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Cat Battling Conscience -- Cat Lovers Hop Day 2


Oct. 26 - Nov 1, 2015
Happening through the weekend at Her Peaceful Garden
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Hi, Friends......

I am here with my Day 2 post for the Cat Lovers Hop.  I hope you have had a chance to look at some of the super-creative entries that came in yesterday and even get inspired to link up your own cat-themed project.  This goes on all week, so you have time!!   Check out the Hop Guidelines and FAQ Page and link up on the Main Page.  :)

Remember that there are fabulous prizes for some lucky random crafters who link up a project and for some lucky random commenters who visit the projects and leave some love.  I hope you will do both.  

Today I am showcasing some products from another of the wonderful Cat Hop sponsors:  Simple Stories.   Are you familiar with their Cat SN@P products?  This collection has playful little cards, stickers, etc for use in pocket scrapping or traditional....or, in my case, cardmaking.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  

Simple Stories has donated two prize collections for the hop and I hope you will join me in thanking them at their blog and/or social media spots!!! 
Here are some links:  Simple Stories blog, Simple Stories Facebook, Simple Stories Twitter, Simple Stories Instagram.
I also want to thank you cat lovers who already visited many of our sponsors pages and left thank you notes.  That means a ton to me that you did that!!!

Here's my project for today.  I used several of the Simple Stories Cat SN@P cards.  Don't you love this little battle over whether or not to snag the fish????  I cut the angel and devil cards around the images to make them look a bit ethereal and trimmed the fishbowl card a bit to make it fit better.

The Cat SN@P stickers come with the perfect images to enhance your projects. I put the fish skeleton sticker below the devil kitty.

One thing I love about the simple images in the Cat SN@P products is that you don't have to make your projects be fussy. The basic colors and lines are perfect for making a project in a snap! Using simple lines and lot of layers of matting helps the images really tell the story!!

I hope you are having fun on the hop so far this week.  I sure am.  I have enjoyed each of your projects so much and I have enjoyed the tales of misadventure of your cats.  Ha.  


Someone asked me yesterday if we really have 20 cats.  Well, yes.....we do.  But I say that with some reservation because of the Crazy Cat Lady image that must conjure up in your mind!!  (It's all true!  Ha.)   My hubby is a veterinarian and we live out in a very rural area, so it's not exactly like I am a cat hoarder....not exactly...  All of our cats are spayed/neutered except one tom who lives under the house and eats on the back porch.  His name is Big Bad Black.....but for a tom, he is quite well-behaved.  He won't let us get near him but he accepts us looking at him...most of the time.  Ha.

We have several categories of cats in our household:
1.  Ones that live here and are really, truly ours.
2.  Ferals and strays that we can't touch, but that eat here.
3.  Ones that my daughter and 5 yr old granddaughter brought when they came to live with us a year ago.  (I'm sure at least a few of them will stay when they move out, eventually....)
4.  Ones that never successfully made the move over here to our new house 4 years ago when we moved in.  [They still live at the old house (or the house next-door to it) that is 1/2 mile away (as the cat travels) over some pastures and fields.  I brought them over here way too many times to count, but they kept going back.  I still count them as mine and ask about them when I see the people that live there.]

So here's my list of cats.....
Category 1 (14 cats):  Chaienne, Aliyah, Ivan, Andale, Tiger Lily, Geneva, Mistopheles, Marshmallow, Scamper, Othello, Andromeda, Whiskers, Ophelia, Alexander.
Category 2 (1 cat):  Big Bad Black
Category 3 (5 cats):  Cleopatra, Kitten, Brian, Caspian, Judith
Category 4 (3 cats):  Bonzi, Jetta, Charlotte

So that is why I say 20+ cats.  We sadly do lose a few each year, but our numbers seem to stay right around 20, for some reason.  Strays find us during the winter and stay.  People come up here and dump cats they don't want.  We don't go looking, but any that find us are welcome.  

Okay, that's my cat tale for today.  Hope you will share about your cats, too.  I love reading about them!!!  

See you tomorrow with another cat project!!!


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  1. This is a really cute card too Janis.
    Thank you for 'clearing up' the fact that your husband is a vet. When I first read you had 20+ cats, "the crazy cat lady" thought, DID cross my mind! LOL (NOT that I really thought YOU were crazy.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your run down on your beautiful cat collection.

  2. That is a fun cat tale you have! Your card is simply adorable!

    1. I forgot, I love the devil and angel cats!!

  3. I asked that !
    oh you are so happy with all those cats!
    wonderful card
    have a nice day

  4. Oh my. This is so cute I love the sentiment. Thank you for joining the DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes Linky Challenge. KatieO; DL.ART DTmember

  5. This is super cute, Janis! I love the cat stickers from Simple Stories! Great sponsor - and new to me - I don't have any of their products! I enjoyed reading about all of your kitties! You are a lovely person to take in all of those kitties - kudos to you and hubby! Thanks again for this hop - I am really enjoying myself! I am visiting each and every entry (except I can't do the Flickr ones) and I've been getting lots of kitty inspiration!

  6. I always love to stop by here for a good chuckle and today I was rewarded with a belly laugh or two! That kitten battling conscience meme is PERF for your card today! And Big Bad Black TOLERATING you LOOKING at him made me laugh as I've known cats like that. Thanks for the giggles and grins - oh, and the cute card, too!

  7. Bless you and your hubby! Those cats know they have a soft place to fall.... so very important. Of course I was drawn to 'Big Bad Black' having one of my own, and pretty much that's how it started out. Absolutely loved reading this!! Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to reading more!

  8. Is there really a kitty out there who is an angel?! Aren't they all little devils/mischief makers in disguise? haha This is really adorable.

  9. Well, anyone who has cats knows that the naughty cat is going to win every time, so this battle is over before it began...ha! Of course, then the angel kitty takes over and you just can't really get too angry about the kitty mischief when you see that sweet little face staring up at you, right? These images are fun and whimsical, and would be great for either cards or scrapbooking. Love that you kept your card simple because that patterned background is just the right amount of embellishment these cats needed! I may have stopped at 5 cats at a time but I basically ended up with 13 rabbits the same way you ended up with all those cats. People began dumping their rabbits in the open space behind our house and they seem to make their way into our yard. We rescued rabbits and spayed or neutered them all, but there are no vets living here so we ran up quite the veterinary bills! I also learned to do a lot of home care for both cats and rabbits (who co-existed quite nicely by the way, and I love just about every thing with fur!

  10. Really a cute and dramatic scene creation! Love the battle between Angel and devil! Great use of stickers! And a Fantastic Tale story about your loving cats!!!

  11. So super cute being a cat lover I can so appreciate the humor here!! I love it.
    Thank you for joining my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes OCTOBER Linky Challenge. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.


  12. Oh, I LUV your card with those adorable kitties. I had never heard of this Sponsor either so thank you for that.
    It's a lovely story about your kitties - very similar to mine actually and I am currently fighting off the urge to scoop up all the latest batch of unwanted kittens in the area. I think I will definitely look like the crazy cat lady in a year or so :-D LoL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. I love these adorable kitty faces on your card! Really fun and super sweet! We only have 4 kiities, but on some days it feels like 20! Love them all!
    Take care!

  14. What a fun card! Great take on the challeng. Thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday. Mar

  15. oh you have made a cuutee scene that is really cute two cats one is an angle and one is a bad one hihi
    I love your idea sweety
    and I have CAT freebie in my new post
    hope you like it
    my friend in Java said ok this time he will also support the Cat Lovers Blog Hop and he drew the Image..
    hugs, Monika

  16. I would love just one cat, so I am so jealous of you and your 20! (cats not allowed at our apartments) I love your card - we had a cat once who used to go round next door and look at their fish longingly!! Thank you for joining us at Try It On Tuesday! Chrisx

  17. Wow, that's a lot of cats. Your card is fun and cute. Really enjoying the hop. Hugz

  18. LOL! Love this! Thanks for sharing with us at SBC.

  19. Fun card. That is a lot of cats. We had nine at one time but now just have two.


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