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Welcome to Day 4 of the

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Hi, Friends......

Can you believe it is Day 4 already???  The Hop is half over and look at all our projects!!  As I am polishing this post up for publishing, we already have well over 100 fabulous feline entries!!  I am thrilled with the participation and so very, very excited to have so many first-time cat hoppers!!!  I hope all you new ones can tell what a warm and friendly group this is.

Has everyone been taking advantage of the links on the Daily Posts for thanking the sponsors?????  With each sponsor I feature, I give you links to make it easy for everyone to say a big THANKS!!   Let's show those generous sponsors how much we appreciate them!!  It's easy to go back to any of the Hop days you missed and click on the links I provided.  So please do that, if you joined our party late...or if you just need to catch up.

Hoppers....this situation has come to my attention:
Many of you noticed that the Stampendous! blog post did not go live on Tuesday, as we had scheduled. I was concerned and contacted Laura Weed, the gracious lady who coordinates everything over there and provides all those amazing prizes. She had sad news. Her sister had recently been diagnosed with leukemia and Laura was called away to be tested as a possible bone marrow donor. Naturally, the blog post was the farthest thing from her mind! I told her I would be glad to relink to that post when it went live and also asked if it would be okay for me share this prayer need on the Hop. Laura most readily and gratefully accepted. This is what she told me:

Thank you for your prayers! They are much appreciated, her name is Tracy Buss, and we’re trying to get her on any prayer chains and into any prayer groups that people have. Her own daughter had leukemia as a toddler and recovered well, and we are certain that the huge amount of prayers said for her were a big part of that recovery. My sister is the kindest, sweetest person you’ll ever meet and she’s a much beloved career second grade teacher. She’s hoping so fervently that this won’t keep her from going back into the classroom eventually. She’s only 52.

I know that many of you Cat Hoppers are women of faith. So any of you that are so inclined, please pray for this dear lady.

In the meantime, here is the link to the special Cat Lovers Hop blog post over on the Stampendous! blog that is live now. Several of you have already noticed the post and left notes of thanks.  But if you haven't, please hop over and say "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Thank you, everyone. Cat Hoppers are totally the best!! 🖤🖤🖤

Okay.....let's get right on to the festivities for today!

The featured sponsors for Day 4 are:  Knitty Kitty Digis, CatLadyBox, Altenew, Gerda Steiner Designs, Lawn Fawn, and, as always, for our Daily Game, Ike's Art.


First up today is returning sponsor Knitty Kitty Digis.  I have been a big fan of Annabel's Knitty Kitty images ever since I first saw them.....soooooooo adorable!!   

She has designed a fabulous autumn-themed "Hanging Hearts" digital image especially for the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop, which will be just one part of her prize to a lucky participant.  Annabel was kind enough to send me the image to play with, too.  Here's the colorful card I made with this fabulous new image.  (I LOVE the owls with the kitties!!!)
You can find out more details about this card HERE.
BONUS #1 Annabel is launching this brand-new image over on her Facebook Group today where you can also enter to win it.  AND....She has a special Cat Hop blog post you won't want to miss because you have yet an additional chance to win this image there.  :)
BONUS #2  Anyone using a Knitty Kitty image in a Hop entry here will be entered into another drawing for a mystery prize from Annabel!!  How fun is that!??

One lucky winner here on the Hop will receive the new "Hanging Hearts" digital image PLUS the winner's choice of 2 additional digi images (or one set) from her online store.

Please take time to visit Knitty Kitty Digis at these social media spots: the Knitty Kitty Digis Facebook Group and Etsy Store and also Annabel's Blog. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

CatLadyBox is a very exciting returning sponsor. They are a little different from our other sponsors because they are not part of the papercrafting community.

They offer subscription-based memberships to receive awesome packages of carefully selected cat-themed products for Cat Ladies...delivered right to your door monthly in a box that even your cat will LOVE!!

CatLadyBox is again offering one of their deluxe CRAZY CatLadyBoxes, which contains gifts for you AND for your cat!! A Purr-fect combination!! Me-WOW!!!

Please take time to visit CatLadyBox at these social media spots: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


Gerda Steiner Designs is another returning sponsor being featured today. 

They have some sweet cat images and are generously providing one of their adorable Playful Kitten stamp sets to a lucky winner.

Please take time to visit Gerda Steiner Designs at these social media spots: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"



Here's yet another returning sponsor on our list, Altenew!! 

Altenew is generously donating a $20 Gift Voucher to their online store to a lucky winner.

Please take time to visit Altenew at these social media spots: Blog, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

Lawn Fawn
Please say hello to an exciting new sponsor to our Hops, Lawn Fawn!! We are all huge fans of Lawn Fawn's adorable critters. I am so delighted they are sponsoring us this year!!


Lawn Fawn is generously donating their Meow You Doin' stamp set PLUS the Coordinating Dies to one lucky winner!!! WOW!!

Please take time to visit Lawn Fawn at these social media spots: Blog, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"


The Daily Game is generously sponsored each day by Ike's Art!!!  Ike is another returning sponsor who has been kindly offering her digital art for the Cat Lovers Hops for 5 years in a row.  Many thanks, Ike!! 🖤

Please take time to visit Ike at these social media spots: Blog, Store, and Facebook Group. Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!"

BONUS: Ike's Show us Your Pussies - Cats Only Challenge theme this month is Furrything Goes + MEOW-loween. So if you make a kitty creation for the Cat Hop (Halloween or not), you can also link it up over there!! Yay!!

Ike has graciously designed a fabulous new set of digital images for prizes for our Daily Games.......her brand-new Mood Cat digital set with interchangeable faces to add to the cat image. How fun and creative is that??!!! She is generously providing a set of these to a lucky winner of the Daily Game EACH day of the Hop. WOW!!!
Ike was really sweet and sent me a set of these super-fun digis. I used the fun "Happy" face for today's card.
(This kitty reminds me of our talkative Whiskers kitty. Do you like how the word "ME" appeared right above the cat's head!!! lol... Yes, they say that, too...a lot!!)

BTW...THANK YOU to those of you who have taken the time to leave such encouraging words about the  cards I've shared so far this week.  During hops I don't typically receive many comments on my cards because my Hop Posts are jam-packed full of information.  Hoppers are on major-overload by the time they reach the bottom.  I totally understand because I am the same way! But I want to thank those who do leave comments for me. 🖤

You can find out more details about this card HERE.

I bet you can't wait to try out this fabulous new digi set from Ike, can you?  Well, GOOD NEWS!.....Ike has a set of these to give to a winner EACH DAY OF THE HOP, but you have to play in the Daily Game AND put your name in the Linky below!!!
Not all of you use digis and have indicated that to me when you SIGNED IN.  I hope you will still participate in the Daily Games.  You do NOT have to participate in the digi giveaway to play along or answer the Daily Game question that lets us all get to know each other better.  If you DO want to be in the digi prize drawing, be sure to link up your name each day that you participate! must link up your name in the linky tool at the bottom of each post to be in the drawing for the digi prizes.

DAY 4 GAME: Kitty Limericks, Haiku, Couplets, or Short Free-Form Poems

This one is going to stretch you a little bit, but please don't be intimidated! Anyone can make up something about cats. Haikus follow a 3 line, 5-7-5 syllable form. Here's a great site to inspire you: Cat Haiku.

I chose to do a couple of limerick-kind of poems:


Whenever I sit down to craft,
A kitty jumps onto my lap.
All stamping ceases.
My card lies in pieces,
Unfinished....because of my cat!

And here's another attempt by me:
There once was a Cat Lady crafter.
Whose card was a total disaster.
For when it was done
There were also glued on
Real cat hairs, which caused her great laughter.

Okay....I KNOW you can do better than my silly poems!!!  So be a sport and give it a go.  Even just a line or two is fine.  :)
This is how to play the game to be eligible for the prize drawing:
1.  Make sure you have SIGNED IN HERE to be eligible for prizes.
2. Write some cat poetry to share with us.
3. After you finish your comment: if you want to be in the drawing for the prize, fill out your (own) name in the link up below. This doesn't have any thumbnails so no photo needed! You don't even need a blog!!!  This is for everyone!!!
NOTE: The Daily Game link ups will be open the entire duration of the Hop, including the extra day for comments. Entries need to be in by 11:55 pm Pacific, Sunday Oct. 27, 2019 to be eligible for the daily prize. So you have more than just today to comment and link up. I realize that not everyone has access to a printer or likes to use digis, so I am still keeping the link up gadget to make sure the digi prizes go to winners who can use them. But I am hoping EVERYONE will participate whether they are putting their name in for the prize or not.

Okay, now it is your turn!!

REMEMBER: Link your cat-themed projects over on the Main Hop Page. (Please use #2019CatLoversHop and PUBLIC settings on social media!!) This link-up below is just to enter the drawing for the Daily Game after you have commented. Thanks!!!

Did you all remember to check back on Day 3's Daily Game to see where we were in that fun A-B-C Kitty Name Game???  It might be your turn!

Okay....let's get started on this second half of the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop!!



  1. No poem intermediately springs to mind,
    my commenting is far behind,
    I've only made two cards with cats,
    I really should look into that.

    Ahh, look how inspiring you are Janis. Actually today I must do some baking, but hope to join the fun again soon. Your cards are lovely. All those cats in the tree pretending to be owls!! So funny. Have a lovely day. Hugz

  2. It's always my big moan ....
    " I can't visit the Loo on my own ".
    Wouldn't it be nice
    If when I was sittin',
    That for once I wasn't
    Being climbed on by a Kitten. =^..^=

    1. Ahhahahaha! Too funny, Ike, and I truly understand because the same is true in my house.

    2. oh this is so great and funy!
      and its true :D

    3. YUp! We're sort of captive audiences there. Goliath even used to try and push the door open when we had guests. They were not a"mews"ed. ;D

  3. Your card with " Happy Cat " is fabulous. Such gorgeous colouring. Thanks for using him Janis.
    IKE =^..^=

    My Challenge Blog
    My Shop
    My Blog
    FB Fan Page
    Cat Lovers Challenge Blog

  4. Walter licks fingers and Milo licks bags,
    Molly steals and Poopie gags.
    Mocha hides and Tigger's belly hangs,
    Dusty's a hunter and Jack purrs loud.

    Bahahahaha! I'm not a poet and this shows it! I've had a great time this week, Janis! I'm going to set aside some time to comment today. Thanks so much for your awesome sponsor line-up.
    Love To Scrap 2

  5. Oh this is rather challenging for me a Chinese to compose a Cat poem. I'll see if I could come up with something later.. Thanks for all your hardwork in getting this awesome event running each year.

  6. ionabunny's poem gives me the giggles! :) great job everyone!

    please convey to Laura at Stampendous that I will be saying prayers for her sister. hope and faith are so important when dealing with this terrible disease.

    thank you to the sponsors who are being showcased today!

  7. There once was a lady with gray hair
    Who sat all day long in her work chair
    When the day ended at last
    She was out of there fast
    Saying, I have to get home, my crafts are there!


  8. Prayers to Laura at Stampendous. I hope to catch up on my commenting before the end of the hop. I've almost been late to work every day this week!

  9. I am LOVING everyone's poetry!!! These are really making me chuckle. Thanks for giving this a try. <3

  10. Lots of prayers for Laura and her sister!!! <3

    I'm so sorry because I've never said anything about your cards! I loved them and today's one is really funny! Love the sentiment!!! : D

    This is my "masterpiece":
    "I'm a cat lover
    as it stands Marco and me were best friends!
    I'm missing him so much
    cause his warm fur I can't touch.
    Whiskers like strings,
    Tail like a flute,
    He used to be so sweet and cute.
    I know it's sad but life goes on
    At least my memories will carry him on!"

    Sorry for this sad poem but rest assured that I'm laughing my pants off while I'm writing this because I'm Italian, those were the best rhymes I could find! Sooooo saaaad! : D

    1. That's sweet, Arianna. I can relate. So sorry for your loss. xxx

    2. Thank you so much dear Donna! You're so sweet!!!

  11. Janis, I adore what you've done with Happy Cat! That sentiment is wonderful.
    I've put Laura's sister onto our prayer chain and am sending prayers of comfort and hope to all her family.
    No poem yet, but I'll see what the day might bring.
    We did have a cat named Limerick when I was growing up but that hardly counts. :-D

    1. OK, here's a bad limerick in honor of my childhood cat.

      Long white hair grows on my kitty
      And sheds to the place where I sit-ty.
      My pants are all black
      Except on the back
      Where it's all cat hair - more's the pity!

      Ah, well, we all know that no outfit is complete without cat hair. lol

    2. Hahahaha - excellent and soooo true. Love this limerick NanaConnie. :-) Anyway - I have been saying Cat Hair is the new Black :-D xxx

  12. Puddi's Haiku (inspired by my cat)

    A little bird cries
    It's murder in the garden
    A little bird cries

  13. Im so sorry for her,thats is so difficult.
    Hope she is match.
    sending them prayers.
    great sponsors! I have lawn fan cat stamps!
    oh no cat song!
    Ok will try my best:
    Coffee cat is my best friend.
    she knows that our love dosent have end.
    Speedy is little tasmanian devil,
    but minni is not evil.
    Squki always meows
    like he callse my name :fiki!

    ok thats my song :D
    thats was hard :D
    maybe I should write on Croatian LOL ;D

    1. Wonderful, Fikreta. Even better when we remember that English is a second language for you. I'm very impressed!

    2. Well done Fiki - that must have been so hard for you xxxx

    3. It's so beautiful and very funny! Love it!!! <3

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. My Kitty went up the stairs
    Where she found some Underwear
    She tried them on
    just to see
    Who fit them better
    Her or ME

    By TINK

    1. Hilarious! Goliath used to drag my undies down the stairs when we went out and he was left alone or couldn't find us in the house and meow like he'd caught some critter.

    2. Now that's not only funny, it's true! Both Molly and Queenie (the 5 month old baby) have a thing about capturing my socks and dragging them around. HoneyBear comes and 'tattles' on them when they do it! lol

  16. First of all, healing thoughts and prayers to Laura and her sister. And thank you to all of the fabulous sponsors of the day. Really love how the "Happy face" on your card really looks like he's talking away and love how you've colored him. I saw this post really early but it took awhile to be inspired. Fortunately, Jezebel helped me during breakfast with a rather LONG poem, Haiku style...sort of ;D

    Yes, I hear you call
    Ask me if I care at all
    Unless you have treats

    Open the window
    The cat door bruises my nose
    I'm quite deli-cat

    I don't see my treats
    Must I always wait for you
    "We" are not a"mews"ed

    My fur is so soft
    You long to pet me, I know
    Fat chance without treats

    It is time to go
    I can't stand "purr"secution
    Open the window

    BTW, that's was the royal "we", LOL

    1. Fantastic, Donna! Five full stanzas and I could barely get a single limerick. Each stanza builds on the last and is a purrfect depiction of classic cat behavior. I love it!

    2. Okay, I just HAD to giggle at the royal WE as it reminded me, having just read Ike's poem about the royal wee!

    3. Purrfect Donna. Best game ever Janis. Hugz

    4. Wow! What a great funny poem!!! Love it!!!

  17. Hi Janis, I'm send love and positive vibes to Laura and her sister. So glad the hop is going well, You work so hard on this, so many thanks for all the fun. I'll try and come back with a poem - I need some thinking time! Jo x

  18. So many fun poems to tickle my funny bone!! Janis! I'm loving your realistic coloring of these cats!! That sentiment slays me!!

    Like Iona, a poem I'd've tried,
    But my brain is just too fried
    Nothing clever have I got,
    So I'll just share Data's Ode to Spot:

    Felis Catus
    is your taxonomic nomenclature
    An endothermic quadruped
    carnivorous by nature
    Your visual, olfactory,
    and auditory senses
    Contribute to your hunting skills
    and natural defenses.
    I find myself intrigued
    by your sub-vocal oscillations
    A singular development
    of cat communications
    That obviates your
    basic hedonistic predilection
    For a rhythmic stroking of your fur
    to demonstrate affection.
    A tail is quite essential
    for your acrobatic talents
    You would not be so agile
    if you lacked its counterbalance
    And when not being utilized
    to aid in locomotion
    It often serves to illustrate
    the state of your emotion
    Oh Spot,
    the complex levels of behavior you display
    Denote a fairly well developed cognitive array
    And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend
    I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

  19. Oh my!!! I've just enjoyed reading all the poems and limericks!! Such cleverness!! Here is mine little go at it:

    This little tuxedo of mine
    Gets into her food all the time
    We put it up high,
    She aimed for the sky!
    Then biscuits went on the fly!

    Love your cards too Janis! Ike's cat art is gorgeous! and so is your colouring of this kitty! The cats and love hearts - how special is this card!! LOVE!
    Oh a more serious note - sending prayers too xx

    1. Very cute poem, Mandy. I know that behavior although not from a tuxedo kitty. I think it must be universal. :-D

  20. The answer is YES! I've been thanking every sponsor each day, either on their blog or FB so I very much appreciate the links! I follow/subscribe as well.

    Thank you for the update on Laura and Tracy - I will be adding them both to my prayer list. I hope she's a match or if not that a match can be found quickly.

    Wow, such clever poems and rhymes! I really enjoyed reading them! You guys are all so talented!

    Here's my poem, to my late kitty (Muffin) and my 3 current kitties (Honeydew, Kiwi, and Snowie):

    Kitties, so keep in my heart
    They're mischievous, playful, and smart
    So fluffy and furry
    Precocious and purry
    And forever-friends when they depart.

    Thanks again for another fun day at the hop! It is obvious you put a lot of thought and work into these blog posts and YOU ARE APPRECIATED! Your card is gorgeous too - I'll head over to Flickr!

    1. Beautiful, KT. Shed a few tears over this one. xxx

    2. Lovely, Kitty. Wonderful line about "precocious and purry" - I have to remember that one. So true.

    3. Oh my! What a sweet poem!!! Love it!!!

  21. These are all just so GREAT! What a fun game! xxD

  22. Oh dear, I thought we had to leave a poem on on our blogs! But I'll include my haiku here:

    Black Kiki, Black Duke
    Regal behind the window
    Rulers on eight legs

    These are entertaining poems indeed!

  23. I agree that this may very well be the best game we've had (even though it took some brain energy.) Thanks, Janis.

  24. I don't have a poet bone in my body
    but then cats do tend to be tardy
    even if I'm late out the door
    they will just look at the floor.

    Oh well, I tried.
    Carla from Utah

  25. Baby Catapult
    Little bundle of gray fur
    Filled our hearts with joy

    This poem is dedicated to my sweet eight-year old Catapult who filled the hole left when our 18 year Peevey passed away. She has brought so much joy to our house as well as laughter! :)

  26. Coco, on my lap
    I love to stroke her soft fur
    Til she turns and bites!

  27. Oh my gosh, my brain is a puddle today so now sure I can manage a cat poem but in the meantime, I had to say that your cst cards with Ike's Mood cats are just wonderful! Using that pre-printed background works so well, and you have done a fabulous job giving so much character to each and every one of your cats!

  28. Our furry feline?
    Nope, but still he calls each day!
    Maybe there'll be food?

  29. Cat lovers are awesome and so are their cats
    Can u imagine a world without their cuddles and purrs
    No never i will be dead withot hearing their cat calls
    and fussing and rubbing her body on my legs

  30. Lovely card, Miss Janis. LOVE the blue & orange for Fall cards, and you did that so well. And those owls & kitties re so cute. I love 'happy cat'; she can't help but bring a smile.
    *No poem from me, I'm not gifted with that great of an imagination. lol

  31. Race you to to door
    I'm first as usual
    Feed me now!

  32. Another batch of great sponsors! And a fab card from Janis who is totally rocking these digi stamps from Ike!
    A poem!!! Yikes - I'll have a think and return later ... xx


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