer the Daily Game question that lets us all get to know each other better.  If you DO want to be in the digi prize drawing, be sure to link up your name each day that you participate! must link up your name in the linky tool at the bottom of each post to be in the drawing for the digi prizes.

DAY 1 GAME: Kitty Roll Call and In Memoriam :(

As usual, our Day 1 Game is Kitty Roll Call where we share with each other the names of each of the cats that call your home (or your back porch) their own....even if it is just a home away from home.  During Kitty Roll Call, you can tell us a little about your cats and you also may add to the roll call any that you have lost since last Cat Lovers Hop.  :( :( :(  Some of you might not have any kitties at home anymore, but please tell us about cats you have had in the past.

I will start.......

Here are my kitties:
1. Jetta - Jetta is my senior cat, age 16. She is black with one adorable white whisker (currently shed out). That whisker has only turned white as she became advanced in age and her black coat became flecked with white. For years, she used to travel the half-mile across coyote-filled pastures to our old house, but finally retired here during the 2017 Cat Hop. Considering that I lost my last two senior cats at age 16, Jetta is in remarkably good health. She is my current lap kitty and sleeps on my pillow each night. Awwww....sweet!
2. Charlotte - Littermate of Jetta, so also 16 years old. She never successfully made the move from our old house (abt 1/2 mile away) and has been living at the neighbor's property ever since. I haven't seen her for some time or connected with that neighbor, but my son said he spied her a few months ago when he was going to take care of a different neighbor's pets.
3. Andromeda - Our sweet little Night Sky Kitten with her unimaginably soft, solid black coat. She is outside only, and dearly loves, loves, loves to be petted whenever we step outside.
4. Marshmallow - A big soft clump of something sweet. He's a timid, very simple soul with a long coat and magnificent tail. At 13 years of age, he has finally begun asserting himself and actually being a little bossy with some of the other cats. He and Alexander are still best buddies.....eating together, playing together, sparring together, sleeping is soooooooo cute!!!
5. Scamper - Littermate of Marshy. The undisputed Queen of the Back Porch. Don't mess with Scamper-Girl. She even chases raccoons off!!!
6. Ophelia - Our big boy cat with the girl name....long story that I have detailed several times in past Cat Hops. lol.... That whole thing is particularly embarrassing since my hubby is a veterinarian!! Ha. Now age 9, Ophelia is a big lazy neutered male whom we affectionately call "Oaf-elia" or Oaf-Cat. In the winter, he gets fat and becomes our "Loaf-elia" or Loaf-Cat. :)
7. Whiskers - Whisk-Whisk is a clownish Black and White Tuxedo kitty, the littermate sister of Ophelia. She's outside only, but one of our very favorites because of her perky personality. She's a great huntress and often won't leave the chicken house at night when I close the gate because she knows there are furry little 4-footed snacks that emerge in the darkness. She loves her little head rubbed.
8. Mistopheles - Started as a part-time tom, then we caught him and neutered him. Now he is ours. He's long-haired and solid black. He is so sweet and so drooly when you pet him.....ick! :)
9. Othello - Ginormous part-Siamese solid black cat, age 9, that nearly suffocates you when he drapes himself across your neck for a nap. Easily weighs over 20 lbs. He's our Oaf-Fellow!
10. Alexander - Started as a part-time tom but now is neutered and inseparable with his best buddy, Marshmallow. Alexander is still nervous about eyes looking at him, but will come over to me to be petted most anytime I call to him. Loves his tummy rubbed when I find him in a nest on the back porch. He's still too nervous to enjoy being held, but I do it occasionally to try to habituate him.
11. Brian - Beautiful classic brown tabby patterned male, age 5. Littermates with Caspian and Judith....very, very sweet.
12. Caspian - A gentleman kitty with a gentle personality. He is littermates with Brian and Judith. Caspian loves to come in the house but never wants to stay in for long.
13. Judith - Judith is our very, very naughty wanderer. When the weather is decent, she shows up every 3 or 4 weeks (or even months!) for a day or two or three...then she is off again. A storm or cold weather will usually bring her home again...for a time. She's a simple and sweet kitty and it drives me crazy that she won't stay home. I used to think that she might lead a double life, enjoying the benefits of another family in our area that perhaps does not have so many other kitties, but she comes home so very hungry that now I think she is just living out on her own during those times. I miss her and worry about her. We have way too many predators around here for that to be a good lifestyle choice for any kitty. :(
14. Skippyjon - Siamese-X and still a character! Poor Skippy can only be inside with careful supervision, but he is well behaved in my son's room so he often gets to sleep there at night.....which he loves!!
15. Perdita - She is our exotic, lovely Siamese. She has completely established herself as a diva who only wants affection on her terms. She wants a dollop of canned cat food anytime, though....but NOT 9 Lives, ONLY Friskies Poultry Favorites Pate style. I obediently give it to her twice a day, so she won't vomit out of spite!  Ha.
16. Huckle - Was a part-time tom who now is ours full-time....except when he leaves for a few days in the spring and fall during his Pon Farr rendezvous with area females. Then he returns here where he keeps other toms away for the most part. He looks an awful lot like Alexander, but seems smarter. (Wouldn't have to be much of a contender to beat out Alexander in the brains department! lol...) Huckle won't let us touch him.....and did NOT appreciate it when I once slyly did touch him. ("Rrrrr"...he said.) But he follows us around outside and comes running when I holler Kitty-Kitty-Kitty!!!

So I guess that leaves us with 16 cats now. Thankfully, we didn't lose any this past year, but I did take a couple of part-time toms off the list that I haven't seen for over a year.

This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:
1.  Make sure you have SIGNED IN HERE to be eligible for prizes.
2. Leave a comment giving us your Kitty Roll Call and anything you want to tell us about them. I never get tired of reading about everyone's cats!!!
3. After you finish your Kitty Roll Call comment: if you want to be in the drawing for the prize, fill out your (own) name in the link up below. This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed! You don't even need a blog!!!  This is for everyone!!!
NOTE: The Daily Game link ups will be open the entire duration of the Hop, including the extra day for comments. Entries need to be in by 11:55 pm Pacific, Sunday Oct. 27, 2019 to be eligible for the daily prize. So you have more than just today to comment and link up. I realize that not everyone has access to a printer or likes to use digis, so I am still keeping the link up gadget to make sure the digi prizes go to winners who can use them. But I am hoping EVERYONE will participate in answering the questions whether they are putting their name in for the prize or not.

Okay, now it is your turn!!

REMEMBER: Link your cat-themed projects over on the Main Hop Page. (Please use #2019CatLoversHop on social media!!) This link-up below is just to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you have commented with your Kitty Roll Call. Thanks!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for being a part of the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop. Let the fun BEGIN!!!



  1. We have not had cats for many years, the last one was called Blackie and he was a very timid cat

  2. We don't have any cats at the moment, although until a few years ago we had Sammy and Charlie. We have three grand-cats though - Bella, Voltaire and Tchoup. And we also have regular kitty visitors Alfie and Archie. My mother has a cat, too, so we're never very far from a cat!

  3. My cat is BOOTS she is a Main coon and I have had her for 14 years now, she is my Familiar, My best buddy , she follows me everywhere I go and she has never been outside, she is a house cat..

  4. Wow, Janis, what an awesome line-up of sponsors! You're starting off the hop in a big way and I'm very excited! Thank you so much for this hop - I so look forward to it every year!

    I just hopped around to all the sponsors' blogs and said thank you (I thanked Unity Stamps on FB as I couldn't figure out how to comment on their blog). I already follow all of the blogs as well as Unity's FB page.

    Now for the Day 1 Game - Kitty Roll Call:

    I always enjoy readinga bout your kitties, Janis! So many purrsonalities! I have 3 cats (Honeydew, Kiwi, and Snowie) and they are all housecats and do not go outside. I also had one kitty who is gone but will remain forever in my heart (Muffin).

    Honeydew is our big boy - he weighs over 17 lb. He's 15 years old and loves to eat! He also loves to cuddle in bed every morning and night!

    Kiwi is my box boy - he loves to be in some kind of box, or on top of a box. He's sound asleep in a box right now! He's 15 and brother (littermate) to Honeydew. Kiwi is a big fan of belly rubs!

    Snowie is our little girl, all white with blue eyes and weighs about 6 lb. We think she's around 14 years old. She is definitely Brian's cat but will tolerate me haha! She has Thyroid Disease now and ended up being allergic to the medication. We feed her a special prescription food from the Vet and nothing but that food and she's doing well thankfully.

    Muffin was my first cat and will always be in my heart. I had him for 18 wonderful years. A very special boy, he was always by my side, on my lap; wherever I was, he was. Still miss him very much.

    I'm really looking forward to the hop, Janis! THANK YOU for everything you do to make it so much fun for us! Your kitty card is gorgeous - I'll comment over on your Flickr!

    1. I totally understand about missing your Muffin boy. The first two kitties my hubby and I had were a couple of Siamese-X kittens, Amy and Cindy. We lost Amy when she was 8, but Cindy lived to be 19. Amy was one of the best cats I ever had. Even though it has been nearly 30 years since I lost her, my heart still aches when I think of her. Sending hugs to you today.


  5. Hi this is Val DT from LeighSBDesigns, I’ve entered my Kitty Luna Card today, Leigh and I Cats love cats...we have one each at this time! x

  6. Hello Janis - good to be back for another year - what an awesome lot of sponsors and prizes! We have a huge garden - which all the local cats frequent! In fact I can see a lovely black and white passing my window at the moment...

  7. I bred and showed Persians for a good many years so my cat list would be an arm and a leg long. Sadly I don't have any cats at home now. My last cat was called 'Wimpy' (show name Kraoba Guiness) so called because he was a total wimp. Afraid of his own shadow.
    Hugs ValeryAnne.

  8. I am LOVING this hop and it is only Day 1! On to Kitty Roll Call!
    1. Max. Have you seen the new cat themed commercial with the insurance company that features MAYHEM? That is our Max! He'll be 9 in November but he is our trouble-making, lovable wonderful all black kitty!
    2. Omar Kitty - Only a few months younger than Max, Omar Kitty is a soft and furry black ball who loves to be anywhere I am, including the craft table! every morning, I wake up to a pile of Star Wars mouses and toys from the bedroom to the kitchen.
    3. Fuzzy - Fuzz is our long-hair tuxedo baby at only 6 years old who just walked into our house one day when he was VERY small! He loves to sleep on top of our heads at night like a fuzzy cat hat! We love them all!

    1. Michele, Your Max sounds like my HoneyBear- a total troublemaker! Omar and Fuzzy would be right at home if they came for a visit here and they could join all three of mine in following me from room to room. I don't understand people who insist that cats are "aloof." lol That word doesn't sound like it fits any of your cats, either.

  9. As a child, we had an outdoor cat named Henry. Sadly, when we moved (I was 8), we couldn't find him so I never knew what happened to him. And it still bothers me 40 years later!! Now, we have a next door neighbor's cat, Anna Banana, who has adopted us. When we moved here not 2 years ago, she kept coming by and I thought she was a stray. So of course I started feeding her! Then I found out she is our next door neighbor's cat and she's always outside. She comes over every morning for breakfast and pets and a lot of times, naps on one of the chairs, or on the porch floor depending on her mood! And of course, there's Rocky. He is a 24 year old parrot who only believes he is a kitty. And he does say "I'm a kitty cat. Meow." I tried to teach him that he's a pretty bird, too, but he just never believed me and insists on telling me he's a kitty cat. So it must be so. lol

    1. Too funny, Becca! So glad you shared about your "cat," Rocky! That brightened my day. :-D

  10. I'm new here, saw the post on Power Poppy Stamps blog! Such fun... I have only one cat, she hates, HATES other cats! Dorrie was a rescue kitty and had lived at the dog groomer's house for more than a year when I got her. She thinks dogs are fine, but woe betide any cat that enters her territory! Not long after getting her, I woke to the sound of a cat fight in the middle of the night. Dorrie was inside, I thought somehow another cat must have gotten in, but no, the other cat was sitting outside watching Dorrie who was screaming at the top of her lungs. For a small 6-lb. kitty, her voice is quite loud!!! Wow.

  11. I still miss Nussi. She was 19 when she passed nearly two years ago. Then we got adopted by Puddi!! She's a mass murderer, wild, crazy child. She loves to be on top of the highest thing and has already used up at least 3 of her lives. Life is better with a cat. HUgz

    1. I know what you mean abt still missing your Nussi, even though it has been a couple years. I very much miss my Aliyah and my sweet Shy-Cat who were my companions through the earlier Cat Hops. When you have kitties for that many years, they really become a part of you. Hugs.


  12. Hi Janis!
    Thank you for another Cat lovers blog hop!
    Love this hop very much!
    awesome sponsors! thank you sponsors!
    I will be hoping all around to see what cat lovers are create!
    love this card!
    and thats so true! Lfe is better with cats! many cats :D
    I have 4 cats. Coffee,Speedy ,Squiky and Mini,black cat is missing from march.
    Coffee is my cat and mine cat only :D Lol
    she is most time with me in my craft room and if I go anywhere she is meowing and meowing.
    Speedy is cat that is fast,she loves evryone.Squiky he is my bigest follower. he follows me all the time and Mini he is mini version of my Stinky cat..

    1. Fiki...I am so sorry to hear about your Black kitty (Crni, right?). Each kitty is precious and very much missed when they are gone. Hugs to you, dear friend.


  13. To be honest, I almost didn't make it. I've not been blogging much nor participating in the challenges or Hops I've loved in the past with the exception of my Design team duties. Thank you to Michelle Henderson for reminding me of the Hop today as I subscribe to her blog. I'm not sure how much I'll be crafting, I've had a tough time since my sweet, dear kitty boy Goliath died this past April and even now tears are rolling down my cheeks. He was the sweetest, most loving cat in the world and I miss him so much. His sister Jezebel has been spending the summer "camping" in the back yard, as she always does, only coming in for her "cat sushi" treats at breakfast and only through a window, not the cat door in the window right next to it. No, she jumps on the sill and meows until we open it to let her in. Otherwise she comes in another cat door window in the dead of night to eat at her bowl or occasionally will check in to see what we're watching on TV, but won't come sit on Daddy's lap any more. Hopefully she'll spend more time with us when the rains come again. I know she still looks for Goliath. Me, too. xxx

    1. Oh, Donna....I am so very sorry to hear about your dear Goliath. Goliath was one of the very old Cat Hop senior cats that I had been wondering about. So sad to hear of his passing.
      Feel free to participate as little or as much as you feel up to during the Hop, Donna. We all understand...and know too well the lasting pain and sadness of losing a dear pet. I bet Jezebel misses him, too, doesn't she? Poor thing. Thank you for taking the time to share. Sending hugs.


    2. Donna, my heart goes out to you. I'm sending you virtual hugs and offering a tissue to wipe your tears.

  14. YaY !!! Hello Janis. Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful event again this year and I am very pleased to be one of your Sponsors again - this is my 5th year =^..^=
    I have so many cats I feed here in Greece but I have 2 newbies since last Sept. who are homebodies - Squealy and Meuwly. They are twin Tortir sisters that I found dumped and abandoned on one of my dog walks up the mountain. I guess they were about 4 weeks old when I found them but luckily they went straight to eating mushy foods with cat milk, so no bottle feeding this time LoL.
    Not all of my have names as they are 'hangers on' who come only at tea time but the others come indoors. I am usually squished under a pile of "cozying" kitties as the nights draw in, on the sofa trying to watch tv in the evenings. It's a nightmare getting up for coffee or a wee hahahahaha
    Here's some of the others' names - Ghandi (he's my oldest now), Snufflee, Klint, Shrodinger, Jelly Bean, Kolin, BeeBee, Messi, Louis, Sophie, Snoopy. Fat Kat is not mine but comes in at night and sits on me too :-D Too many losses to name them all :-(
    Huge mega hugz
    IKE xxxx

    My Challenge Blog
    My Shop
    My Blog
    FB Fan Page
    Cat Lovers Challenge Blog

    1. p.s I've advertised your HOP on my IKEsART FaceBook Group page as well :-)

    2. I hear you on the losses, Ike. Lots of cats means lots of losses. No matter how many you have, it still hurts every single time. :( Hugs to you.


  15. Such a wonderful card you made using my Mood Cats. Your colouring is fantastic. Thank you Janis xxxxxx

  16. We currently have three cats, Goose, Maverick and Iceman. Goose and Maverick came to us as a pair from another home with their names already. Goose is a gray tabby and Maverick is black. Iceman came to us through my daughter when she was working for the Pennsylvania SPCA and was part of a hoarding and neglect case. He is a white and black long hair fuzzball. He had to have a "Top Gun" theme name and we call him Ice. He is in love with my husband. :) We always seem to adopt adult cats and previously had two females, Tasha and Noelle. My daughter owns a cat too, so he is part of our family. His name is Horatio Elsinore and her roommate's cat Cedric has become family as well. I love that mood cat from Ike's Art. So versatile.

  17. No losses this year, thank goodness, but a new addition and lots of cat-sitting for my granddaughter's 3 feline fur-babies. HoneyBear (age 8) and Mollie (age 4) are still with me. In July, Queenie joined us when she was 7 weeks old. She was feral born, abandoned by her mother when she was about 4 weeks, and my granddaughter fostered her until she came to live with me. Queenie is a calico on the top half of her body and pure white on her legs, chest, tummy, and the muzzle part of her face. She has chess board square markings on the top of her head, hence the "Queenie" moniker. At 5 1/2 months old, she's curious, fearless, and into everything. She's now big enough and coordinated enough to go anywhere and get up on anything so HoneyBear and Mollie no longer have any refuge in high places when they are tired of her teasing and pestering.
    HoneyBear thought he had discovered a refuge the other morning when he crawled under the bed covers but Queenie quickly discovered the 'lump' and climbed on top to be "Queen" of the mountain! As soon as HoneyBear moved, she was into a wrestling match with the lump and no matter what HoneyBear did, she hung on, growling her ferocious growl and biting the covers. I couldn't even rescue him - I was laughing toooo hard. I could tell his dignity was ruffled because he refused to come and cuddle with me once he managed to extricate himself from both the covers and Queenie's "embrace." ROFL

  18. What a great start to the hop Janis and I loved reading about your fluffy family. We are supervised by three cats! Pepper is the eldest at 17, he came to Scotland from South Africa with my husband and he is a beautiful colour point fluff ball who is very vocal and bosses us around daily! Then we have a beautiful tuxedo black and white boy with white feet, hence his name is Spats. He was adopted about 7 years ago when he was 2. He is very skilled at finding the warmest spot for a snooze and is always hungry. Last but definitely not least is Mr Darcy, AKA the Ginger Ninja! He is very un-ninja like though as he always announces his arrival with a high pitched meow and is not exactly light on his feet! I got him as a kitten 9 years ago and he is a real character!

  19. Our black cat Sabre is still with us and still quite spry even though she is elderly. We had a stray visit us quite regularly for quite a while this past year. He was very scrawny at first but has nicely filled out. Unfortunately he never let us get close to him. We call him Jack.

  20. I love that card, with the cranky cat-with-attitude! We can't have cats now, due to allergies, but I had 5 cats growing up. Our first cat was Tina, then we had Bubby, Bailey, Zoe and Teddy. Every cat was either a stray that we found, or a shelter cat...and they were all special!

  21. Hi Jane, my cats list is more long than the time I have to write. I have had really A LOT OF cats in my life, and the loss of some of them, many years ago, make me so sad also today. For example, Petula. I found Petula abandoned in a box when she had only ONE day. She still had the cord attached to his tummy. :( I fed her with a tiny feeding bottle, first every two hours... then slowly she grew up and I took her with me to work in a bag, for feeding her. She was a true fur baby for me. She died because of cancer. Also Bagheera was an abandoned kitty. He was so afraid of people and I had to work hard to catch him and take him to my house. He leaved for a week hidden behind the oven, I knew that he there was only because he ate nightly what I left in the bowl, but for a week I did not see him. I had to tame it slowly, like a wild animal. Then it became my shadow... He was a beautiful black kitten with incredible big green eyes. Also he died because of cancer. My list of the beloved ones is still long.... but I have had a lot of other cats, and they all in my heart. Now I have six cats at home (but they go outside, too, in my garden). Their names are Dory, Minnina, Biancone, Minè, Rosso e Brigante. But I feed a colony of street cats, too. I daily take the card and go to feed them. The cats of the colony were 17, last year, but a lot of them are died or missing. For some of them I found a family and a home :) and now there are only three cats in the colony. One of the last died of the colony was Momo... She died a month ago. Thinking to her make me cry... She was a really good cat, very warmth with me. One day, while I was feeding the other cats, she crossed the road and a car crushed it under my eyes. She didn't died immediately... Blood spritzed everywhere, her crying... Then with a purr for me she died finally. I have this scene in my eyes still today. So so sad.

    1. Sorry for my mistakes, some for digitation, some because English isn't my language.
      My actual six cats are all very special to me. Dory is the oldest and was another abandoned kitten I found. She sleeps with me and calls if I stay up late and don’t go to sleep LOL :)
      Biancone and Minnina were abandoned too, they were a couple of adults, male and female. She was pregnant and the babies (now are adults)are Rosso, Brigante and their sister Minè. These six are my actual furry babies.

    2. Alice....that is so completely heartbreaking and horrifying to lose a kitty that way. I am so very sorry. I know how even those untended kitties just wrap themselves around your heart. As we know, taking care of lots of cats means lots of very sad losses. We love each and every one of them. Thank you for all you do for those kitties. Sending hugs to you and sharing tears for your sweet Momo.


  22. The cat on your card reminds me of a Siamese we had visiting at our previous house. It had exactly the same look on its face. What can I say, it wasn't very friendly ... or were we just a little overbearing for its needs. The Close we live in now has turned from cat heaven into dog land. We used to look out of our lounge window and watch all the cats from the neighbourhood walk past for their secret meeting a the bottom of the close. Boris, when he was still with us, used to be part of this gathering. Sadly, it doesn't happen any more.
    Nowadays during the summer when we spend time at our caravan, we get to meet the local farm cats. This year there were two new little black ones, brother and sister. Both are still quite shy, but sometimes when not many people are out at their vans, we can watch them play in the field.

  23. I still have my three beloved house cats....but we lost one of our outdoor cats due to illness in May. I have missed him so much and won't even tell you how many tears were shed. BUT a few weeks ago we had a funny and happy event. My oldest daughter discovered a wee kitten under her car at work. We "think" it had even ridden to work under her car. It is pure white with just a touch of black on top of its head. My daughter has fallen in love with it and it now lives in her house. :) Took it to the vet and it got a clean bill of health on its most recent visit. All of us are smitten with it! It is so CUTE and playful. So this year has had sad times plus happy cat times. :)

  24. We have 8 outdoors cats.
    Grout, big blonde Male
    has been with us probably
    6 years. Coal, female black
    with one white spot under her
    chin. Odd, blonde Male with
    white patches. Lemon, female
    tuxedo cat with white paws,
    very loveable, everyone in the
    neighborhood loves her. Black
    Cherry, black with one white
    spot. Peaches, long hair grey.
    Socks, grey with four white
    paws. Kiwi, short haired grey.
    We had Melon, super sweet kitten
    that something attach and she
    lived for 19 days afterwards, but
    hasn't showed back up so I believe
    she died. So sad. But we love them
    Carla from Utah

    1. Oh, poor sweet Melon. So sorry she disappeared. We DO love and miss them all...even when we have lots of others. They always take a piece of our heart with them. Hugs.


  25. We have eight feline fur babies that we are crazy about! Poopie (14-1/2), is the old lady who doesn’t like any of the other kitties… it’s a Manx thing! Ed got her when she was about four weeks old and she’s been by his side ever since! Molly (5), is the mischief maker and little thief! She’s mama to Jack & Walter… can you see the resemblance?! Ed rescued her (along with two other females) from a job site, and when we took them to be spayed all three were pregnant, lol! We soon went from four kitties to 15! After weaning and getting them all spayed/neutered, most of the kittens were re-homed along with the other two mama kitties. Jack (4-1/2), is our giant Blankie Bump… loves to sleep under the covers for most of the day, just like a teenager! He’s one of Molly’s boys and is a huge lovable lug! Walter (4-1/2), is our Lil’ Panther… my sweet baby boy who loves to play laser! He’s Molly’s other son who gives finger kisses and gentle bites every now and then! Tigger (4-1/2), is the boy who doesn’t like to be touched unless he’s laying down… and then he loves his belly rubbed! When you catch him in that mood, you better get your lovins while you can! He’s one of the kittens born to one of the other females rescued and re-homed. Milo & Dusty (both 2-1/2), are the kids who are always into something… these guys are like having real human kids in the house again! We adopted them from our local shelter shortly after we moved out to Colorado from Florida. Mocha Latte (1-1/2), is Mookie as her daddy affectionately calls her, and the newest addition to our family. Ed’s niece moved into a home last year and this tiny little girl had been left behind by the former renter. So she called Ed and *poof* we had a new baby! ;)

  26. Perdita looks about how I do before coffee LOL! Now living in a pet-free condo BOO! My last kitty was Gatchy (short for kitty (gatino (gah-CHEE-nyo) in Portuguese)... the only white kitty in town until white kittens started being born all over the place and, somehow, we were blamed. Can't think why!!
    Thanks to these fab sponsors! Janis, I think you win the Crazy Cat Lady title by the sheer number, far outpacing us all. : )

  27. We have three cats at the moment :)
    Lola is our youngest. We got her (and her sister Maisi, who is no longer with us) a few months after I moved to Finland to live with my now-husband. She is now 9 years old, and is white with a black tail and black marking on her flank. She's small but has a big voice, and can be very sweet when she wants to be.
    Elvis is our old man at 14 - a grey tabby with a white tummy. He was already an adult (and already had his name) when we adopted him, and he's very sweet and can be cuddly. He loves having his tummy rubbed.
    Our other boy is Sampson, who is 10 years old. I got him as a tiny kitten, and when I moved to Finland he stayed in England for a while, but eventually moved over too as my mum could no longer keep him. He's a big, black tom with a white patch on his chest. He likes to try and eat everything, and we've had to put him on a diet as he's quite tubby! He is a very cuddly boy and likes to sleep on the bed with us at night. He also sometimes gets a bit jealous if any of the other cats want cuddles.
    We also have another cat staying with us at the moment. A ginger tom called Nemo, whose daddy is on holiday for a couple of weeks. I sometimes work as a cat sitter so Nemo and other cats are often a part of my life :)

  28. We currently have two cats.
    Ophelia is about 12. She is a rescue and we adopted her in 2013 when she was about 6. She is a long haired torbie and definitely has tortitude.
    Fitzwilliam is about 3 and also a rescue. He turned up at my parents house after being abandoned by his family and wandering about a month. He had a lovely nature (quite doglike in many respects) so we took him to the lost dogs home and put our name down to be the first to be able to adopt him once they took care of the formalities and officially declared he was stray.
    Both our cats are pretty chonky. In years past we have lost Jasmine (a tortoiseshell persian) and her two boys Kuching and Fossett,

  29. My big love was Marco. He was my grandma's kitty. When I was a child I spent lots of time to my grandma's home and I loved play with him. He was a black and white furball. He was so sweet. I miss him so much! <3

  30. I have Coco, a Siamese kitty. She's about 8 years old. We adopted her from a local shelter about 5 years ago, where she was kept in an isolation room because she hates cats! It upset her too much to be in the same room with other cats and be able to see and hear them, so she was moved to a private room! The condition of us adopting her was that she needed to be an 'only child' as she would not tolerate any other kitties. She does like dogs though, and when my daughter brings her Golden Retriever over, they get along just fine.

  31. We only have one kitty now. Spartacus, aka Sparky, is a sweet black and grey spotted tabby that is 13 years old. We adopted him with his brother when they were kittens. Toby was taken from us by cancer about a year ago. Previous kitties are Apollo, Pandora, Smokey and Bandit.

  32. Hi I"M HERE!! Just a little late but had to take a trip interstate and its held me up!! Thanks for mentioning me Janis(saw that a day or so ago but could not do anything about it... I love your kitty badges and there they will stay!! I think everyone knows my beautiful big ex feral Blackie who passed away last year. My heart is still mending, I feel him around me every now and then. I miss him so much xxxx

    1. Oh and now I have a little tuxedo sweetheart kitty called Yassi! I love what you have done Janis with Ike's digi, gosh you pair are clever!!!

  33. I've had cats most all of my life. We currently have two cats that are rescues. They are 13 and female. Ninja is mostly black but also like a shorthair torture. She is super sweet so her name doesn't fit. Juliette aka Doodie is also a shorthair but looks like a cross between calico and tortie. Both of these cats' tails are short and crooked like a question mark, common to the fetal cats her on the Big Island. We also have neutered/spayed a number of cars outdoors who come to be fed twice a day and all but one are very lovable. There are between 5-9 cats we feed and water outside. They don't come in and out indoor cats don't go out. They do have an outdoor Lanai to sleep and watch the birds at the feeder. Thank you for this hip and to all the sponsors!!!

  34. Cats have always been part of my life! My current fur babies include Catapult. Catapult is an 8-year old part Maine Coon. She is a flexible, spunky, spitfire who dearly loves her daddy and sometimes tolerates me. I also have a tabby cat named Velcro who's favorite thing in the world is eating! He is the world's biggest scaredy cat, but loves to help me craft! :)

  35. I named all cats in Chinese: Xiao Dou (Little Bean), Dou Dou (Bean Bean) and Hong Dou (Red Bean). As my son had asthma, no more pets for us. But I enjoy feeding and playing with my neighbour's kitties.

  36. Today I have posted my Wiccan Moon Tag....

    Val S - LeighSBDesigns DT
    LeighSBDesigns Art Stamps is a proud sponsor of the Cat Lovers Hop & we’re playing too! Stop by LeighSBDesigns Inspiration Blog while you hop!

  37. Hi friends
    we have a family of tiger striped cats. Father is Charlie, Mama is Mama poos and teh son is chooti. In addition we have about three to four strays who come for food. As our house is by teh road and tehy know that we are animal lovers all their extra four leggards are kept at our door. That is Sri Lanka. Initially our family were dog lovers and our dogs hated cats. Now we dont hv any dogs but only cats.
    Mama poos lost her two babies and she was very sad for along time. she was a true mama who loved her babies so much. She sleeps in y room and follows me where ever i go but run s to my sister when she hears her voice as she is in charge of feeding the cats. Mama is very immotional and if we shout at her she will not come inside or eat for days. She is old and loves to play with my eye medicine bottles.
    Charlies was a gift from our relation. When tehy were shifting they gave the fellow to us for a few days promising to come back and they never came and he has becoem apart of our household. though he is a male he is very gentle.
    The youngest fellow chooti is a bag of mischief and gives a shot to mama and charlie with his feet and purrs like nothing. we hv lost a few cats but we look after them with love and care.My seven year old grand daughter also loves cats and when i go to them this time my daughter might get a cat as a pet for her.My late husband too loved cats and when tehy littered he used to make a box full of cloth to make it comfy and feed the babies as there was a wicked mama who used to kill her babies. We had a time protecting them. This is my little story on cats.Blessings to all

  38. I hope I'm not too late to play the daily games, Janis. Gosh.... I don't know where time has gone this past week. Anyhow I'll play along anyhow as I want to read all about everyone's kitty escapades!
    At the moment we just have one cat, Casey. He is about 15 years old and came to our garden (when he was about 4) to steal food from our other cat's bowl when ever we left the back door open. As winter came we didn't like the idea of him being outside in the cold and damp, so contacted Cat's Protection to formally adopt him, should he not be chipped. They allowed us to adopt him immediately and took care of vaccinations, microchipping as well as spaying. He was quite poorly and at night my hubby slept in the spare room with him until he got better. Our other cat, Indie, did not really like him being in the house, so it was best to keep them apart at first. When Casey was well enough to go outside, I was worried that he might not return. Off he ran and jumped over the fencing into the neighbour's garden. My hubby called his name and ... thump...he came bounding back straight away! I was so relieved.
    He is a timid cat who loves everyone and gives kisses and nose bumps freely! He likes to be in company and has to have body contact when we are seated. He loves to have his paws massaged!
    Recently he was acting a little out of character and seemed quite weak and distant, so naturally we became worried. The vet sent him to the animal hospital for tests and it turned out that he has hyperthyroidism. He has to take daily medication, but is now back to his normal self. He can however keep his tablets in his mouth for quite a time before spitting them out, so we have to be vigilant - he's such a little tinker!


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